Astrology and Healing April 2019

Welcome to the Astrology and Healing Magazine February 2019.

First of all, Michael Conneely gives you invaluable information about the planets in April 2019 plus a wonderful presentation of charts for the beginning and end days of the month, the Lunations and the April Ephemeris, all in both Vedic and Western Astrology.

And next: there’s Maggie Pashley with news about Soul Realignment Healing.

Let’s start with the Astrology of April 2019:

There’s a lot of detail here and many charts at the end of this post. This is great opportunity for perception and insight which can be used for healing and empowering, and aligning our life to the purpose of our soul.

To see the Vedic and Western astrology charts for the start and end days of the month, and also for the New and Full Moon, as well as the Ephemeris for the positions of the planets in April, please see the bottom of this post.
And there’s also a handy little calendar of transits and astrological events at the foot of my astrology article, as well.
Please note: These charts are generated for Sligo in the West of Ireland, to find out the dates and times of New and Full Moons and Eclipses where you live, go to:

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 April 2019: It’s difficult to know what to start to talk about first because there is a lot of change, and many of the energies are difficult and yet truly valuable transformation in our life, if we really hear the astrological insight, remember it and keep it alive, and develop and hold to best strategies for creativity, success with work and relationships, and realization of our Soul Purpose at this time.

Just don’t know which planet to start with first: should it be Jupiter? Should it be Pluto? Should it be Rahu? Should it be Ketu? And don’t forget Chiron! Er- yes: there’s also the Mercury Neptune conjunction too! We certainly need to take care to manage our minds and our lives in the middle of all this. AND we need to take even more care to open to the magic and the inspiration and the possibility! But the great conjucntion of Saturn-Ketu-Pluto is vast, perhaps we should start with that. Actually, as an important key to managing this turmoil, I am starting with Jupiter: Lord Brihaspati.

and here is my Pt 2 Video:

OK, let’s start the detail by looking at what’s happening to Jupiter, Lord Brihaspati:

Point 1: Jupiter in Trouble:

Jupiter is in Vedic Sagittarius from March 29th to April 22nd. Then, again, from November 4th to November 20th 2020.
Of course, Jupiter rules Sagittarius (as well as Pisces), but basically our reception of Jupiter at the present time, is in complicated trouble that we need to understand.

Troubled Jupiter is over-dogmatic and over-expansionary and crush other’s sensitivities. Troubled Jupiter can make us lose connection to our needed guru energy and blessing and sense of purpose.
Or troubled Jupiter can make us become too unconfident and think small.


At his best Jupiter is about Spiritual development and Higher Learning/Education.

Galactic Centre is at 3 deg Vedic Sagittarius, so November – December 2019, when Jupiter transits there could be so special in inspiration if we are open to it.

But one really important piece of news is that the full energy of Jupiter’s Blessing, purpose and Expansion is veiled from us at the moment, and for varying degrees, and for a long time.
And also remember,  Jupiter is karaka or indicator for Husband in a woman’s chart.

So let’s look at the various dimensions of trouble for our reception of Jupiter’s divine energy: There’s Rahu being opposition Jupiter, there’s Jupiter being in the Gandanta. There’s the need to boost our connection with Jupiter plus the fact of Jupiter and Saturn both having slow motion now.

Rahu-Jupiter: A major point to bear in mind, is that Rahu DOES sully the purity of the energy of Jupiter. Jupiter receives a close opposition aspect from Rahu for a long time.  Rahu has just entered Vedic Gemini, and the change of the Nodes sign produces a lot of turbulence.

We all feel the turbulence because the Nodes change of signs means that we have to put our lives onto new tracks.

And bear in mind that Rahu is, ultimately, demon energy, and unless we can purify the energy of the Nodes, we won’t reap the Divine gains that are actually meant for us in tangling with them and working with them.

