Arise with Power from The Mercury Mess and Big Challenge in February 2022

This Post is all about a three-part video on the nature of the hero challenge posed by the state of Mercury in February 2022.

The Part 1 Video describes the Clash of the Titans Mercury is caught up in, so with such risk for our Mind and communications, but with such revolution, empowerment and healing potential if we are prepared and forewarned.

The Part 2 Video is all about who will be affected most and what the actual Time Table is.

The Part 3 Video is about the need to understand the Mercury Retrograde Shadow Periods now.

Truly, we all need to know about this very exceptional and severely challenging Mercury Retrograde then Shadow period dominating until end February 2022 – and we all need to know what its higher potential and what its possible potential rewards for you can be.

This is a Clash of the Titans which will affect our Minds and our communication issues.

Mercury is in a very complicated fraught state, that challenges our minds and our communications all through February, but, if we can bring awareness and see the buried gold at the end of the rainbow, the chewed-up state that Mercury is in at this time can actually offer us needed revolution, needed new insights about our Self and our life, needed new directions and needed new power – if we know how!

Inescapably, we all have to wrestle with the issues of Mercury retrograde and then the Shadow Phase up to February 24th, but we also have to emerge as heroes from being mauled by the Mercury-mixed-up energies of Uranus, Saturn, Pluto and Mars as well – plus a trio of other absolutely gargantuan factors in addition: Kal Sarpa Yoga, the Nodes of the Moon changing Signs and the Pluto Return of the USA!

Here’s the list of the challenges. It’s so useful to hear them stated so as to be more able to spiritually grow and become our Hero self. Mercury gets cuaght up in a fraught energy with the following planets in February 2022:

Uranus: The vast revolution call of Uranus is blasted at us. The Uranus/Mercury combination can bring very needed real revolutionary insights and communication initiatives.

Saturn: The blocks, imprisoning structures and strategies, grimly imposed on us by Saturn, including past life karmas, can actually be an arena for us to grow in insight and manage our karmas. And note crucially that Uranus is smashing against Saturn this month: Uranus is square Saturn at this time, as well as closely square Mercury at a couple of key junctures. Uranus is handing you the ‘Get out of your Saturn Jail Free card’ now. Now is the time to storm your personal Bastille!

Pluto: The vast implacable immense power, the need to contact our Shadow Dimensions, the Pluto healing call is inexorably made at all of us now by Pluto.

Mars: And the final straw will be from February 26th when irate and powerful Mars enters Capricorn, and fights it out mindlessly (unless we can raise our awareness about this) with Pluto, Uranus, Saturn – and, of course: with Mercury!!!!!

– all of this is making Mercury like a log in a maelstrom at this time.

But you need to know that there’s three more huge energies also going on at this time – three great enveloping energies that we absolutely do need to know about: Kal Sarpa Yoga, the Nodes of the Moon changing sign and the Pluto Return of the US.

Kal Sarpa Yoga: Firstly, it is so very crucial to know that all though this time Kal Sarpa Yoga is in force: the preposterous, divisive and sensationalist energy where all planets are to one side of the Nodal axis – or when the Moon is to the other side of the Nodal Axis the unsupported Moon (Kemadruma Moon) makes the mind even more destabilized and ranting.
Those having Kal Sarpa Yoga in their birth chart will be very adversely affected by all this. True spiritual awareness will be needed by them, now: not just pretense of that: the sensationalist ranters – even when they say they’re spiritual, the Combatives, the war-like rulers who have Ka; Sarpa Yoga are more dangerous now.

This Kal Sarpa Yoga started on December 13th when Mars crossed over Ketu South Node (!!!) starting the feature that all planets were to one side of the Nodal axis.

This Kal Sarpa Yoga ends around 24th April when Mercury goes past Rahu North Node (!) to end the feature of all planets being to one side of the nodal axis.

Nodes of the Moon change Sign: Secondly, the Nodes of the Moon are changing sign. The exact date of the Nodes sign change is 12.4.2022. but the destination signs especially are feeling it now: Vedic Libra and Aries:
Rahu the North Node enters Aries.

Ketu the South Node enters Libra. And Libra is massively affected now in addition by aspects from Jupiter and Saturn and Uranus, and the Venus Retrograde and the Venus-Mars conjunction (where Venus is the Ruler of Libra).
Are you prepared?

Do you really, really know what it is all about, as this time passes when it affects you?

Can you see the Divine Dimension in it all – for you, now???

