Are Your Life and your Relationship Issues Fated? Part 5 Sub Personalities

Here is part 5 of an important a blog and video series which comes in six parts. It gives you fascinating and truly valid information helping you to decide to what extent your life and your relationship is Fated.

And of course it points to the crucial issue of: what can we do about this insight?

I have kept the material simple and accessible and you will see that the combination of Western Astrology with Vedic Astrology can predict with awesome accuracy important dimensions of what our personality will be, what our Destiny and Fate direction is, what our Love Scripts are, and what actions we are likely to do in this life.

OK, so having mentioned three of the unique wonders of Vedic Astrology that are so crucial for understanding our fate and destiny and personality and relationship, now let’s look at two crucial wonders from Western Psychodynamic Astrology as well.

I always combine the two when i give a reading.


First of all, let’s look at sub-personalities.

See the video:

It is so important to know what our sub-personalities are. And this is especially true if it’s a case of ‘Unaspected subpersonalities’, or subpersonalities that are only part time connected to the rest of the chart.

I give a simple and clear example:

Let’s look at the case of a man who has Neptune sextile Venus, but neither of these planets connect to any other planets in his chart.

So this is an ‘Unaspected Subpersonality’.

It’s cut off from the rest of his natal chart.

This man is looking for the utterly sublime and sensitive in love. He may find it. Or he may project it onto another who is later revealed not to have that quality at all – he was placing a projection on her.

And because neither of the planets in his sub-personality connect by aspect to any other planets in his chart, much of the time he will be out of contact with it – though it will likely be working away unbeknown in his subconscious all the time, and this subpersonality will likely be strongly influencing his values and behaviours and attractions, but all this will be unconscious and unbeknown to him.

If he lives with the unconscious self that he is not getting his Venus-Neptune ideal love from his relationship, he could be raging away – and not know why!

And another important thing to know is that when either of these planets are activated by progression or transit, the sub-personality will suddenly come alive and into his focus and he might be completely taken over by it – and it will drive all he feels and does.

And it is important to know, also, that when the transit or progression activation moves out of orb, the activation of his subpersonality will fade away and cease. And unless he develops awareness of this issue, he will lose all he gained during the activation.

And these qualities that can be activated by the Venus-Neptune combination include not only devotion to the ideal in love, which can be the Pied Piper. It can include psychism that arises then falls away and is lost, visions, sensitivity to rock energies. Illusions.

People can encounter and totally fall in love with the Venus-Neptune man, and only later realize there’s a lot more to his personality (for good or ill)!

There are six parts to this mini-series:

Part 1:

So this is the first part of a six-part mini-series on the subject of: Are Your Life and your Relationship Issues Fated? It introduces two breakthroughs:

The introduction of Chiron and Lilith into the interpretation structures of Vedic Astrology.

The Creation of LoveStarDating: the new worldwide website for those following a spiritual pathway who are also seeking love:

Parts 2 to 4 introduce you to three further features from the wonders of Vedic Astrology which open us to Fated dimensions of our Life and our Relationships: a brief mention of just some – just a few – of the utter gems of fate and destiny declaration and spiritual understanding that are offered by Vedic Astrology, as follows:

Part 2: The Nakshatras: The 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology that sates such gems as to the fated nature of our personality and relationships – but with opportunity and need for growth in spiritual awareness and healing to meet possible negative dimensions of this fate.

Part 3: The Dashas: the Predictive Periods of Vedic Astrology that do unfold in a fated way at birth and infancy and through our life – but, again, with opportunity and need for growth in spiritual awareness and healing to meet possible negative dimensions of this fate.

Part 4: Darakaraka and Atmakaraka: The Indicators of who we are seeking in love and What we are driven to, to fulfill our incarnational destiny in this incarnation – and to what extent the two coincide and are compatible, or how any divergence needs to be handled and healed.

Parts 5 and 6 introduce you to two key dimensions that have fated dimesnions, utterly needed declarations from Psychodynamic Western Astrology, as follows:

Part 5 presents quite a fated feature of our personality: our sub-personalities. Some of these we may be aware of, others we may be unaware of though they are working away powerfully in our shadow self.

Part 6 is the important issue of: are we the product of our inherited nature OR are we the product of our Nurture, our earliest upbringing environment. And it may be that quite beyond our conscious control we start off in a nurture environment that is even possibly totally at odds with our nature!

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