Gandanta Jupiter: And our reception of the Divine energy of Jupiter will continue to be problematic, all the while that Jupiter is in the Gandanta Zone between Vedic Scorpio and Vedic Sagittarius (where he is now, when Jupiter is retrograding (as he does this month), and when Jupiter is transiting through Vedic Sagittarius where Pluto, Saturn and Ketu are also transiting (THROUGH THERE ARE HUGE GAINS AND TRANSFORMATIONS WE CAN REAP IF WE KNOW ABOUT THIS) and then of course Jupiter transits through the following sign, Vedic Capricorn, where Jupiter is most deeply fallen. So, Jupiter will have his much-needed blessing benefic energy compromised to varying degrees all through the period from 15th February 2019 to 5th April 2021. See my Blog and Video about this:

Need to boost our Connection with Jupiter: It is actually so important to keep Jupiter’s presence pure and clear and large in your life. I have pinned up an image that I like, and am doing vision journeys. And see the ‘Featured Image’ for this Blog Post, for the image I am working with.
Have a look at the ephemeris at the foot of this page. Note that both Jupiter and Saturn have very slow motion in the heavens. Be prepared for your life to feel at a standstill. Understand the divine message of this: Jupiter is our purpose and expansion. Saturn is patience, tests and checks: but this combination can be used for your advantage: Consolidate Now! Do the hard work and ground and get your hopes and plans into good order, so that they can move forward the on a sound footing!
And remember, Jupiter in the Gandanta may be bad for mundane matters, but the Gandanta does give huge inspiration for those who are open to that!

Jupiter and Saturn:
Bhagyesh meets Karmesh!
And there’s one other thing: Jupiter and Saturn actually describe a divine dance and their orbital periods are about to coincide and a new cycle start yet again. We humans need to appreciate the divine connection between the energies of Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter and Saturn start a new sequence when their positions in the heavens exactly coincide at 6 deg Vedic Capricorn on 21.12.2020.
Jupiter is in the Scorpio-Sagittarius Gandanta all month
Jupiter turns retrograde at 0 deg 13 Vedic Sagittarius/Mula Nakshatra on 10th April.
Jupiter re-enters Vedic Sagittarius/Jyestha Nakshatra on 22nd April.
So, all the while that Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde, be careful to ground what you do, and don’t take on more than you can ground!

Point 2: Saturn and Pluto:

Ideally Saturn should be used to forge a container for the atomic explosive transformation that is Pluto. OR will you let Saturn frustrate Pluto in your life?
Saturn represents karma, control, structure, and discipline. Pluto represents instinctive forces of death and sexuality. Saturn might seek false security by trying to control and imprison Pluto. Pluto might get frustrated tormenting us to heal and raise to the light our darknesses, issues of power and abuse, religious intolerance and persecution. Self-hatred, sexual denial and warping. All these need to be faced and headed in The Abyss, then raised to the light where Pluto become Kether. Ketu has the power and inspiration bearing to illuminate the repressions and blow apart the prison walls and shower us with lightning inspiration. If you have it within you, look for occult and esoteric inspiration and breakthrough.

Point 3: Mercury Retrograde and conjunct Neptune and in Pisces:
Mercury went Retrograde on 6th March.
Mercury actually turned Direct of 29th March
Not everyone experiences Mercury Retrograde as problematic (e.g. if you Mercury is strong and harmoniously placed in your natal chart), but if you have a Mercury like my Mercury is in your birth chart, you will experience Mercury Retrograde as Problematic!

Our lives were taken over because Irish Banks suddenly decided BREXIT was going to happen and reacted to Irish Treasury Guidelines about third party money providers such as shopify and PayPal, and my life was taken over opening a new Irish Bank Account, a new Irish PayPal account, and altering all the Shopify Buy buttons on all my websites from GB Pounds to Euros, and linking them to Irish PayPal and Bank Account rather than British. I thought I was supposed to be an Astrologer, not an IT guy!
But at the level of IT, communications and internet, Mercury’s recent Retrograde has been a horror story for me. Our phone line in the rural west of Ireland Atlantic coast was struck by lightning. Our router and printer were destroyed. Three half days a week have been spent doing internet tests with Vodafone then trying to get Eircom to fully repair the damage to the telephone line. This distress and dislocation to work has been horrible. Running new ethernet cables in the loft! It’s still not resolved.

But remember, the Retrograde effects of Mercury do not end until he regains his pre-retrogradation position. Mercury went retrograde at 29 Vedic Aquarius on March 6th. He retrograded to 22 Vedic Aquarius on 28th March. But he does not regain his pre-retrogradation degree of 29 Vedic Aquarius until 11th April. That’s when Mercury Retrograde really ends, not the date he simply turns Direct!!! Don’t be fooled!

