Art healing and Embodiment are used with Astrology to achieve rebirth experience and empowerment.

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

Reading the Vedic and Western birthchart Pt. 5: Yvonne’s Chart

Art healing and Embodiment are used with Astrology to achieve rebirth experience and empowerment.

Two death and rebirth incidents are examined in detail in Yvonne’s life. The first was in 2010: a health collapse and kundalini overload caused by membership of a Tibetan Buddhist Order. The second incident in 2015 is the death of Yvonne’s father.
The predictive out-turning of these incidents is examined with referenced to Vedic Astrology Predictive Periods (Dasas), Transits of Nodes, Saturn and other planets, and with reference to Nodal and individuation Age Progressions used within psychodynamic western Astrology:

We examine strengths in Yvonne’s Vedic astrology: Sun in Dhanistha, Moon in Ardra and Venus as Atmakaraka or ‘Soul Indicator’ carrying over a key unfinished task from previous life.

We major on the role of Mercury in highly intuitive and special Shatabishak nakshatra, mystical, meditative, philosophical, scientific; the visionary, dreamer, secretive and reclusive.

And in Western Astrology, we focus on her natal aspect ‘Saturn opposition Moon’ as the spine of a ‘Kite’ chart aspect shape, her ‘Grand Cross’, her ‘Grand Trine in Water’, ‘Irritation Rectangle’, ‘Righteousness Rectangle’ other chart aspect shapes, Chiron-Venus and two unaspected sub-personalities.

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