Astrology and Healing Magazine February 2018

Edition 2 of Michael and Maggie’s Astrology and Healing Magazine – February 2018

Heart Wall Healing and the Astrology of February 2018 – Here is the February 2018 issue of Maggie Pashley and Michael Conneely’s Astrology and Healing Magazine, which is brought to you on the first weekend of every month from their Healing Centre on the beautiful Atlantic Coast of Sligo in the West of Ireland. This is the second issue, the first magazine was published for January 2018.

Our aim is to make a presentation from Maggie’s vast range of Healing Techniques offered both in our Centre and also Worldwide. And Michael offers an extensive, informative and helpful description of the Astrology of each month of 2018 – and how to handle it, and find your personal best within it.

And before we get into the Newsletter, here’s a most wonderful seasonal invocation for Imbolc, the Festival of Brigid: Michael’s voice put to music by Chicago musician and artist Douglas Chamberlin:
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Heart Wall Clearing – Clearing blocks to Love, by Maggie Pashley

One of the most popular healing modalities I use with clients is Heart Wall Clearing. Heart Wall clearing focusses on clearing blocks to giving and receiving love, creativity and success as well as creating a kinder, and more intimate relationship with your own being.

Many people can readily identify with having a barrier to love, whether it’s an inability to appreciate themselves, choosing unavailable or risky partners, pushing away the love that is there, feeling love is elusive and always outside their reach. It can be an ambivalence towards relationships which is not surprising if we have been badly hurt by an ex-partner, by parents or other care-givers.

A Heart Wall is initially created with a positive intention – that of keeping us safe and protected from further hurts. Yet as time goes on it becomes more and more restrictive, cutting us of from what could nourish us as well as what we perceive could harm us. With a Heart Wall present we are filtering our life through the lens of past hurts and not being able to see what it currently here. We can expect to be rejected or hurt and unconsciously attract people to us who do just that. We may avoid relationships altogether or be in a relationship which has no real intimacy.

Another way in which Heart Wall can affect us is by feeling we have to wear a mask to the world and present only what we consider is lovable or acceptable. And because we are not being real it will be impossible for people to really connect with us in any meaningful way and that will only compound our sense of unlovability. We can also reject our creativity, our creations and hide our gifts to the world.

So what is involved in Heart Wall clearing?
Heart Wall Clearing is part of the Emotion Code, a healing approach developed by American chiropractor, Bradley Nelson and uses muscle testing to uncover underlying emotional blocks and then clear them energetically. As I am based in rural Co Sligo the vast majority of my sessions are distance sessions where I stand in as a proxy for them and muscle test myself on their behalf. We meet on-line and my clients can feel very much involved in what emerges during a session. Of course, the most important thing is how much freer and lighter they can feel longer term. Heart Wall clearing normally takes at least three sessions but can take longer which is why I recommend that my clients take advantage of my Heart Wall package.

Some responses to Heart Wall clearing
These are very personal and range from feeling more relaxed and confident, to having better relationships to attracting a new love or opportunities into your life. In my own case, I was single for 13 years after a difficult marriage and even more difficult divorce and while on the face of it I was saying I was open to meeting a partner, I had a massive Keep Off sign on my forehead, and was secretly terrified of the idea of a relationship. Three months after clearing my Heart Wall I met Michael and we have now been together over 8 years. I don’t think I would have been open to that without the Heart Wall clearing. And while there were still some issues to work on within the relationship, I was able to see I could do that together and not run off or reject the rich potential that was on offer.

I worked with a client who told me that the whole atmosphere in the family changed when I started Heart Wall clearing on her mother the previous year. Another client of mine told me how her own mother was feeling much happier and had started dating after I had cleared her (the daughter’s) Heart Wall. This can be because during Heart Wall clearing we not only clear trapped emotions from this lifetime but inherited trapped emotions that come from our ancestors.

Other people have reported feeling more content, happier and confident in themselves, not needing approval and more able to value themselves and acknowledge their own needs. Some have changed jobs to do work more in alignment with their true interest and gifts or made more space for themselves in some way. One general theme seems to be about being more open to life and what is possible now rather than creating a repetition of the past.

For me the beauty of Heart Wall clearing is that it is very direct and pinpoints those events that have really been too much for us to deal with at the time and have not been fully processed. Yet it does it in a gentle and discreet way where we do not have re-experience those painful past emotions or re-enter the trauma and drama and the clearing is very simple and matter-of-fact and it works. And finally that which we have feared that we would be unsafe or too vulnerable without that old protection proves to be wrong as we are more in touch with what is right for us and what is harmful. It makes it more difficult to stay in situations that don’t serve and it makes it easier to go for what can. We are more able to listen to that inner voice which is there to keep us safe and trust our instincts rather than dismiss that inner knowing.

