Are Your Life and your Relationship Issues Fated? Part 2 The Nakshatras Lunar Signs

Here is part 2 of an important a blog and video series which comes in six parts. It gives you fascinating and truly valid information helping you to decide to what extent your life and your relationship is Fated.

And of course it points to the crucial issue of: what can we do about this insight?

Our soul chooses these as the agenda for this lifetime. The decision is based on things we got wrong last lifetime(s). But it is also based on things we got right but will benefit from expressing further. We must experience those karmas. But we have the chance to deepen our perception and understanding about them. We have the chance to raise our spiritual awareness about the issues involved. And thus we can burn those negative karmas.

The Nakshatras:

First of all I’d mention the Nakshatras: the wonderful 27 sign Lunar Zodiac which includes supreme declaration of our personality issues and love scripts. If you know about the Nakshatras occupied by you or your partner’s Moon, Sun and Ascendant at the very least, you can say so very much about the personality and behaviour issues and attitudes and the relationship issues.

See the video:

See the Pt 2 continuation video:

While we are focusing on the subject of the wonderful accuracy of the Nakshatras, I want to mention a most important and difficult issue that we have to understand:

Is our life fated?

The answer to this has to be: Yes

it can be predicted to an extent, what we will be an do, including the fact that: it can be predicted that we will do wrong.

We incarnate to experience something, with the ideal that we then do work to heal this. We work to develop greater spiritual awareness (and this is different from Spiritual Bypass). So, yes, we come into this life with our fates and destinies and karmas that our soul chose for us to experience in this lifetime out of the need for us to grow spiritually.

But of course we have to add to this statement that the purpose of our life experience is supposed to be that we develop higher and higher spiritual awareness. That is why we are here – and the insights of astrology can most certainly open our eyes to our fates, to the nature of our personality, to our incarnational life purpose, and to the functioning of our relationship.

We are here to develop higher spiritual awareness and thus burn our negative karmas and thus build upon our positive karmas. What we will have to focus on in this life is a carry-over from past life/lives.

So the point I am making here is that part of our karmic awareness is that we incarnate with negative scripts because we need to experience what it feels like when we do wrong.

We need to feel how that feels, or to be born into that.

Vedic astrology predicts these scripts and events so well. And for example certain Nakshatra padas are likely to produce fairly definable unethical behaviour.

What we need to learn to realize is that those other people who harm us – and they can harm us so shockingly sometimes, actually help us to heal our karma. This is because we experience their wrong-doing with the potential that we will heal – and then we may even heal others.

It so helps us when we come to this realization and draw a line on the past (the earlier parts of our life), and move forward thus freed, and move forward as the Spiritual Hero.

We therefore have to accept what those other people are, and what they did to us and be – Yes – grateful for the opportunity to heal and grow strong and more ethical and with raised spiritual awareness ourself.

And part of this is that Vedic Astrology can declare that we too are likely (or certain) to do wrong and do harm in certain definable ways.

And the Nakshatras certainly fit into this role.

We have to go through these experiences to connect to Source:

To learn to forgive,

To learn to draw a line.

And to the extent that we are connected to Source, we will be healed.

If we are connected to Source, the idea of hurt will go out of the windows because Source is much bigger than that.

I am reminded of: ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do’ (forgive them at this stage they are at of their spiritual development).

Remember – and this is key, that: it is we who created this birth, this lifetime, created these experiences.

And amongst other things, Vedic astrology can predict so accurately that some of the things we will do are things that are wrong.

And the point I want to now, is that when we include Chiron and Lilith, this prediction is often made much clearer and much more accurate, with insights that offer us the opportunity for Healing, for moving into the Source, for moving into the Sattvic.

When Chiron and Lilith pinpoint these scripts and wounds, instead of us not being able to see the crucial meaning for us of these things, there is now a new offering of such needed insight – due to Lilith and Chiron perceptions.

It is so important to accept that the discovery and incorporation of planets in the Heavens has actually been a marker of evolution of human consciousness:

Uranus was discovered at the time of the French revolution and the American revolution.

Pluto was discovered at the time of Freud’s and Jung’s so-needed discovery of the Unconscious.

Now, Chiron and Lilith have been discovered at a new Revolution:
A new Revolution of psychological depth awareness

A new Revolution of bigger potential and opportunity for each of us coming into power due to that awareness

A new Revolution of us have better potential for being far more able to perceive and understand our WOUNDS and our SHADOW SIDE and mutually heal our love relationships.

Chiron and Lilith can now help us see even better than Uranus and Pluto.

A great culmination is occurring.

Each of us is different. We have to realize that and let go of ‘my way is the smart way. My formula is the only way. My guru is the power holder.’

This is such a long way further on than paying for indulgences to the Catholic Church!