But it does have underlying positive potential if we can survive it. Mercury is mind and communication. Mind here descends into matter and highlights what we need to do to align matter and structure to efficient and even spiritual mind and communication.

Now, Mercury is conjunct Neptune at the beginning of the month. And on April 12th he re-enters Vedic Pisces!!!
Dare to believe. Make your dreams become real!
Personally, at the level of vision and inspiration, I have been assisted with such insights. I feel I have come to deep understandings. The energy is magical. Mystery arises again. Fantasy can become guiding light and unlock the prison door. The dark and hidden things of our vast, limitless consciousness suddenly become our closest allies.

In my case, Uranus is transiting at 7 Vedic Aries, which is opposition my natal Mercury, and the Uranus Mercury energy is truly revolutionary. I have set up a web page offering tours to the ancient Irish Sacred Sites round here, see:
And I’ve also set up a brand new Blog called OghamGodsAndRunes to honour and teach the Sacred Alphabets of the Ancient Irish and Norse Peoples (The Ogham and The Rune alphabets), and to provide Vision Journeys to meet the Gods and Goddesses of these ancient peoples. See:

Point 4: Venus is conjunct Neptune:
Venus is receiving a 3rd House aspect from Saturn, who rules Vedic Aquarius, this aspect is exact on April 12th. But then Venus’ standing in the heavens gets more expressive and gentle.
Venus shifts from Aquarius to Pisces: Venus and Mercury together in Vedic Pisces from April 15th could be beautiful, could be spiritually creative, could be a lovely blessing.
Note that the Full Moon on April 19th is in Venus-ruled Libra.
Venus is Exalted in Pisces, and so contact the purer energy of Venus in Vedic Pisces and bring it consciously into your relationship.
If you have key planets in Vedic libra or Taurus you will expect to have a good strand of happiness running through your life, health, friendship and creativity. Venus can bring money and good things to do with vehicles to these people.

Point 5: The Great Conjunction: Saturn Ketu Pluto in Vedic Sagittarius:

Where to start on this one???
Saturn turns Retrograde from 30th April to September 18th. Honour his lessons: ground what you do! Work hard. Be patient!
Retrograde Saturn will oppose the Sun July 15th and November 17th.
Pluto and Saturn are in Sagittarius and PurvAshadha Nakshatra, so PurvAshadha Moons are in deep Sade Sate. Ketu is also in Sagittarius but in UttaraAshadha.
As I’ve said in my earlier Blog Post, the Ketu Saturn Pluto conjunction is an energy of Revolution. Pluto Ketu is revolutionary force. Saturn either blocks up building up explosive potential, or Saturn can be used to ground the revolution.

Pluto is Retrograde April 24th – October 2nd: When Pluto is Retrograde, we are called to look within and check out are we coming into our power: the power we were meant to have in this Incarnation? I had an Eclipse on my natal Pluto on 11th August 2018, and now I have Pluto transiting square my natal Moon. I really do feel the powerless inflicted on me by my childhood unravelling, and my coming into my power! Standing up for myself more! Please do take in this crucial realisation:

Note that Ketu Dissolves, but for Spiritual Purposes: sudden change, confusion, loss, immateriality, but for spiritual inspiration and insight and the raising of our consciousness.

Note that Pluto makes us face our hurt and darkness by descending into his Abyss, and if we successfully do this, we then experience Pluto as Kether: our Crown Chakra connected to the Divine Light.

Saturn and Ketu together means bursting the concrete walls of the prison asunder and opening to the light and the truth. Do realised this when you are experiencing a Saturn to Ketu transit or Saturn-Ketu Dasha period.

Pluto and Ketu together is deep psychological survival stuff, deep transformation, intensity and coming into power; passion and making fuller contact with our inner resources. Past life issue arise.  But if not positive it’s unhealthy and destructive tragedy and going to extremes. The goal is to use their inner resources to change their lives and others’ without going to extremes. With Ketu Pluto a past life script comes into this life of ‘power over’ may arise and we can find ourselves in power games, with people who drain you of energy, or who are intense manipulative cruel or nasty or even abusive to you. Betrayal issues arise to be faced, especially from earlier in your life. This is the Abyss. You need to go deep and deal with this. Then you arise. Like the phoenix from the ashes. You will need to heal and transcend these experiences in your past. You will need to undergo death and rebirth experience. Don’t be dragged down. Cultivate forgiveness. Remember The Shack.
I saw the film The Shack for the first time recently:
I feel this film is very much about facing the Abyss, the issue of Forgiveness. And the issue of experiencing God’s Love.