If you’d like to know more then please visit my website:

Or contact me at or by phone on +353 9647675 (leave a message for me to call back if I’m not available)

The Astrology of February 2018 from Michael Conneely

First, some background Information:

Please note that this Astrology of February 2018 Newsletter is backed up by two wonderful informative website pages from my main Starwheel Astrology website.
The first of these brings you an extensive reference point offering of all the astrology charts and tables and background information which are referred to in the monthly newsletters. See:
And please note that the second of these is a deeply informative ‘Planets Information‘ page for 2018, see: This webpage provides cumulatively added to reports on the planetary energies and issue etc. of 2018.

I hope these website pages will prove to be a useful and supportive resource to all, offering understanding the astrology of their Destiny, and how to support its best unfoldment in 2018, as well as using this perception for their Healing and Empowerment through 2018.

Which Zodiac?
Please note that my astrology uniquely combines the declarations of both Western psychodynamic and also Vedic Astrology, and offers this as a route to our Healing and Empowerment. I do feel you need to have the combination of both Western and Vedic Astrology if you are to fully understand your Astrological destiny, karmic issues and also emotional scripts and sense of self.
Note that Western astrology uses the Tropical Zodiac which is based on the position of the Sun at the first day of Spring each year, and being Sun-sign based, it depicts our egoic psychological self; and at its best Western astrology is wonderfully psychodynamic.
But Vedic Astrology is orientated to the stars and it depicts our incarnational life purpose and our destiny (of which our psychological self is only a part) and Vedic Astrology must use the Sidereal Zodiac for correct interpretation and prediction. The two Zodiacs are currently 24 degrees apart, and they diverge by a further degree every 72 years.
See my video on ‘Which Zodiac to Use’:

Please read on below for detailed Planet information and guidance for February 2018, and first before that, here’s my brief February video:

Uniquely, Michael combines both psychodynamic Western Astrology and also Vedic Astrology Course in his worldwide Readings and in his many worldwide courses from foundation to advanced. And also, in these Newsletter’s, you’ll find reference to the Nakshatras that the transits and eclipses etc of each month are activating: the Nakshatras are the wonderful 27-sign lunar zodiac of Vedic Astrology that add such ancient reliable and thorough declaration of our emotionally based identity (warts and all!) and of its spiritual potential as well. Michael also specialises in visionary contact with the planets in his astrology courses, so as to realize their pure divine nature as well as how they manifest in your birth chart (which is usually very different).

Now, let’s start by looking at the Outer Planets:

1. Uranus:
Uranus was stationary in the heavens at the very start of 2018, but he soon turned direct and now he is forging ahead with speed, fire and inspiration.
Uranus starts the month of February 2018 at 24 deg 57 western Aries, which is 0 deg 50 Vedic Aries, and Uranus moves one degree during the month.
Uranus is revolutionising Vedic Aries and especially Ashwini Nakshatra people. Healers are being created.
And note that Uranus is energising Libra people by the opposition he is casting to Libra. Note that Librans will be wired because of this Uranus transit. They will be inspired. They will sever from ways that no longer suit them and they will bring in revolution.
You can see the movements of Uranus in the Astrology of February 2018 and each of the planets, plus Moon Phases and more from the chart for 1st February 2018 which is shown half way down my ‘2018 Charts and Tables’ astrology webpage:
And in addition to the charts, you can read some examples of what this Uranus transit means (and the transits of all the planets) on my ‘2018 Planets Information’ webpage:
Evolutionary Astrology: Regarding Uranus: In addition to Uranus in the Astrology of February 2018, I’d like to introduce to you an important insight from Western Evolutionary Astrology: This is that Uranus is the Past Life Trauma indicator for you.
So, the fact is that the House and sign that Uranus occupies in your Western Astrology birth chart is a very special indicator for unresolved issues from past life.
So, note that you will be offered the chance for resolving these unresolved specific Past Life deficits by experiencing Trauma in the relevant area of life in this lifetime.
So, for example, if you have Uranus in your 11th House in your Western birth chart, then this means that it will be in Groups, especially, in this life that you will experience Trauma. And you will experience this with the divine intention being of offering you a chance for healing unresolved issues from past life relating to Groups. You will need to experience, suffer, develop perception and bring healing into the way you relate to groups!