So for a glimpse of the utter power of the declaration of the 27 Nakshatras in understanding our (fated) relationship and love scripts, and thus developing higher spiritual awareness and healing them have a look at my recent blog post: Understanding the Astrology of the Moons of a Couple is Key and Vedic Astrology says far more than Western Astrology:

In that post, in the example used, the man has his Moon in Revati Nakshatra. The woman had her Moon in Ashwini Nakshatra. And, believe me, such a vastness of insights is gained when you know your Nakshatras:

The Man:


See my Revati video:

Here are a few tiny facts about Revati Nakshatra:

Spans:                          16°40′ to 30°00′ Pisces (Meena)

Padas:                          Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Ruler planet:               Mercury

Devata:                        Pushan

Yoni/Power Animal:    Female Elephant – Nurturing. Understanding, immobility.

Motivation:                 Moksha – spiritual liberation

Guna Triplicity:                        Sattva, Sattva, Sattva – totally Sattvic/spiritual!

Ayurvedic Dosha:        Kapha

Sex:                              Female

Gana:                           Divine

Caste:                          Shudra. Servant. Service orientated!

Quality:                       Soft

Mystics with a belief in the goodness of humanity. It all depends on their level of consciousness, and whether they can find the energy, will and potential for growth. At higher levels of consciousness, they will be: compassionate and forgiving. Devoted to good. Often needs to live by water. Dedicated to giving nourishment and fertility. Empathic. Sweet, sensitive and caring, responsible and orientated to friendship. absorption issues. Totally flexible to the point of self-loss. Codependent. Problems with boundaries and psychic protection. Needs seclusion to protect themselves from the harsh realities of life and other people.

Revatis are meant for worlds greater and more special and more beautiful than this world!

Visionary and beyond the consciousness-level of their society. They have tomorrow’s skills for today’s work. Revatis protect the soul in its spiritual journey through this life towards death and rebirth. Revati is the final phase in a cycle of rebirths. There is a great need to find one’s true path.


See my Ashwini video:

Spans: 0°00′ to 13°20′ Aries

Ruler planet:               Ketu South Node

Padas:                          Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer

Devata:                        The Ashwini Kumara – The Healer Twins, The Divine Physicians

Power Animal:                        Stallions streaking across the Skies of Dawn

Motivation:                 Dharma

Guna Triplicity:                        Rajas, Rajas, Rajas

Ayurvedic Dosha:        Vata
Gender                         Male

Pioneers, innovators and explorers, heroic, courageous, restless, impatient, zest for life. Strong desire to be of service. Energetic, magnetic and attractive, and are quick in speech and actions. spiritual tendencies. zeal and zest. Trailblazers. They can perform healing miracles.

Inconsiderate and irresponsible.

The key theme is to learn to be the Horse Tamer.

They have a danger of rushing into relationships that could destroy them, and to which their family may will be opposed, and can only be lucky to escape these relationships later.

The are prone to injuries through rushing about, especially ankles.

Childish and irresponsible.

And so my point is that the 27 Nakshatras are actually a supreme indication of our (fated) personality and out (fated) relationship scripts – and that this declaration is so deepened and enlarged by the inclusion of Western Psychodynamic astrology and by awareness of Chiron and Lilith in your chart.

There are six parts to this mini-series:

Part 1:

So this is the first part of a six-part mini-series on the subject of: Are Your Life and your Relationship Issues Fated? It introduces two breakthroughs:

The introduction of Chiron and Lilith into the interpretation structures of Vedic Astrology.

The Creation of LoveStarDating: the new worldwide website for those following a spiritual pathway who are also seeking love:

Parts 2 to 4 introduce you to three further features from the wonders of Vedic Astrology which open us to Fated dimensions of our Life and our Relationships: a brief mention of just some – just a few – of the utter gems of fate and destiny declaration and spiritual understanding that are offered by Vedic Astrology, as follows:

Part 2: The Nakshatras: The 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology that sates such gems as to the fated nature of our personality and relationships – but with opportunity and need for growth in spiritual awareness and healing to meet possible negative dimensions of this fate.

Part 3: The Dashas: the Predictive Periods of Vedic Astrology that do unfold in a fated way at birth and infancy and through our life – but, again, with opportunity and need for growth in spiritual awareness and healing to meet possible negative dimensions of this fate.

Part 4: Darakaraka and Atmakaraka: The Indicators of who we are seeking in love and What we are driven to, to fulfill our incarnational destiny in this incarnation – and to what extent the two coincide and are compatible, or how any divergence needs to be handled and healed.

Parts 5 and 6 introduce you to two key dimensions that have fated dimesnions, utterly needed declarations from Psychodynamic Western Astrology, as follows:

Part 5 presents quite a fated feature of our personality: our sub-personalities. Some of these we may be aware of, others we may be unaware of though they are working away powerfully in our shadow self.

Part 6 is the important issue of: are we the product of our inherited nature OR are we the product of our Nurture, our earliest upbringing environment. And it may be that quite beyond our conscious control we start off in a nurture environment that is even possibly totally at odds with our nature!


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