Astrology and Clearing : what would it take to go through this difficult time with greater ease?

In this video Maggie Pashley and Michael Conneely look at the bridge between astrology and healing modalities.

When you are in tough times, astrology can give you good perspective of meaning and good understanding of timing.

Astrology can give you perception to open yourself up to a different experience of what you are going through.

But to get the full effect of astrology; you do also often need to use healing and empowering modalities.

You can so often need to do clearing: clear your dead old scripts and blocks. If you don’t you won’t access your greatness. You will stay dead in the water.

So, in these difficult times, open your mind and your being to allow in different perspectives and opportunities and outcomes.

Invite the Universe to show you.

Ask: what would it take to go through this time with greater ease?

Astrology can be so valuable in identifying your life scripts and what predictive periods you are in.

Glassilaun BeachAstrology can even guide you where you need to relocate to for your needed fresh new start

But applying healing modalities to these depressing or challenging or hard periods and entrenched issues can take you further than astrology on its own.

Armed with the clear perception and the sense of timing it can give when interpreted by an expert, astrology can make you open to the bigger ‘you’ that you were born to express.

Here we look at difficult times of ‘death and rebirth’ experiences that can be identified and predicted by astrology – and especially our need for clearing of difficult held scripts and belittling blocked patterns.

We can and do all go through very challenging and confusing periods of transition.

Sometimes we hold on to for a long time to things that no longer seem to work.

Sometimes we can no longer make happen things we are trying to bring in, in our attempt to fill the void. We are clutching at straws, trying to grow sunflowers in winter!

What we need to do to go through these astrologically definable hard times, is maintain a consciousness of kindness and nurturing.

We should not try to force anything to happen, but we do need to ask the question: what would it take for us to be open to the brighter healed future???

Often we have to clear old scripts and let go of things that are dying.

What we must learn to see is that often crises and difficult periods have a real gift inside them: if only we can be open to finding the buried gold!

Ask what energy space and consciousness can you be in that will take you in the direction of your life????

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