2. Neptune:
Neptune starts his Astrology of February 2018 at 12 Western Pisces (tropical zodiac), which is 18 deg Aquarius (Vedic sidereal zodiac).
He finishes the month at 13 Western Pisces or 19 Vedic Aquarius
For charts and Tables webpage, see:
And see my ‘2018 Planets Information’ webpage:
Note that Neptune is now very slowly transiting in Shatabishak Nakshatra. Shatabishak is the 24th of the 27 Nakshatras, the wonderful, ancient and supremely powerfully declarative Vedic 27 Lunar Signs: a magnificent guide to our emotional self and to our consciousness arising therefrom.
The depiction of our personality and destiny from the Nakshatras is very much both ‘warts and all’, our awful negatives as well as our positives: our supreme spiritual potential arising from our emotionally based consciousness.
Shatabishak’s focus is quite mystical and special and spiritually ‘contained’, and certainly the energy is all about the person healing themselves – and then being able to heal others.
So, in the case of those with personal planets in Shatabishak Nakshatra, Neptune’s transit here means that some Intuitive Healers are now being created here!
NOTE: Mars-Neptune: on 17th February, Transiting Mars in Vedic Scorpio squares Neptune exact at 19 degrees Scorpio/Aquarius. The affairs of Mars Neptune include secrets, and the affairs of eclipses include the surfacing of secrets. This Mars Neptune conjunction is a mere two days away from exact on the day of the 15th February Eclipse. This mars in Scorpio will bring in intensity and violence.
NOTE: Venus-Neptune: there’s a transiting Venus conjunct Neptune conjunction on 21.2.2018, exact at 19 deg Vedic Aquarius in Shatabishak Nakshatra.
Neptune to Venus Transits: In addition to Neptune in the Astrology of February 2018, I’d like to make an especial note that Neptune’s transits are incredibly powerful. They creep up on us oceanically. They are not hard hit moments, but they are vast beyond belief – and wrenchingly life-changing. And so, for example, if you have this Neptune transit opposition your natal Venus, you will now be experiencing yearning for ideal beauty. You will be yearning for a beauty too ideal ever to be actually found! You will be more sensitive, visionary, artistic and mystical. But the downside is that you might experience loss (or even delusion, if you are that way inclined). And you’ll need to beware being too critical when reality never matches up to your sense of, and your craving for, the impossible ideal!!!

3. Pluto:
Pluto starts off his Astrology of February 2018 at 19 degrees western Capricorn. This is 25 degrees Vedic Sagittarius.
Pluto finishes the month at 20 deg Western Capricorn, which is 26 deg Vedic Aquarius.
For charts and Tables webpage, see:
And see my ‘2018 Planets Information’ webpage:
Within the Nakshatras, the wonderful 27 Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology, Pluto is in PurvaAshadha Nakshatra.
And note that I think that a major offering of Pluto to these people is the explosive release of their potential from blocks and formulae. I feel these people can typically so often harm themselves by embracing too formulaic a spiritual path, too formulaic a guru, and laying a too formulaic trip on others as well!
PurvaAshadha is ruled by Venus, and so there can be some release being offered in terms of art or sex or beauty.

3. Saturn conjunct Pluto: note regarding our discussion of Pluto and the Astrology of February 2018, that an important dimension of Pluto’s placement at this time is the ever-closing ‘Saturn Pluto’ conjunction:
This is a vast energy-gathering affecting the world generally, in that Saturn is now steadily transiting towards Pluto in the heavens.
Children born from now until 2010 will have this conjunction in this birth chart. And this will be a huge part of their Karmic Destiny and psychology.
Saturn is now at 10 deg Vedic Sagittarius, so, Saturn is only 10 degrees away from Pluto now, and closing!
They will form exact conjunction with each other on 12th January, 2020. This will be at 28 Vedic Sagittarius, which is 22 western Capricorn. Note that this immensely powerful conjunction is also conjunct Ketu/South Node, Jupiter, Sun and Mercury, all of them in Vedic Sagittarius as well!!
You can see the chart for the exact moment of this Saturn Pluto Conjunction at the foot of my website page:
And, so, what is the nature of the great gathering might and power: this vast time-bomb Saturn-Pluto phenomenon?
Well, I think the Saturn Pluto phenomenon is all about ‘held power’. And, negatively, people with this conjunction in their birth chart can be very formidably determined, and just not able to open to the flow, nor release their rigidly-held life prisons, and they imprison others as well (e.g. in ideological prison of political correctness, or in prison of inappropriate geographical location, just to name two examples).
But positively what is it? Well I think it can be the karmic ability to combine power with structure, to use strategy and containment for achieving powerful wonderful death and rebirth transformation.
Saturn does represent our central karmic bedrock, our especial blocks. The people who use their Saturn Pluto conjunction negatively just don’t know how to let their transformation explode or flow. They need to bring in healing – easier said than done! And they need to find empowerment. I know all about how very hard all this is: I have natal Saturn conjunct Venus.
When Saturn Pluto people are using this conjunction negatively, they have their grim formulae! And they will impose it on others!
But, remember, Saturn’s energy is also positive of course. Yes, he demands of us patience, endurance, ability to take the hard work, the provision of suffering circumstances and scripts so that we can make the needed spiritual and karmic progress in this life, and achieve Saturn’s offered Golden Reaping
Pluto? Well, Pluto on the other hand is the seed and essence of our own power. Pluto is our potential for needed death and rebirth. Pluto smashes the blocks put there by our karmic path and by our families and by ourselves: blocks to our fulfilment.
But when it’s a case of Pluto’s conjunction with Saturn, obviously, Pluto is our locked-up power! Pluto is our caged Power, Pluto is our denied Power!!! Pluto is held in prison by Saturn, and this is a power we cannot access. And so, it’s power denied; it is power that festers; it is power that imprisons. We are talking here of Pluto imprisoned and blocked by Saturn is our own power that we are afraid to access.
Pluto’s power is needed and beneficial, but it can be terribly, terribly dangerous if not allowed to express itself properly, and so can be used as ‘power over’. This caging of Pluto so that his power suppurates and leaks out of the denied corners of our life-prison can so disempower ourself – or others! And we can FEAR our own power. And note that Pluto denied, is a Pluto that FESTERS.
BUT on the other hand, we do see that if we have a case of ‘Our Pluto freed’, and our Pluto ethically perceived, understood and handled, then such a Pluto is actually our channel to having the intuition, insight and expression of power, that is needed so that we can actually become our Divine Nature.

