Are Guardian Angels Real? by Elizabeth Hendricks

Have you ever wondered whether guardian angels are real or whether they are just imaginary creatures dreamed up by humans?

They do exist, but they live on a frequency plane that is above that of material existence. This is why you cannot see an angel with your human eyes.

It is more common to hear quiet advice coming from the innermost depths of your being, and that quiet advice often is your Angel trying to help you with guidance about decisions or actions.

Even in your most desperate moments, your Angel never deserts you. Your angel is a great being who has made a commitment to stay with you lifetime after lifetime, helping you to develop into higher and higher levels of consciousness.

The best way to connect with your own guardian spirit is to learn to quiet your mind and turn inward.

Find the quiet space within yourself.

The quiet spaces help us connect with our angels and to hear its advice and to feel its unconditional love.

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