Astrology and Healing Magazine for July 2019

Welcome to the Astrology and Healing Magazine for June 2019.

Maggie Pashley talks about the use of Hypnotherapy to EXPRESS YOUR NATURAL GIFTS WITH EASE

And Michael Conneely talks about the Astrology of July 2019.

The Use of Hypnotherapy to express your Natural Gifts with Ease:


Drawing on your own resources with hypnotherapy

Trying to do something only using our conscious mind requires consistent effort and can be hard work. So much so that we end up giving up! That’s what happens with so many good intentions to stop smoking, eat healthily or exercise more for example. Drawing on the resources of our unconscious mind can make things much easier and feel more natural. We can also find solutions that are unique to us and therefore much more effective as they fit in with our own preferences and values.

We’ve all experienced that process of learning something, whether it’s learning to walk as a child or maybe more recently learning to drive as an adult. In the case of driving, itt starts off quite clumsily with trying to coordinate clutch and gears, brakes, indicators, traffic and mirrors. You can feel quite tired out at the end of one hour’s driving lesson! Yet when you’ve mastered the art of driving many of us can drive long distances easily and get from A to B without remembering too much of the journey. And yet we have driven safely and being attentive to all that was required because that learning has become automatic and unconscious. 

That’s what I aim for in my hypnotherapy sessions, namely to allow my clients to experience the new behaviour in a natural, easy way. Yes of course some effort is still required but it is going to feel so much easier to make those new empowering choices.

I particularly like the way that Ericksonian hypnosis can offer choices. ‘You can do this….. or that  …or maybe your unconscious can discover an even better way of…’ We have so many inner resources that we have simply lost touch with or have forgotten to choose. We we can connect with them again and find wonderful solutions when we let go of the need to rely solely on our conscious mind and intellect.

It is our unconscious that holds all our memories and sometimes it’s useful to go back in time to find underlying causes to problems and heal them so we can move forward more freely. Equally, we can go into our future, try out different options and maybe find surprising new options that are outside the box of our normal thinking.

That’s why I love doing hypnotherapy… added to the fact that I get to trance out myself in a session!! I offer face-to-face sessions in Sligo Wellness in Sligo Town and Dromore West and also on-line sessions. I find an increasing number of clients appreciate the flexibility of doing on-line sessions as they don’t need to travel anywhere and can do it from the comfort of their own home.

You can find out more about my hypnotherapy sessions at and about Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression at

And let me leave you with some questions that invite your unconscious mind to come up with new solutions and perspectives:

What would it take for this to be easier?

How does it get better than this?

What would it take for me to express my natural gifts with ease?


The Astrology of July 2019:


The first big issue is the Saturn-Ketu conjunction: Saturn and Ketu retrograding exactly side by side in Vedic Sagittarius until November. It’s a tense, fraught demand on our consciousness, and it’s totally cutting on the matter of our choice of life-path.

A key to understanding what it’s demanding in your life now, is the House in your Vedic birth chart that this Saturn Ketu conjunction is transiting through: what House is Sagittarius in you Vedic Birth Chart? , and also of course, any planets in Vedic Sagittarius and that Saturn/Ketu is transiting conjunct are also key to what you are experiencing.

The second big issue is the Eclipses: The Solar, New Moon Eclipse of 2nd July, which is in Vedic Gemini, opposite Sagittarius. An eclipse brings earthquake change. Work out the life area from the House in your Vedic birth chart that is Gemini, and also, of course, any planets you have in Vedic Gemini.
PLEASE SEE the video and Blog I have done where I talk about this Eclipse AND I also explain all about the Saturn Ketu conjunction, and the way it meshes into the effect the eclipse will have on your life.
See: my video and Blog about the Solar Eclipse 2.7.19: //
And also see my Video and Blog: An Eclipse How to analyse its effect in my life:
N.B. I will be posting a video and blog on the Lunar Eclipse of 16th July nearer the time.

