Are there Assertive Pressure Problems in your Relationship?

 ‘I was doing a healing session with a woman who had problems voicing her needs in her relationship.

It had really helped her to have it clearly and precisely revealed from a Vedic Astrology Relationship Compatibility Evaluation, that her husband had more ‘assertive pressure’ than she did – and that it would be useful for both of them to be aware of that.

Of course, you can say she already knew this, but because she wasn’t naturally the more confident one in the relationship, she could doubt that.

It was also really useful for her to have something she could take back to her husband to make him aware that sometimes he would come over too powerfully, and that could be detrimental to the harmony in the relationship.

People who want to nurture their relationship can find it reassuring that making a few simple adjustments will improve their lives. They can find this clarity and sureness of declaration very  useful.

We tend to think we are simply the way we are and act from that place, even if it’s counterproductive.

Also, I think the Vedic Astrology Ashta Kuta system is very good at clearly and simply both highlighting the strengths within a relationship and pin-pointing ways of building on those strengths.

Any one of the Vedic compatibility pointers can really help shed light on how to improve a relationship.’

– a reaction by Maggie Pashley to use of Vedic Love Astrology in healing

 ‘Assertive Pressure’ is where one of the people in a relationship is a lot more assertive than the other. Perhaps they are argumentative or keep ‘blowing up the home’ or even bullying.

Assertive Pressure is called ‘Kuja Dosha’ in Sanskrit. It’s Mars problems and is one of the factors used in Vedic Love Astrology – the ancient, powerful and sure evaluation of a relationship: 

Mars is a malefic. Its energy is good for getting things done but can be abrasive, harmful or destructive in relationship issues. This evaluation facet warns if one partner is far more assertive than the other (this is a major thing that went wrong in the relationship of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes – see separate up-coming Blog on Sylvia, Ted and their relationship). If Kuja Dosha applies, it will damage the houses of marriage, family life, the home environment, the marital tie and/or sexual pleasure. 

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