4. Chiron, the Wounded Healer:
Chiron, is our Existential Wound, and potentially if we do the healing work: the wonderful Wounded Healer in our chart – and in our life. In the Astrology of February 2018, Chiron is now at 26 western Pisces (using the Tropical Zodiac), which is 2 degrees Pisces in the Sidereal Zodiac that is used by Vedic Astrology.
Chiron finishes February 2018 at 27 Western Pisces, which is 3 deg Vedic Pisces.
For charts and Tables webpage, see:
And see my ‘2018 Planets Information’ webpage:
Our deep understanding of your Chiron benefits from being interpreted using BOTH your Western Astrology Chart and your Vedic Astrology Chart, and the position of Chiron in our Vedic birth chart offers additional intense illumination to the western astrology depiction.
Varga Charts (Vedic Divisional Charts): And not only that, the fact is that the position of Chiron in our Vedic Divisional Charts or Varga charts is also intensely illuminating.
Vedic Astrology has a wonderful system of assessing whether a planet is Exalted or Debilitated in your birth chart and in your life.

And Vedic Astrology also has a wonderful series of Divisional Charts (called Varga Charts – sometimes the term harmonic charts is used). Vedic Astrology Varga charts are derived from the main Vedic birth chart, where each Varga chart makes the most wonderful special and uniquely valuable declaration as to a specific area of your life such as: Marriage, ancestral curse, wealth, spiritual nature/worship, overall strength/limitation of each planet’s potential manifestation in your chart in therefore in your life, etc.
For details of my wonderful Varga Course, see:

Your Chiron Return: A really important event to be aware of is your ‘Chiron Return’. Chiron takes fifty years to orbit the Sun, and so when you are aged about fifty, you experience your ‘Chiron Return’. Chiron depicts our ‘existential wound’, in the healing of which we may become the Healer of others.
So, what happen is that your Chiron Return precipitates a Healing Crisis, often a ‘crisis of meaning’ as well as a ‘crisis of health’.
And at this time, you have no choice but to accept or refuse the crucial challenge aimed at you. And note that to re-evaluate and heal your life. If you were unwilling to take the needed healing steps at the time of your Uranus opposition at about the age of forty, then the Chiron Return will be all the more difficult.
Often, health problems are triggered by our unwillingness to confront or honour our genuine feelings and true nature.
5. The Nodes of the Moon: Rahu North Node and Ketu South Node:

Rahu/North Node moved into Vedic Cancer at the time of the August 2017 Eclipses, and so at the same time Ketu South Node moved into Vedic Capricorn.
The Nodes take eighteen months to transit a sign, so the Nodes will remain in these signs until 8th March 2019 (Mean Nodes).
The Nodes are huge shadow energies with immense effect on the out-turning of our lives.
The Nodes are also the depictors of our incarnational destiny, understood in terms of our psychology using Western Astrology Tropical Zodiac, and understood in terms of our Incarnational Life Purpose and its Unfoldment using Vedic Astrology Sidereal Zodiac.
In fact, the position of the Nodes of the Moon in our birth chart state our incarnational destiny: Ketu South Node shows what we come into this life with from our past lives. And we are thrown across our chart towards the energy of Rahu, always opposite Ketu. The energy of Rahu has to be driven for us to get to our destination, but we will not actually arrive there unless we purify Rahu in our life.
The energy of Ketu and Rahu is actually that of Demons. They are eclipse points. But because Vedic Astrology is Tantric, our task is to find our personal Light through our personal Darkness that the Nodes embody.
We are here to burn our Negative Karmas. We are here to manifest our very special spark and talent in this lifetime.

Note that the energy and manifestation of Ketu in your life is complicated, and includes Past Life material. Maggie is in Jupiter-Jupiter-Ketu Dasha or ‘Vedic predictive period’ (i.e. two three levels: Main Dasha and two levels of sub periods) and her Ketu is conjunct Neptune in 12th House Virgo in her birth chart, and fascinatingly she started up intuitive healing of held bodily pain work in this period: talking to your unconscious to heal held long term bodily pain.

Nodes transiting Signs:
In the Astrology of February 2018, note that while Rahu transits Vedic Cancer, we may indeed be driven to a focus around emotions and nurture, home and mother.
I feel part of the divine goal is to put us more in touch with our instinctual nature. And note that the emotionalism of Cancer may bring you turbulence and stress, emotionalism and fears.
If you are a Cancer 1st House/Moon, you may well become more powerful at promoting yourself and more charismatic during the Rahu transit of Vedic Cancer.
If you are Libra 1st House/Moon, this Rahu in Cancer transit is in your 10th house of Career, and will ambitiously promote career.
And with Ketu transiting Capricorn, well: Ketu brings otherworldliness; indeed, his insights can burst with catastrophic-feeling suddenness and awfulness, but for divine purpose. But here he is working within the sober structure of Capricorn, so I feel his aim includes bring a more spiritual dimension to our work, strategies and ambitions, and of course we may have to deal with Ketu wanting to undermine our needed business structures in our life. Or of course some people may utilize Ketu’s energy here to push out fundamentalism.

