Are you an Aries Moon in Western Astrology?


In this post, Master Vedic Astrology trail-blazer member Louise Pigott asks ‘what does it mean to have Moon in Aries in your Western Astrology but Moon in Pisces in your Vedic Astrology?’

In the Western chart, a person born under an Aries Moon is said to be impulsive and enthusiastic. The Moon rules the emotional self, so with the Moon here one would expect a certain amount of spontaneity and determination.

Independence is another key theme, with Aries being a Fire sign, ruling impulses, initiative and action. As such, characters with an Aries Moon hate being told what to do, dislike authority other than their own and do not go in for social niceties that sugar-coat the truth of a situation.

You are a pioneer, and like to do your own thing, and revel in starting something new. You hate to be bored and thrive on hard work and perseverance. You do not shy away from saying how you feel, but can often lack subtly. Conversely, although you can speak what you think, you are also sensitive enough to be hurt easily should others do the same.

With Mars being the astrological ruler of Aries, you often have a quick temper and sometimes little patience when it comes to getting what you want. You can tend to speak before you think, acting on hunches or flashes of inspiration that later may get you into hot water. You must learn to couple your intuition with a little patience; often taking the time to see the whole picture will let you read and evaluate a situation a little more clearly, arming you with vital evidence before you take your head-butting action!

However in the sure declaration of Vedic Astrology you have Moon in Pisces.

It might be helpful to some readers/clients to explain the different orientation of the two astrologies:
Western Astrology uses the Sun-sign based tropical zodiac and thus tends to depict our egoic self, our egoic reaction to our karmic destiny, and has been very much used by western astrologers to link it to the modern western project of Self (pamper yourself, cherish yourself, etc.
Vedic Astrology on the other hand, is anchored to the fixed stars (Spica at 0 Libra) and is thus a statement of the eternal and includes and encompasses handling of our egoic self. The two zodiacs are 24 degrees apart, because the Vedic zodiac is fixed, but the western zodiac moves by a degree every 72 years.

So, in the case of someone with planets in western Aries, these are usually at the end of the Vedic sign Pisces, in the Vedic Lunar Constellation or Nakshatra called Revati, where the theme is ‘nurture’, but so often the case, what the individual is reactively acting out is a reaction to lack of nurture!

In other words lack of nurture in childhood produces all the violent characteristics and ‘The Madness of King George’ as depicted by the western sign Aries.

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