And the third big issue – really big – is the use of magic and healing and also vision work in order to take charge of your own destiny, open to Gods and Goddesses as faces of the ultimate Divine, as beings on the threshold of the Sacred. Please see the Eclipse video and blog where I talk about this. I’ve been doing astrology Readings for 23 years now, and I can go into immensities of analysis of the effects a transit will have, or as to the destiny described so very accurately by your Vedic birth chart and also, I really admire Megastar for psychodynamic Western Astrology. But the point is: what is the use of mastering the intricate declaration nan detail if you don’t do something positive to utilise the supreme perception that you will have???? I do believe a new consciousness has been growing in humanity. The contribution of the astrology paths I have mastered can be supreme. But they are casting seeds on stony ground, unless we expand our consciousness through vision work, healing modalities and magic.

The Fourth big issue: Create a positive haven.
The effects of June were tense, but with Venus transiting through Vedic Taurus there was chance to create a haven of comfort, pleasure, nice home and kindness. And to ensure this was kept alive I burned a candle in front of great goddess Lakshmi every day, and I talked to her from the heart about the issue of needed comfort in my life and home. Please see my report on this in my Eclipse 2.7.19 video and blog.
So: what if the ‘haven’ in July? Some really tense things are happening through July due to the Saturn Ketu conjunction, the two eclipses in Gemini/Sagittarius, Mars and Mercury getting into an aggressive confused wrangle in Vedic Cancer.

Well, in case it’s any helpful guideline to you, I do suggest you create your magical goal and haven for July.
What happened in my case is that, thanking Great for her beautiful immeasurable presence in June, I found that the image I selected to place on the wall for July was actually a lovely picture of Chiron. I was really drawn to the picture. It felt right and needed to focus on it.
I had not been well (Saturn Ketu transiting my 6th House), but had just recently connected to lovely healers in our wonderful Sligo West of Ireland Healers’ community and feel I am sorting out my life pattern, my consciousness, my self and my diet: healing the wounds.
And only after I had put it up o the wall and lit the first candle and talked to Chiron, the Wounded Healer, that I reflected: well, indeed, there will also be troubles for and from Mrs in July, and what I have done also makes sense because my Chiron is conjunct Mars in my birth chart. And Mars is transiting in Pushyami Nakshatra in July, and Pushyami Nakshatra is where my Ascendant is. Now, us Pushyamis are ever so caring. But we can get irritable. Especially when Mars is in Cancer conjunct retrograde mercury retrograde, and so keeping Mars solid and in his needed divine state for July by this vision deity work is just perfect form that point of view, too.

Another example: Pluto is transiting square my natal Moon now, and I have been doing wonderful online journeys for people : guided journeys contacting Pluto as the Abyss, descending to the Abyss so as to leave there and I the charge of the Keeper of the Abyss all our hurts, pains, wounds and secrets etc, so as to be freed to be then able to arise to experience Pluto as Kether: we are now able to be connected to the divine light: the ultimate Divine.

And incidentally, another example: a very able student on my Prediction Course, suggested I work with Saturn, due to the fact that I am now in Jupiter-Saturn Dasa. I do feel that I have been meeting Lord Sani’s demands to consolidate and organise the overexpansion that occurred in Jupiter-Jupiter Dasa (and Dasa are actually MORE INFLUENTIAL than Transits in our life) and she planted a seed there. I now realise I feel I must begin to contact with Saturn in my life: his divine dimension: Lord Sani. And I do think it is soo important to be attuned to the God that is each planet: to the divine dimension of each planet. And vision work I find is such a good way of doing this.

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KETU: So, just a bit more, now, regarding the first big issue, listed above: the effect of Ketu, now, a colleague of mine wrote this:

The Ketu test:

in a visualisation,  have three doors:

Door number 1: The present path: I know my outcome.
Door number 2: will give me everything I want in my life materially.
Door number 3: is entirely unknown as it just randomly appeared.