Kal Sarpa Yoga: I feel that Kal Sarpa Yoga energy exists when all the planets of Vedic Astrology are enclosed on one side of the Nodal Axis, but I also feel that the Kal Sarpa Yoga continues until one of the other planets has moved out beyond the sign occupied by these enclosing Nodes. So, for this reason I would say that Kal Sarpa Yoga exists in the heavens until at least one planet moves outside the two opposite signs of the nodal axis. In other words, in the Astrology of February 2018,  I feel that this Kal Sarpa Yoga episode continues until Venus leaves Capricorn, the sign occupied by Ketu/South Node on 5.2.2018.
I would also say based on my pragmatic experience and authentic observation, that Kal Sarpa Yoga remains in force including at those times when the Moon moves outside the Nodes-enclosed other planets during the Moon’s transits round the zodiac each month. I say this because the Moon being out there alone and unsupported makes the challenge to the Mind and Consciousness even harder: the Moon is Kemadruma or Unsupported.
The energy of Kal Sarpa Yoga is divisive, though of course, it is absolutely crucial to note that some individuals can use this difficult spiritual challenge to develop their spiritual awareness and level of consciousness to great levels. The Kal Sarpa Yoga energy is noted to be in some cases extreme, intense, preposterous and aggressive, restless. Often very hardworking. but in some other cases passive. Donald Trump has Kal Sarpa Yoga in his birth chart, and he was elected President at the time when there was Kal Sarpa yoga in the heavens as well.
Kal means time and Sarpa means snake. The term yoga is used because this combination can be seen as a difficult karmic rope that it is very hard to untie: a difficult destiny to untie.
I would say that, by my definition, the Kal Sarpa Yoga re-asserts itself from 16.7.2018.

Nodes transiting Houses: And in addition, we have of course to take into account the House that Rahu is transiting. So, for example, if it’s a case of Rahu transiting our first House then we will become more driven to assert ourself in the world. But remember that this will mean that Ketu is transiting our 7th house of relationship so this may mean that our spouse is feeling ill or under the weather or lack of confidence, and so some of our Rahu assertion needs to be directed to support of our spouse.
Note that Rahu’s 18-month transit through Vedic Cancer will cast an aspect onto Vedic Scorpio.

Nodes transiting Nakshatras (Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology):
Rahu, always retrograde using Mean Nodes, transited into the end of Capricorn at the time of the August 2017 Eclipses.
Rahu in Nx 9 Ashlesha: and thus, in terms of the 27 Nakshatras, the 27 Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology, Rahu entered the 9th Nakshatra Ashlesha (starting off at the end of Ashlesha and Cancer: the 4 degrees of Gandanta Zone).
Ashlesha is serpent energy, so this is huge for those with planets in Ashlesha. Optimally it means their being motivated to embrace their depths in death and rebirth change of consciousness. Negatively there’s emotional turmoil and storms. Ashleshas need to avoid rationalising their experiences, or handling them formulaically, but need to authentically engage with their experiences and authentically transform. They may best seek deep mystical experiences during this transit.
See my YouTube Video and Blog on Ashlesha:
Rahu in Nx 8 Pushyami: Then, when Rahu has finished transiting through Ashlesha, Rahu will move into the 8th Nakshatra Pushyami Nakshatra on 27.4.2018. more about Rahu in Pushyami in future issues of this magazine.
See my Video and Blog on Pushyami:
Ketu in Nx 22 Shravana: Note that while Rahu is transiting Cancer, Ketu is transiting Capricorn, always opposite Rahu. And note that within Capricorn, Ketu is transiting Nx 22 Shravana Nakshatra on 1.1.18 at the start of 2018 until 30.82018. Ketu in Shravana could promote a very spiritual even mystical energy.
See my video/Blog on Shravana:
Ketu in Nx 21 Uttara Ashadha: Ketu moves from Shravana to Nx 21 UttaraAshadha on 30.8.2018.
See my Video/Blog on UttaraAshadha:

My Nakshatras Course: You can learn all about the natures of the Nakshatras in my very supportive worldwide course:
And in part 2 of my Nakshatras Course, you can learn all the powerful analytic techniques using Nakshatras in terms of natal chart interpretation, relationships, health and prediction!