The Pluto Return of the United States: thirdly everyone in the world has to deal with the fact now that Pluto in the heavens is closing on Pluto in the birth chart of the USA. This is a major factor which will affect the energies of Mercury Retrograde and the world, because so many issues around power and denial of power, and the proper seeking of power, and the illusory divisive negative seeking of power are all arising affecting the minds of so many. The social media war sadly is sadly very much still on!!! Pluto is at 3 Capricorn this month. Pluto in the birth chart of the country is at 6 Capricorn. The first exact hit of transiting Pluto hitting the country’s natal Pluto is next year: March 2023. This really is affecting the consciousness, behaviour and relating patterns of a vast percentage of the population.

By the way, before I go into the detail of the timing of all this, this three-part Video and Blog about Mercury in February 2022, is actually the first of several upcoming that I am putting out about the month of February. And do please note that you can see the Vedic and Western charts for this month and the links to all the ongoing February Astrology and Healing Newsletter sections as they are published on this month’s page in my Starwheel Astrology website:

Mercury in a Mess February 2022 Part 2 Video: Timing and who is affected most?

So now let’s look at the timing and who will be affected most:

The total timescale of this Mercury Retrograde and the two associate shadow periods before and after, is 29th December to February 24th (it’s all explained at the end of this post below). And during this mind-bending two month period, Mercury makes searingly powerful connections to Uranus, Pluto and Saturn, as explained in the Pt. 1 video.

Who will be affected most?

You will be especially affected if you have planets – especially if they are your natal Ascendant, Moon and Sun – positioned as follows:

a. From 25 deg Vedic Sagittarius to 20 Vedic Capricorn

b. From 10 to 25 deg Aries

c. In the centre of Vedic Cancer (because Saturn transits opposition your Ascendant in your 7th house of relationship – could be very positive if you understand it and work with it.

d. Anywhere in Vedic Libra

e. If you have natal Ascendant, Moon or Sun in the Mercury-ruled signs of Gemini and Virgo.

f. If you have Kal Sarpa Yoga in your birth chart.

g. Vedic Capricorn: People with natal Moon, Sun or Ascendant (and other planets as well, especially Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto or Chiron) here with their Moon in Vedic Capricorn will be the most affected of all.

h. Natal Moon in Vedic Capricorn: And do note that those with their natal Moon in Capricorn will be the worst affected, because, of course, they are in the centre of their seven-and-a-half-year Sade Sate period as well.
Sade Sate is the period like going down into a pit to face our darknesses, wounds, limitations and demons, all with the divine purpose of us rising up out of the pit by the end: reborn and purified, and embracing the next phase of our incarnational and karmic destiny in this life.
But WHAT do we have to go through to get to that ideal end?
We must be prepared.
We must be forewarned.
We must seek connection to the Divine – all through this difficult time.
And remember, this is a difficult time which affects each and all of us, once every 28 years: The Saturn orbit time.

I do hope this careful study of the energies will be useful to us, in our supreme spiritual task of managing them positively and growing in spiritual awareness at this mixed-up challenging time.

And I do hope the revolution that Uranus offers you now will mean you will actually be going through the bright new door of your future.

I do hope the empowerment that Pluto offers you now will be healing and strengthening and reduce your wounds and shadow issues.

May your relationship Saturn be one of healing the karmas that will arise now to be noticed – karmas that can not be ignored, and so may this be a time of finding the structure and strategy for your life and job etc. that is right for you”.

And may you be the positive Mars Warrior, not the rampage idiot!

So, to summarize:

When Mercury gets caught up in the square from Uranus to Saturn, Mercury is caught up in the forces of Revolution smashing at our blocks and restrictive structures and forcing us to storm our Bastille.

The tension drives us and messes up our Mercury patterns of thinking and communication.

When Mercury gets caught up in conjunction to Pluto, Mercury is caught up in our Shadow issues, in our deep issues of power and powerlessness. The fear and dread and hurt destabilize us and make us cry out to stand in our proper power, even though our consciousness is probably blocked to really know what our power-damage experiences are, nor how to come into our Devine hero power.

OK, so here are the dates of the exact planetary connections.

N.B. Obviously, we feel these with very wide before and after orb, and we are also affected by the Sun Pluto and the Mars Venus conjunction in the heavens at this time too:

Dec 29th the before-period shadow period begins and runs to Jan 14th.

Dec 29th to Feb 24th: Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Mercury: Saturn transits from 16 to 24 deg Vedic Capricorn, and thus affects Mercury whilst receiving a square aspect from Uranus and an influence from Pluto: Saturn: Pluto: Uranus affecting retrograde Mercury, as Mercury transits in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn.

Dec 29th Mercury at 0 Capricorn conjunct Retrograde Venus plus Pluto!