The only door Ketu cares about is the one that is rooted in spirituality. I have to choose a door and I have to choose soon… If I choose wrong, I will lose all and be forced to learn through loss and suffering. If I choose right, I don’t really know, but my test now is on one particular topic, getting this topic divinely correct. Not just right as in, so so…. But as in Soul Purpose correct. Correct in truth and correct by divine standards.
I know where I am going. We stay the course. On “Soul North.” Right? I’m scared and nothing makes sense. Except this that I’m writing makes perfect sense and it’s scaring the hell out of me.
Yikes. But we stay on course.

The Planets in July: OK, now let’s review what the planets are doing in July: A list of key dates first, then all the charts in both Vedic and Western astrology:

Key Dates in July are:

Sun starts July at 15 Vedic Gemini in Ardra Nakshatra
Mercury starts July at 8 deg Vedic Cancer in Pushyami Nakshatra
Venus starts July at 4 Vedic Gemini, entering Cancer on 23rd July to end July at 10 Vedic Cancer
Mars moves from 5 to 24 degrees Vedic Cancer in July, in Pushyami Nakshatra: Note the nasty situation of Mars being stormy in Cancer and Mercury retrograding into aggressive Mars: beware arguments!!!!! Mars and Mercury are close aggressive, argumentative and reckless until at least July 14th.
Jupiter is Retrograde all month, moving from 22 to 20 Vedic Scorpio in Jyestha Nakshatra. Jupiter remains in Vedic Scorpio until September 25th. With Jupiter being retrograde, his effect will be inwards and consolidation. And I definitely do suggest his presence in our lives needs to eb strengthened: indeed for a long time, as when he has turned direct, he will cross the (inspirational) Scorpio-Sagittarius Gandanta but get plunged into the Saturn, Ketu, Pluto conjunction, and then he will transit Capricorn his sign of debilitation. So, I do recommend special effort to sustain connection to the divine fullness of Jupiter.
Saturn is retrograde all July moving from 23 to 21 degrees Vedic Sagittarius in PurvaAshadha Nakshatra
Rahu is retrograde all month moving from 23 to 22 Vedic Gemini in Punarvasu Nakshatra
Ketu is retrograde all month moving from 23 to 22 Vedic Sagittarius in PurvaAshadha Nakshatra.
Uranus moves from 11 to 12 degrees Vedic Aries in Ashwini Nakshatra.
Neptune is retrograde all month at 24 Vedic Aquarius
Pluto is retrograde all month moving from 28 to 27 Vedic Sagittarius in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra.
Chiron is at 12 Vedic Pisces all month in UttaraBhadra Nakshatra.

Solar Eclipse:
Sun and Moon at 16 Vedic Gemini in Ardra Nakshatra
Sun is close to Rahu from 6th to 12th July: beware the possibility of driven power-crazed ambition and assertion: us this energy only for its divine potential.
Mercury turns Retrograde at 10 Vedic Cancer, ending July still Retrograde at 29 Vedic Gemini. Remember, the effects of Mercury Retrograde do not fully end until Mercury has regained his pre-retrogradation position on August 15th. Mercury Retrograde hits some people harder than others: especially if Mercury is retrograde in your birth chart, or if you have Mercury conjucnts Ketu, etc. and Mercury Retrograde problems are well known: dislocation of travel, posts and communication, IT problems etc.
Moon is transiting the Saturn-Ketu conjunction July 14th – 16th. Beware giving way to depression or mental obsessing etc. watch your mind: focus on the positive potential of Saturn-Ketu (with Pluto) as described above.
Lunar Eclipse: Moon at 29 deg Vedic Sagittarius in UttarAshadha Nakshatra, Sun at 29 Vedic Gemini in Punarvasu Nakshatra.
Sun enters Vedic Cancer
Venus enters Vedic Cancer
Sun ends July at 13 Vedic Cancer in Pushyami Nakshatra, conjunct Venus and Mars.

Now the charts for July 2019 in Western and Vedic Astrology:

Here’s the Vedic (Sidereal Zodiac) Ephemeris:

















And Here’s the Western (Tropical Zodiac) Ephemeris:















Here’s the chart for the Solar Eclipse of 2nd July  (see the Blog post and video):







and here’s the chart for the Lunar Eclipse of 16th July (see the forthcoming Blog post and video):

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