6. Saturn: Sade Sate, Ashtama Shani and Saturn Return:
It is very important to be aware if you are in Sade Sate (the seven and a half year period when Saturn transits across your natal Moon), Ashtama Shani (when Saturn transits your 8th house from natal Moon, or a Saturn Return (when Saturn returns to his natal position once every 28 years). For charts, see webpage:
and see my ‘2018 Planets Information’ webpage:
In the Astrology of February 2018, Saturn starts February 2018 at 4 deg western Capricorn, moving to 7 deg Capricorn by 1st March.
In the sidereal Zodiac of Vedic Astrology, Saturn moves from 10 deg Vedic Sagittarius in Mula Nakshatra to 13 Degrees Vedic Sagittarius, still in Mula Nakshatra. Saturn entered Vedic Sagittarius on 26th October 2017, and he will remain in Vedic Sagittarius until January 2020. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and is an expansionary and optimistic energy. But Saturn is contractive, so at this time, the meeting of Opposites should lead to us learning to ground our ideals, and strategize our expansionary urges. Painful? Probably! Useful learning? Definitely! Learning to slow down? Oh, no, surely not that!
Saturn Transits through Nakshatras:
Saturn entered Nx 19 Mula Nakshatra when he transited into Vedic Sagittarius transits on 26th October. Saturn continues to transit Nx 19 Mula Nakshatra until March 3rd 2018, when he enters Nx 20 PurvaAshadha.
What is the deep spiritual understanding of Saturn transiting Mula Nakshatra ruled over by Dark Goddess Niritti? See my two-part video:

7. Jupiter
Jupiter is in Libra in Vedic Astrology. Jupiter entered Vedic Libra on 11th September 2017 and in the Astrology of February 2018, Jupiter starts off February 2018 at 27 deg Vedic Libra.
This is 21 deg western Scorpio in western Astrology Tropical Zodiac, moving to 23 deg western Scorpio by 1st March.
Jupiter in Vedic Libra promotes the possibility of the person agreeing to partnership and marriage. There’s artistic creativity, diplomacy and business optimism.
The air signs may feel more joy – and there can be overeating! Over-expenditure! Overindulgence!
Jupiter Stationary to Retrograde: But note that this is Jupiter slowing to Station. And on 9th March 2018, Jupiter turns Retrograde at 29 deg Vedic Libra.
And note that when a planet’s velocity is slow, the effect of his energy is all the stronger.
Note that you must expect a less expansionary sense of purpose once Jupiter stations and turns retrograde, and so allow for this in planning and monitoring your work and projects.
This stationing Jupiter in Vedic Libra will bring a lot of humanitarian benefits at the time of the 15th February Eclipse and all the more so as February gives way to March.
In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is continuing his year-long transit of the Vedic Sign of Libra. So, whatever house Libra is in your Vedic birth chart will receive the blessings, purpose and enlargement of transiting Jupiter. And remember that Libra is also receiving explosive revolutionary energies from Uranus which is transiting opposite in Vedic Aries at this time.
In our case we moved to a new house when Jupiter entered Vedic Libra (which is my 4th House of home), and we have been so happy and blessed with our new house, which is on the Atlantic Coast of Sligo near Ireland’s most ancient sacred monuments, and near three of Ireland’s finest surfing beaches. We have set up a healing centre and AirBnB. The area is lovely and deeply rural and wholesome.
And Jupiter is also casting favourable aspects to Vedic Aries, Aquarius and Gemini as he transits Libra.
House: To assess the effects of this Jupiter through Libra Transit you need to take account of what House Libra is from your natal Ascendant and from your natal Moon. For example, for Piscean Moon’s this Jupiter 2018 transit is 8th House and could bring inheritance. For Cancer Ascendant this Jupiter Libra transit will bring move of house or great improvement where you are living.
Dasa/Predictive Period: Note that you do have to take into account the Dasa or Predictive Period you are in to assess the results of any Transit. So, in this case, if your Jupiter is in good standing in your Vedic birth chart, and if you are in Jupiter Dasa or Predictive Period, then this Jupiter transit through Libra will go very well for you.
See my Prediction Course:
Jupiter’s transit through the Nakshatras 2018:
Basically Jupiter starts 2018 in Nx 16 Vishakha Nakshatra, but dips back into Nx 15 Swati briefly (18th June to 2nd August), then returning to Vishakha. He then moves on into Nx 17 Anuradha and then Nx 18 Jyestha.
So, Jupiter starts 2018 at 22 deg Vedic Libra in Nx 16 Vishakha (which is ruled by Jupiter, power animal the Male Tiger). Jupiter in Vishakhas can bring out the talents of advisor or counsellor, though Vishakha dangers can be aggressive focus, and maybe for some alcohol etc.
Jupiter continues to transit Direct until he reaches his Station at 29 Vedic Libra, still in Vishakha on 8.3.2018.
Jupiter then Retrogrades and reaches 20 deg Libra on 18th June when he enters Nx 15 Swati (ruled by Rahu, power animal the Male Buffalo).
This Retrograde ends on 10th July at 19 deg Libra, still in Swati Nakshatra.
Jupiter then moves forward again, reaching 20 deg Libra and re-entering Vishakha on 2nd August 2018 and Jupiter continues on Direct and leaves Vedic Libra to enter Vedic Scorpio on 11th October 2018, though still continuing in Vishakha which overlaps into Scorpio.
Jupiter in Vedic Scorpio could bring out deeper spiritual energies.
Jupiter then enters the next Nakshatra, Nx 17 Anuradha on 27th October 2018, at 3 deg Vedic Scorpio. And Jupiter enters Nx 18 Jyestha on 27th December 2018, ending the year at 17 deg Scorpio.