Jan 3rd Mercury at 7 Capricorn conjunct the Moon

Jan 13th Mercury at 16 Capricorn square Uranus at 16 Aries

Jan 14th Mercury turns retrograde at 16 Capricorn: Mercury Retro until Feb 3rd

Jan 16th Sun is conjunct Pluto at 2 Capricorn

Jan 23rd Mercury Rx conjunct Sun at 9 Capricorn

Jan 29th Mercury Rx conjunct Pluto at 2 deg Capricorn.

Jan 30th Mercury Rx conjunct Moon at 1 Capricorn

Feb 3rd Mercury turns Direct at 0 Capricorn. The after-period shadow begins and runs to Feb 24th.

Feb 11th Mercury conjunct Pluto at 3 Capricorn.

Feb 14th Mars and Venus conjunct exact at 21 Sagittarius.

Feb 24th Mercury reaches 16 deg the degree he turned retrograde at: 16 Capricorn, so the after-period shadow ends

February 24th Mercury returns to an exact square from Uranus now at 17 Aries.

February 26 Mars enters Capricorn and fights Pluto, Uranus, Saturn – and Mercury!!!!!

My point is that if we spell out  the exceptional detail of the energies affecting Mercury this February, the better we can tackle it, the better our awareness can be to avoid being affected by the communications messes, the IT difficulties,  the ranting and the confrontations, the fear-creating astrological sensationalism and the messes, the gathering war situations and the political infighting that surround us, not to mention the IT issues, the data organization issues and treating people as labels that goes on in social media, etc, etc, as well.

Stuff will arise – But it’s ideally to be healed.

This is actually the Divine Purpose of Astrology. It is to hear and understand the nature of the energies and then to grow spiritually by handling them well, by becoming the hero as we do it.

With Mercury energies in the intense messy way how they are in February, we will each need to learn to understand our own minds and communication patterns, our personal communication psychology and our personal unconscious factors are calling the tune. We will need to learn to see how our psychology creates these.

And then we need to grow to understand and embody the Divine Nature that Mercury (and each planet calls us to): in this case it’s the Divinely connected communication and thinking that the truest Mercury calls us to.

And then we will need to grow to understand how our lives can actually benefit from Mercury’s exceptional connections to Uranus and Saturn and Pluto at this exceptional time.

Mercury can be very disembodied, and most certainly I have found embodiment work useful, healing and strengthening in this fraught Mercury Retrograde sequence.

We need to be properly in touch with our bodies, and I also feel we need to be in touch with the Earth. Indeed, in the course of writing this post, I felt so much better when I headed out down the coast road to the nearby village with views from the coast road of the mountains rich with being steeped in the traditions of the ancient Irish, their monuments on this treasured land, their sacred places.

Part 3 Video: The Mercury Retrograde Shadow Periods:


The Part 1 video and blog spelled out the Clash of the Titans that Mercury is caught up in during February 2022.

The Part 2 video and blog spelled out who is most affected and what the Time Table is.

So, in this 3rd Part, let’s look at the timescale of this Mercury Retrograde, with special emphasis here on the Shadow Periods before and after the exact Retrograde period.

The total timescale including the before and after shadow periods is from 29th December to February 24th.

We feel a Mercury Retrograde period not just when Mercury has apparent backward motion, the experience includes the start and finish shadow periods as well.

So, what are the dates?

Well, Mercury actually turned Retrograde at 16 deg Vedic Capricorn. This start of the Mercury Retrograde period was on 14th January.

And note that so utterly powerfully, this was square Uranus at 16 Vedic Aries and conjunct Saturn at 19 Vedic Capricorn.

We’ve be looking at what this means and what is its highest potential in a moment. But let’s just focus on the timing for now.

As I said, Mercury Retrograde transits are not just the time of the retrogradation. There’s a shadow period before when Mercury is transiting through the degrees he is shortly to retrograde through, and there’s a second shadow period after when Mercury if going forward again to reach his pre-retrogration position.

So, this Mercury retrograde was of course preceded by the first ‘shadow period ‘which was from 29th December as Mercury transited forward from 0 Capricorn (the degree where his retrograde period will in due course end on 3rd February) to 16 Capricorn (which is the degree where he first turned Retrograde on January 14th).

And of course, there will be the second shadow period from 3rd up to 24th February, after the date when Mercury has turned Direct, and he is moving forward to eventually get to his pre-retrogradation degree of 16 Capricorn again. So, the whole Mercury Retrograde period actually lasts from December 29th to February 24th, even though the backward motion dates are just limited to January 14th to February 3rd.

May I give you my very best wishes for Recognising the energies of this Mercury Period in February 2022, for using awareness, vision work and embodiment work and for using them to arise as your Hero self

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