This Saturn Ketu Pluto conjunction last occurred in this sign, at the time that Martin Luther proclaimed the Reformation and overthrew the grip of the Catholic Church on Northern Europe. So great if we each are susceptible to Revolution now, and that we make it inspired, magical and positive.

But what countries face Revolution?:

The chart of the United States (4.7.1776, 18:30 hrs, Philadelphia, PA) has its Ascendant in Vedic Sagittarius, AND it has Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Mars, all in Vedic Gemini, where Rahu is now transiting!

And transiting Pluto enters Vedic Capricorn 25.2.2020, where the USA chart has its natal Ketu-Pluto conjunction!


Turkey is in for more real trouble due to the Nodes change of sign, Rahu crossing Turkeys Ascendant and natal Moon, and the effect of Great Conjunction.
Turkey: 29.10.1923, 20.30 hrs, Ankara, Turkey.

The failed coup of 15 July 2016, to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan left at least 260 dead and 2,200 injured. The Turkish government has since led a crackdown on alleged coup supporters, with the dismissal of more than 150,000 state employees and the arrest of some 50,000 people. See the Daily Mail:

I saw this 2016 coup as the disaffection of white middle class educated Turks unhappy at their government propped up by the large Muslim population of agricultural and factory workers whose leaders are working for an Islamist Fundamentalist state.

Now the present Turkish dictatorship has had another shock: Election defeat in the more urban areas. See the BBC news:
I am left wondering if Turkey may therefore polarise and end up a Muslim Fundamentalist state and the energy of the great conjunction could foster the crack up of the more educated middle class sector. Indeed, speculatively, I wonder if in the long term I wonder if the Muslim states might create a fundamentalist power block from Morocco all the way across to Kyrgyzstan, sinking their differences out of realisation of the power they would have, possibly even unified by a Sheikh/business-supported new religious leader. Then, the United States would indeed be ‘waiting for the Barbarians’ like Rome in 410AD, when the Huns, the Visigoths and the Vandals crossed the Rhine and headed down south and sacked the Imperial City and the Roman Empire was effectively finished. ‘’That couldn’t happen!’ Maybe not: but that’s what Neville Chamberlain said about Adolf Hitler.

Point 6. Uranus – The Other Revolutionary:
Uranus is now well established in in Vedic Aries at 7 deg Vedic Aries, and so the Other Revolutionary is bringing Revolution to Vedic Aries and Vedic Libra people!!!

chironPoint 7. Chiron now Established in Western Aries:

Chiron is now at 8 deg Vedic Sidereal Pisces, but this is 2 deg Western Tropical Aries. The Vedic Sidereal Zodiac, orientated to the stars essentially declares our destiny, our incarnational life purpose. The western Tropical Zodiac based on the Sun’s position on the day of the Vernal Equinox is Sun-sign orientated and thus basically a psychological declaration: a declaration about our ‘egoic self’.
To have Chiron now established in Western Aries is very important to now take on board.
Actively shift now from dwelling on and understanding your Existential Wound, the experience dwelt on when Chiron transited Western Pisces, to embracing the Warrior archetype and standing up for yourself.
Go from Victim to Warrior.
For example, I have Chiron in western Scorpio, I need to understand the serpent slithering within, roiling in The Abyss, the tortures from childhood and from the hurt emotions, but I also need to embrace the polarity of the opposite sign, Taurus, and find pleasure and solidity in valuing myself. I have Chiron conjunct Mars. I need to see how I was pushed into not being able to contact and embrace and value my Mars, and integrate the Mars principle into all I do.
I am a great believer in the nature v. Nurture principle of psychodynamic Western astrology. In my Nurture chart or House chart, using the Megastar program, my Mars is Unaspected, it does not connect with the rest of the chart due to issues of my early nurture environment. Now is the time to embrace and understand Mars, and integrate him into all the rest of my personality.  