8. Mars:
In Vedic Astrology, in the Astrology of February 2018,  Mars moves from to 9 deg to 26 deg Vedic Scorpio, in February 2018.
And Mars is at 3 deg western Sagittarius on 1st February, moving to 20 deg western Sagittarius on 1st March.
Mars entered Vedic Scorpio on January 16th and he leaves Scorpio for Vedic Sagittarius on March 7th. Note most importantly that Mars rules Vedic Scorpio, and so his energy is very powerful and penetrating, and could be occult. Mars can be made turbid by the sexual or hurt energies that are held in Scorpio. Mars in Scorpio is ANGER.
NOTE: 2018 Mars gets more and more angry and strong. It REALLY IS IMPORTANT for you to recognise when this sort of energy is arising, and seek to focus the current of your Mars energy into chosen and productive strategies, pursuits and leisure activities.
MARS WARNING AHEAD: AND YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE the issues of Mars energies that are repeatedly coming up as 2018 progresses! Positively we are called to manifest and ethically manage strong warrior spirit.
NOTE: Mars-Neptune: on 17th February, Transiting Mars in Vedic Scorpio squares Neptune exact at 19 degrees Scorpio/Aquarius. The affairs of Mars Neptune include secrets, and the affairs of eclipses include the surfacing of secrets. This Mars Neptune conjunction is a mere two days away from exact on the day of the 15th February Eclipse. This mars in Scorpio will bring in intensity and violence.

Check out what House Vedic Scorpio is in your birth chart to see what area of life this Mars-Power will especially be penetrating! Note that Mars in Scorpio is not good for relationship areas of life.

9. Venus:
Venus started 2018 at 15 degrees Vedic Sagittarius, following which, Venus entered Vedic Capricorn on 13th January 2018, where Venus remains until February 6th. So in the Astrology of February 2018, we need to be aware of the effect on our Venus energy of Venus’ transit through Vedic Capricorn and Vedic Aquarius.
Venus is in a friend-ruled sign when transiting Capricorn, and this is good for relationships, technical abilities and aesthetics. Taurus and Libra Lagnas or Moons will benefit from this energy.
Venus conjuncts Ketu in the heavens on January 29th and for several days either side of this date. Carefully monitor the quality of your loving relationship at this time. Beware the triggering of rejection scripts, including tendency for these from past lives. There could possibly be deeply spiritual relationship at this time.
On 6th February Venus moves into Vedic Aquarius, with Venus then entering Vedic Pisces on 2nd March 2018.
Venus in Aquarius is generally a creative and innovative energy.
Note that Venus is caught up in a complex web of energies from the five-planet conjunction in Vedic Aquarius in February 2018, with Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune and Venus.
See the charts for 1st day of both February and March 2018, as well as for the eclipse on 15.2.18, on my 2018 charts webpage:
So, essentially Venus is in Vedic Aquarius for February 2018.
in western astrology, Venus starts February at 17 deg western tropical Aquarius, moving into Western Pisces on 11.2.18, and finishing February at 21 deg western Pisces.
Venus Combust: It’s important to note that Venus is combust the Sun for the first half of February, up to February 19th, and this does mean that we will need to be careful to avoid love, pleasure and art being swallowed up by Solar Will, Assertion and Drive in our life!
Venus will be in Nx 24 Shatabishak (Aquarius 6.40-20.00) from February 11 – 22nd, Shatabishak is ruled by Rahu, and is self-contained and independent, and also the sign where healing one’s self creates the healer of others.

10. Mercury:
In the Astrology of February 2018, Mercury transits Vedic Capricorn from 28th January to February 14th. And Mercury then transits into Vedic Aquarius from February 14th to March 3rd.
Mercury is exactly conjunct Ketu South Node on 9th February at 20 degrees Vedic Capricorn. Beware confusion or even anger. Monitor desire for change.
And so, of course, Mercury too is caught up in the complex energy web of five conjunct planets in Vedic Aquarius described above (plus aspects being received from other planets too).
Watch for new and unusual thoughts at the time Mercury transits Aquarius. And also, be aware of that dimension of Aquarius that is about both rules and brotherhood of man, and also inventiveness and thinking outside the box.
Note that Mercury is very closely eclipsed on 15th February. Mercury is at 1 deg 43 Vedic Aquarius and the Sun/Moon eclipse is at 3 deg 1 Vedic Aquarius.
NOTE Mars square Mercury: On February 28th Mars squares Mercury in the heavens, so in the run up to this aspect and during it, use Mars Mercury combination with perception and care, and avoid angry speech.
Mercury enters Vedic Pisces on 3rd March: Oh no! Mercury is debilitated in Pisces. Do sort out your communication and IT issues during February, or you will regret it. And expect all your communication and IT issue to take a lot longer to process and handle once Mercury has entered Vedic Pisces.
Indeed, Mercury turns Retrograde at 22 Vedic Pisces on March 23rd. so really do take care, especially if you have Retrograde Mercury conjunct Ketu in your birth chart as I do!!!
However, it is possible that with Mercury in Pisces you might experience a more intuitive mindset.

