Are Your Life and your Relationship Issues Fated? Part 4 The Karakas, the Indicators of Vedic Astrology

Here is part 4 of an important a blog and video series which comes in six parts. It gives you fascinating and truly valid information helping you to decide to what extent your life and your relationship is Fated.

And of course it points to the crucial issue of: what can we do about this insight?

Our soul chooses these as the agenda for this lifetime. The decision is based on things we got wrong last lifetime(s). But it is also based on things we got right but will benefit from expressing further. We must experience those karmas. But we have the chance to deepen our perception and understanding about them. We have the chance to raise our spiritual awareness about the issues involved. And thus we can burn those negative karmas.

The Karakas, the Indicators of Vedic Astrology:

As I said, I’d mention just three of the unique wonders of Vedic Astrology, and this is to keep the post manageable, so as my third example, I mention the Karakas or ‘Indicators’.

And the two karakas I am going to mention here, are two key indicators especially used in Relationship Astrology: the Dara Karaka and the Atmakaraka.

Our Dara Karaka defines the sort of person we are looking for in love.

Our Atmakaraka defines the planetary energy that our soul is especially impelled to experience and grow with and learn about in this life – as a destiny.

It is so helpful to know what your Darakaraka is. It is so crucial to understand what your Atmakaraka is.  

And it is so crucial to understand if the two karakas are pushing you in a compatible direction – OR whether there’s’ a Disconnect between their two direction Pulls!

See the video:

Example 1:

For the first example, let’s take the case of a woman whose Darakaraka is her Moon – and her Moon in Aries, in Ashwini Nakshatra.

Darakaraka: So in terms of her Darakaraka Love Indicator, she is wanting someone who is sensitive and caring (Moon), but also fiery and demanding (Aries), and also a healer (Ashwini).

That’s who she wants in love (even if she does not consciously know this).

Atmakaraka: But her Atmakaraka is Saturn. So in terms of her Atmakaraka, she is impelled to live up to the karmic demands of Lord Shani = Saturn. And so in the relationship area she is wanting/needing someone who in himself is hard-working and responsible. And likely the relationship will be karmic (Saturn) and it will involve taking on the sorrow of others (Saturn AK).

It is so helpful to have this information!

Example 2:

For our second example, let’s take the case of a man whose Darakaraka/ Love indicator is the Sun.
Darakaraka: His Darakaraka is the Sun. He has Sun in Libra, in Chitra Nakshatra.

Through his Darakaraka, the Sun, he is looking for someone who is strong, someone who will hold his life together and lead him. That’s who he wants in love (even if he does not consciously know this).

Atmakaraka: But in terms of his Atmakaraka, the direction in which he is driven by fate in this incarnation, his Atmakaraka planet is the Moon.

He has Moon in Pisces in Revati Nakshatra.

Note that through his Moon Atmakaraka, he is being impelled by his fate and destiny and life force and Desire to deal with issues of nurture and lack of it (the Moon), and in terms of relationship, he is therefore wanting someone sensitive and Piscean and mothering.

His desires are driving him.

BUT – There’s a disconnect!!!

Will he find the right woman???

A key point is that the whole aim of Vedic Astrology is that you try to understand the AK and DK and their relationship to each other, and you also have to try to understand the nature of any Disconnect between the two as well.

And then of course you need to work with your partner to deeply share and understand and heal all this!!!!!

See my earlier blog post about the need to become a power couple in relationship:

There are six parts to this mini-series:

Part 1:

So this is the first part of a six-part mini-series on the subject of: Are Your Life and your Relationship Issues Fated? It introduces two breakthroughs:

The introduction of Chiron and Lilith into the interpretation structures of Vedic Astrology.

The Creation of LoveStarDating: the new worldwide website for those following a spiritual pathway who are also seeking love:

Parts 2 to 4 introduce you to three further features from the wonders of Vedic Astrology which open us to Fated dimensions of our Life and our Relationships: a brief mention of just some – just a few – of the utter gems of fate and destiny declaration and spiritual understanding that are offered by Vedic Astrology, as follows:

Part 2: The Nakshatras: The 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology that sates such gems as to the fated nature of our personality and relationships – but with opportunity and need for growth in spiritual awareness and healing to meet possible negative dimensions of this fate.

Part 3: The Dashas: the Predictive Periods of Vedic Astrology that do unfold in a fated way at birth and infancy and through our life – but, again, with opportunity and need for growth in spiritual awareness and healing to meet possible negative dimensions of this fate.

Part 4: Darakaraka and Atmakaraka: The Indicators of who we are seeking in love and What we are driven to, to fulfill our incarnational destiny in this incarnation – and to what extent the two coincide and are compatible, or how any divergence needs to be handled and healed.

Parts 5 and 6 introduce you to two key dimensions that have fated dimesnions, utterly needed declarations from Psychodynamic Western Astrology, as follows:

Part 5 presents quite a fated feature of our personality: our sub-personalities. Some of these we may be aware of, others we may be unaware of though they are working away powerfully in our shadow self.

Part 6 is the important issue of: are we the product of our inherited nature OR are we the product of our Nurture, our earliest upbringing environment. And it may be that quite beyond our conscious control we start off in a nurture environment that is even possibly totally at odds with our nature!

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