Aquarius men and women – too cool and detached behind the Brotherly humanitarian front?


Ruler of Aquarius:                                   Uranus
FIXED SIGN:                                           Eccentric, determined, stubborn
ELEMENT AIR:                                      Ideas
GLYPH:                                                    The Water Bearer -who symbolizes brotherhood and fraternity: pours out life force and spirituality
Approx. Dates: Jan 20th to Feb 18th. Exact dates vary because of leap years, time zones and other factors


N.B. If you have a planet aspected by Uranus in your chart, you may well be quite Uranian: Humanitarian, Independent, Original. Aquarius is about ideas, science and knowledge: this is a gift or a curse!


Prometheus: Aquarius relates to Prometheus who stole fire from heaven to give it to humanity (and was punished by Zeus for so-doing) Redeems humanity from darkness.


Ganymede: The myth of Ganymede is also relevant: Ganymede was a beautiful boy who was Zeus cup-bearer, with whom Zeus became infatuated, thus rejecting Hera his wife, implicitly rejecting the feminine in us, the instinctual, the emotional. Unfaithful.

The third relevant myth is that of Uranus, Aquarius’ ruler: Uranus was dissatisfied by his children – he felt offended and repelled by them – and so he imprisoned them: Aquarius has problems accepting the physical; and can reject offspring and other creations because of inevitable – real or imagined – imperfections.


Aquarius’ foibles are very wide-ranging: Theory, but no heart, Stubborn fanaticism, Totalitarian idealism, Intellectual bigotry, Loves humanity – but not people! Defends the underdog, Brusque and unfeeling, Cool, Insensitive, Rigid, dogmatic, Stupid in dealing with feelings, Horror at being selfish can lead to a life messed up! Aggression gets submerged by guilt, The Sun is in detriment in Aquarius, therefore lacks self-confidence – and individual self-expression is hampered, a fear of self-fulfilment, Loads of ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’, Feels guilt at having more than others, as if he or she is not entitled to it and may deserve punishment (echoes of the Prometheus myth)


Aquarius is the champion of Light and the Spirit, has a gift for logic, intellectual analysis, reasonableness, rationality (even brilliance), has got all the answers; defines both the problem and the solution instantly – often maddeningly so! But has no room for emotion or chance. Aquarius is guided and motivated by strong ideas, Good at dealing with facts, Retentive memory, Fertile imagination, Quick-thinking mind, Can over-flow with ideas, but being mental can fail to see projects through and have problems with application.


Conflict between introversion and extroversion needs, Aquarius is frightened of feelings, embarrassed by romance, Aquarius has implicit Hope – and Faith in human potential, Displays an ambivalent perfectionism to people,


Aquarius can be impractical with possessions and may need to learn to deal effectively with money. Aquarius does his or her best within humanitarian settings.


Aquarius fear of feelings can devastate relationships with a partner, or with children, or with friends. He or she can’t understand the need for sentimental displays of affection. Aquarius can be embarrassed by emotion; won’t show tears. Don’t go to an Aquarius for sympathy! Aquarius mind can be detached from emotions. Aquarius will speak for justice, progress, liberation – but Aquarius actions may be otherwise (Hypocritical – but thinks he/she’s sincere). Shows integrity. Has a dispassionate interest in and sympathy for humanity – but almost as an intellectual response rather than ‘from the heart’. Aquarius’ ideals clash with human nature – therefore may need anchoring. Gets annoyed with people who don’t understand ( = agree!). Argumentative and forceful, therefore can alienate people and provoke. Aquarius is friendly and sociable and has a large circle of friends. Loyal to friends – unless they discard them on intellectual grounds. Strong group instincts. May have a perpetual over-concern for the power of, or for the view-point of the group. Gains enjoyment from meeting new people, exchanging ideas and relating on a mental level. Has distinct likes and dislikes. Aquarius thinks he or she likes to be an equal among equals. Aquarius is ferociously civilizing. Gets irritated if others infringe on his/her intellectual freedom.


Said not to fall in love easily. Must have an intellectually compatible partner must retain independence. Danger of self-loss through guilt. There can be too much self-sacrifice. Said to be loyal to the idea of marriage. Has a lot of self-discipline in a relationship. NOT particularly sensuous, as compared to Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Friendship can be more important than love.


Dedicated to upholding control. Reforming everyone. Pushing the ideological hobby-horse. Hypocrisy. Pushing the ideal, yet not loving the person – disregarding the person’s integrity. OUT OF TOUCH WITH THEIR EMOTIONS.  Frightened to acknowledge:
Anger, Resentment, Jealousy, Longing, Need, Helplessness, Fear.


An inspiring companion and friend in her own right, Can have great difficulty in expressing feelings, e.g: Stiffness, Rigidity, Pride,
In personal relationships, she can appear: Cool, Remote, Aloof, Sometimes, emotions stay unconscious, Can be embarrassed by her own femaleness, Aquarius has a reputation for bisexuality and for a need for additional purely sexual affairs outside marriage/partnership.
Aquarius Has: Strength, Independence, Original thought, Self-sacrifice. She either turns her self-discipline into the personal sphere, Or she turns her muscle on the world in some way. She needs to become involved with a cause. Home and family are insufficient to exercise her intellectual abilities and interests – “don’t tie me down!” Can tend to exaggerate her own problems.


Has an intellectual bias: Thinker, Dreamer, Philosopher, Scientist, Aggravated problem of confronting his own emotions: Cool, Proud, Hides hurt or breakdown. He is more sensitive than he knows. He masks terribly vulnerable emotions. Can’t discuss personal feelings, Doesn’t adjust well to people. His partner needs detachment and his/her own source of creative life. And his partner mustn’t expect emotional honesty of him! He can believe in ‘open relationships’. He is rather child-like.