11. Sun:
Sun transits Vedic Aquarius from February 12th to March 14th. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, so this does mean that our expression of our Sun, the Divine Charioteer in our life, will be somewhat muted and less expansive. And we may need to bring careful awareness of what is going on at this time in terms of our Sun doing his needed work as the King of our Kingdom, who needs to go forth to do what must be done for the good and thriving of the Kingdom.

A most important feature of the Sun’s energy in the Astrology of February 2018, is that on Feb 4 Sun conjunct Ketu 20 Capricorn, Shravana. Importantly, Ketu greatly weakens the substance and confidence of the Sun. And yet another dimension to add to this is that both Sun and Ketu are fiery in nature and can lash out. When these two characteristics combine, there could be nasty situations.
Feb 6 Venus enters Aquarius, Dhanishta (until Mar. 2)
Feb 13 Sun enters Aquarius, Dhanishta (until Mar. 14)
Feb 15 Mercury enters Aquarius, Dhanishta (until Mar. 3) Mercury is conjunct Ketu on February 9th. This will be inspirational, intuitive and spiritual and/or very erratic and disorganised.
Feb 16 New Moon Solar Eclipse 3 Aquarius, Dhanishta. This eclipse will particularly affect Leo and Aquarius people.
Feb 17 Sun conjuncts Mercury 4 Aquarius, Dhanishta

12. The Solar Eclipse of 15th February 2018:
A major energy in the Astrology of February 2018, is the Solar Eclipse of 15th February. What will the effect be of Sun, Venus and Mercury all transiting over the Ketu/South Node, in January and early February? This follows on from the eclipse of January 31st 2018. 
I for one will monitor what is going in in my consciousness, emotions, and management of my life PLUS Also inspiration, in this run-up to the 15th February Eclipse, where Sun and Moon are also in Aquarius, at 3 deg Aquarius.

The Eclipse New Moon of February 15th is a ‘Sun conjunct Moon’ Eclipse, and this Eclipse occurs at 3 deg Vedic Aquarius.
This Eclipse falls in Nx 23 Dhanistha in terms of the 27 Vedic Lunar Signs.
This is 27 deg Western Aquarius in the western Tropical Zodiac.

The Eclipse is at 21.05 hrs in the West of Ireland. For Time and Date of Eclipses and other astrological phenomena where you live, see:
Although there were no planets occupying Vedic Aquarius at the start of February 2018, there will be an amazing five planets plus Ketu South Node all in Vedic Aquarius by the moment of this Eclipse: Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Neptune plus Ketu!
People with planets in Vedic Aquarius will really feel these energy shifts.
Actually, we will all feel these energy shifts, whether or not we have planets there, because we will feel the shifts in the area of life for the House that is the Vedic sign of Aquarius in the first half of February 2018
You can see the chart for this 15th February Solar Eclipse, one third of the way down the chart page for 2018:
And note that there’s even more power to this eclipse than what I have already stated! This is because, amazingly, in addition to this five-planet conjunction named above, there’s a further three other planets are additionally casting their ‘special aspects’ to Vedic Aquarius:
Jupiter casts a 5th House aspect from Vedic Libra,
Mars casts a 4th House aspect from Vedic Scorpio and
Saturn casts a third House aspect from Sagittarius. All three of these are giving their special aspects to Aquarius at this time, energizing and bringing focus to the sign and the planets that will be moving through it.
So, this means that if you, personally, have planets in Vedic Aquarius in your birth chart (or Planets in Vedic Leo opposite) then those planets of yours will be most complexly and powerfully energised by this February 15th Eclipse.
And of course, for everybody, the House affairs that are Aquarius in their chart will receive these powerful and complex eclipse energies.
And so, for example, if Aquarius is your 10th House, career matters would receive shocking complex jolt. Indeed, we need to expect to feel shifts in our life in those two earlier weeks at the start of February.
We’ll feel these shifts as Venus, Sun and Mercury all move from the Vedic sign of Capricorn, into the Vedic sign of Aquarius, to join Neptune already there in Vedic Aquarius, of course.
In detail, Venus moves in to Vedic Aquarius on February 6th, the Sun moves in to Vedic Aquarius on February 13th, Mercury on February 15th and, last of all: Moon moves in to Vedic Aquarius on February 15th in the afternoon of the day of the Eclipse, which actually occurs, itself, at 21:05 hrs, here in the West of Ireland.
So, the first half of February 2018, will be a growing, powerful energised time. And note that the energy will particularly affect the affairs of the House that is Vedic Aquarius in your Vedic birth chart.
You can contact me to enroll on one of my wonderful courses, or for an astrology reading where this transit, and indeed all the transits and other predictive features of 2018, as well as your natal Astrology too, will all be defined in one of my caring and expert, very meticulous worldwide Astrology Readings, see: