Are you a refugee from Yourself? by Elizabeth Hendricks Psychic Reader and Worldwide Healer

How well do you really know yourself?

We all know how to define ourselves by what we do – I’m a doctor, I’m a bus driver, I teach school. Those are roles and they can tell you about yourself, but they cannot begin to tell you about the deepest reality of who you really are.

Whether you are an optimist or pessimist, those points of view are like saran wrap that is wrapped around an apple. The Apple has a perfect core with that core being the ability to regenerate the next generation.

The core of you is made of pure light, and this is what some religions called Spirit or “soul”.

But you were in touch with your deepest self, you know who you are, you understand why you were here, and depression and fear cannot touch you. It is a state of perfect equilibrium.

Great avatars have this ability, but the rest of us are not yet able to exist in those ratified realms.

We humans have many ways of running away from ourselves. We do with media, we do it with drugs, we do it by turning our attention to anything other than our deepest feelings.

It’s easy to stay connected with your feelings when they’re pleasant. It’s a whole different ball game to stay connected to your feelings when they are anxiety, anger, or sadness.

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If you find that you are running from yourself, it might Time to take stock and make a different decision.

If you go into a feeling and experience it without judgment, you will find that it dissipates after a few minutes.

The trick is to feel it without judging it as bad.

Some people even use a timer for this exercise. They decide “I will go into this feeling for X number of minutes. When the timer rings, I will put it away put the feeling away until next time.” That way they do not get swamped with an experience. Over time this exercise becomes easier, and the feeling is processed more quickly.

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