Point 8. New Moon in Vedic Pisces, in Revati Nakshatra: April 5
New Moon is an important time of beginning. Here we can contact the beautiful energy of sensitive giving Revati.
Aim to let go of past mires and conflicts.
Push aside all the drum beats of the Great Conjunction’s revolution and the driven brutality of Rahu.
Invoke and strengthen your contact and your vision meeting with the Ruler of Pisces: Jupiter. Don’t let this day pass without doing that!


Point 9. Full Moon in Vedic Libra: April 19
The Full Moon is in Libra in temperamental creative Chitra Nakshatra. Creation arises out of the intuitive New Moon in Revati.
Chitra is ruled by Visvakarma the Heavenly Architect. Its power animal is the Female Tiger.
Please don’t upset your Chitra! Chitra’s ruled by Mars. Its inspiration is fiery! Artistic Creation could flash fire freely at the time of this Full Moon.

List of Transits etc: April 2019:
April 1: Mercury conjunct Neptune
April 2: Ketu conjunct Pluto
April 5: New Moon in Vedic Pisces, in Revati Nakshatra
April 10: Jupiter stations then turns retrograde
Venus conjunct Neptune
April 12: Mercury re-enters Vedic Pisces (until May 3rd) – Mercury Debilitated
April 14: Sun enters Vedic Aries
April 15: Venus enters Vedic Pisces (where Venus is Exalted)
April 19: Full Moon in Vedic Libra
April 20: Rahu conjunct Saturn
April 22: Sun conjunct Uranus
April 23: Jupiter retrogrades back into Vedic Scorpio
April 24: Pluto stations then turns retrograde in Vedic Sagittarius in PurvAshadha Nakshatra
April 30: Saturn stations then turns retrograde
until September 18th Mars casts a 8th House aspect on the great conjunction in Vedic Sagittarius

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And now, here’s Maggie Pashley with Soul Realignment Healing:

Soul Realignment Sessions Worldwide

Soul Realignment not only helps you to understand who you are as a soul, it helps you to understand those choices that are congruent to you and those that work against you and provides clarity as to how to create the best life for you.
Each soul is a unique expression of Divine Source and has its own Divine Blueprint. The closer you are in alignment with that blueprint the happier and more successful you will be as you are living your own Divinity. It is a very practical and helpful guide to how to make your life work more elegantly.

Lack of congruency can show up in your life as struggle, repeating patterns, a sense of not being able to make anything work for you, a sense you are doing the wrong thing but not being sure of what the ‘right thing’ is. You might even be moderately successful but only with huge effort that challenges your sanity. When we are in alignment life becomes easier, more enjoyable, opportunities present themselves to us if we make the choices that are more congruent for us. Negative choices are simply negative because they take us away from our Divine Soul Blueprint. These choices can come from a past life or the present one and involve choices which restrict us or drain our energy and continue to do so on a daily basis until we make different choices and take different actions.

Andrea Hess, the founder and developer of Soul Realignment is clear that to clear karma and create a different life we have to make different choices and act on those in the world. I agree with her and this is a very practical, empowering modality. These negative patterns can involve contracts, vows, limiting agreements, energetic attachments, thoughts and beliefs which drain our energy

As a certified Soul Realignment Practitioner, I access the Akashic Records on your behalf as a point of access to gain information of you as a soul: what energies are your gifts and how to express them in the world, your soul group and how that affects how you experience the world, the choices you have made that have created patterns and restrictions which drain your energy. Most importantly we clear those old patterns and look at new more empowering choices you can make to create a happier life.

We clear these patterns, both by work I do before the session, which is activated as we work together during the session, and by additional clearing that you are given to do for yourself after the session (don’t worry this is easy and simple and actually enjoyable and empowering to do!)

In my own case, Soul Realignment allowed me to be more decisive and clear about my direction in life. It has allowed me to make choices which work for me, without being too concerned about how others will view it or how they might react to it. I feel happier and freer and my work has really flowered. I wonder what it could do for you?

How to go about booking a session

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I look forward to our work together,

Now, here are the Astrology Charts for April 2019:

Chart 1.4.2019:

Chart 30.4.2019:





Chart New Moon 5.4.2019, 07.43 hrs:


Chart Full Moon 19.4.2019, 12.07 hrs:





Ephemeris Vedic Astrology Sidereal Zodiac: April 2019:





Ephemeris Western Astrology Tropical Zodiac: April 2019:



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