April Eclipse Awful but Make it Your Gateway to Healing and Revolution

‘April is going to be My Month!’

Make this your saying.

And then do the needed healing and revolution-bringing work to make your Affirmation happen!

See the Pt. 1 video:

See the Pt. 2 video:

Make this your motto, your affirmation, from now – til the end of April.

The point is that the energies of the Eclipse New Moon are horrible.

This is primarily because the eclipse at Sun and Moon at 25 Vedic Pisces occurs at the same time as the gathering to exact of the Mars-Saturn conjunction on 10th April at 20 Vedic Aquarius, where Mars and Saturn express as terrible anger.

But also because Sun, Moon and Chiron are conjunct Rahu North Node at 21 Vedic Pisces bringing tensions and fear and driven energies of mind.

And also because Mercury is Retrograde at 0 deg 36 Vedic Aries, deep in the immaterial energies of the Pisces-Aries Gandanta.

But let us bear in mind that horrible eclipse energies can be used as key to learning deeper about our self – and then centrally to you: bringing in your healing.

This is especially because this Eclipse is conjunct Chiron.

This Eclipse can be used to bring breakthrough to your Chiron existential wound now.

The Sun and the Moon of the Eclipse are actually conjunct Chiron at 25 Vedic Pisces in the 27th Nakshatra: Revati.

And the horrible eclipse energies can be experienced, studied, understood and worked with and then used –

– used to bring about your Healing

– used to gift you your needed revolution.

I say this because we are building to the wonderfully powerful Revolution breakthrough energy that is the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.

It is becoming exact at 27 Aries exact eleven day later on April 19th.

Now the examples of the healing work I give you in this video are visionary and shamanic – and I feel it is a good time for these, with Neptune transiting in Pisces, and the Eclipse and other planets in Pisces.

And the Eclipse is no-way over in one day – this is because Eclipses create a zone of energy in the heavens that lasts a couple of years and activates any other planets that transit through that Eclipse Zone.

So what I am recommending – and what I have actually just started to do myself – is that you use this Chiron-centred and horrible-super-strong eclipse energy to focus on your Chiron existential wound:

What is it?

How do I understand it?

How does it manifest?

What can I do about it?

How can I heal?

And through doing this needed Healing work you will then have the intention and will succeed in building in your needed revolution.

April background:

Note that in this video and blog post I focus just on the April 8th Eclipse terrible energies rather than the whole of April. For the full April Astrology detail, see my previous April post:– see the videos and blog post I put out for April Astrology for the wider fuller detail.

The links to my videos and blog post about April 2022 Astrology Energies are in the YouTube description below.

The Link to my April Astrology month page for charts and Ephemeris of planet movements can also be seen in the YouTube Description below.

My Healing Progress:

So what I will tell you now where I personally have got to in this work.

And I invite you to contact me for a Reading where I will focus on your Chiron and offer similar Healing.

(Or of course you can book one of my many other Readings that are listed on my StarWheelAstrology Buy page).

In your Reading, I will examine the Western and Vedic Astrology centering on YOUR Chiron existential wound:

What are the wound energies dogging you?

What is the deep nature of the wound? How does it express itself?

How are certain other planets also part of it?

We delve deep into such as:

Your psychodynamic Western Astrology and chart aspect shapes


And also into the supreme declarations of your Vedic Astrology such as:

a. Your D60 which states the Karmas you had run-up by the time you died at the end of your last life from your past lives and ancestry – some of your karmas and ancestral issues stretching back thousands of years.

b. And also into how your planets treat each other (the wonderful Rashi Avasthas).

c. The implications of the Nakshatras your affected planets are placed in

d. Your current Dasha – your current Vedic Predictive Period.

– And much, much more!

Then we discuss:

What can I do about it?

Then we go into a Healing maybe along the general lines of the way I am using at this time, described below – or other appropriates-to-you Healing methods.

In this video and blog post I therefore delve deep into the way we can actually successfully make the affirmation: ‘April is going to be My Month!’

And we do this by studying Healer Chiron Energies as they flow in your life, finding a pathway to Healing that  and implementing that healing now

– and also by identifying what step of Revolution you so need to work on and achieve now!

And you need to make the step, you need to make the leap.

This is because horrible eclipse energies are gathering – and they will be reactivated by planet transits over or in aspect to the Eclipse point from time to time for some time to come going forward.

So. what are the difficult energies we will feel gathering now

Full of Anger

Full of Frustration


Too much


All over the place

OK, so now I get to the healing I personally started as this Eclipse was gathering, and will continue all April.

But of course, maybe some adaption of this Healing approach will be perfect approach  for you?

Or maybe some similar Healing Pathway needed for you now?

It’s a bit embarrassing, but I feel it’s worth doing to be authentic and share – so as to share the Healing I am attempting at the time of this Eclipse.

So my first step was to review my natal Chiron:

I saw that my Chiron is conjunct my Mars.

It’s at 7 Vedic Scorpio.

It’s the apex planet of a ‘psychic-eye’ chart aspect shape with the base of the psychic eye shape being Sun/Mercury sextile Jupiter.

It’s inconjunct Uranus.

In my Vedic Navamsha Chart (the D9 Navamsha chart is the chart of our Destiny force selected for this life, the chart of our relationship issues and it’s the chart of our ‘ideal ashram’ in this life), my Mars is totally trashed by my Mercury (according to Rashi Avasthas) Mars is trashed by my Mercury from a raw strength of 311 strength points in my D9 to -193 (!).

In my Vedic D2 chart, the Hora chart (the chart of our value and gender issues) my Mars and Chiron are in the female sign Cancer, together with my Venus/Lilith).

I never met my Father until I was age 43 – and then only once.

I list these to show you the wonders of both Western Astrology and also the vastness of Vedic Astrology. And how necessary and wonderful it is to combine them. What a revelation!

Now I want to say by way of introduction, is that I added Vedic Astrology to my Western Astrology 28 years ago.

This was because I was so impressed about one Vedic Astrology phrase I stumbled across which told the whole of my mothering destiny and the base of my fate and destiny in this life: if you have Moon in one of the three Gandanta Zones, Mother will not be there for you.

The Gandanta zones are the transition points from Water sign to fire sign: the last four degrees of water, the first four degrees of fire, and the closer your planet is to the zero transition point the vaster the Gandanta effect, which is Immateriality.

As I said that one sentence told my whole destiny start direction – and Western Astrology knows nothing of it, so I immediately also added Vedic Astrology to my Western Astrology and all of my Readings and Courses embrace the two. They are the ‘best of East and West’.

My mother was a single 18-yr-old in a foreign country who was expelled from her Land Army Girl accommodation, when she was seen to be pregnant ‘as an example of moral wickedness’. I spent my first f weeks homeless with her in a shed on railway sidings. Fr. Oats the local priest who then baptized me told her that she must place me in a Convent Orphanage and ensure that I went to Catholic Adoption or she would burn in Hell for ever – there could be no forgiveness. I was accordingly placed in one of the infamous Bon Seccours Convent Orphanages.

OK, so that’s a bit of the Astrological Analysis of my Chiron.

So, what did it lead to in my life?

Well indeed my Mars was trashed by Chiron. In the Convent Orphanage, the babies were stacked in rows of crates four high and stretching across the whole wall. I saw this when I was taken back there when I was nine. So that obviously curtailed my ability for movement, and it has impaired my left-right combination.

My adoptive mother hated men (though adopted me to ‘get even’ with younger sister who had given birth to a boy), so she destined me to be a future priest and I served morning Mass 7-days a week from age 7, and I was connected with an Order called the White Fathers and spent my summer holidays at their HQ in North London each year.

So these sorts of things obviously impaired my ability to express my Mars.

So the next point is: How to get out of this wound to my Mars?

Well, the first thing I drew was a Tarot card – and the Card I drew was Dionysos. The God amongst other things ecstatic dance, fruitfulness, festivity and much more – quite an example for me as I have left-right coordination issues left over from the orphanage. But I do value doing  – or trying to do (!) ‘Transcendence Dance Sessions with Claire Louise Knifton, and also African Drumming in a wonderful local Roundhouse with Barra O Flanniagh at Sli na Croi. My challenge is to value my dance and music although affected by the coordination issue.

The second thing I did was draw a Rune. I drew the rune Othila. This is guidance to value your home and heritage, your comfort and prosperity. It’s also the Rune of ancestry and I have reaped great benefit from doing Ancestral Healing Work and I love connection with my ancestors on my birth mother’s side: Ireland’s First Farmers who migrated to Ireland in the Neolithic around 3,500 BC – and I run Sacred West of Ireland Tours to the local monuments through my Druid Forest School: https://druidforestschool.com/tours/

The call is to value my heritage, my home.

The third thing I did was a vision journey. I do minimum one a week, and have been doing shamanic drumming/healing for 28 years (See: https://druidforestschool.com/shamanic-healer-course/). I was filled with the messages of the Tarot Car and the Rune and the Journey showed me the importance of being connected to Land, Sea and Sky,  that I should do my gardening, that I should work to heal not being true in my voice but let my voice carry my true energy instead.

So I invite you to contact me for a Reading where I will focus on your Chiron Wound and I will also offer similar Healing.

You can book this now at the time of this Eclipse with Chiron caught up conjucnt Sun and Moon. Or you can book your Chiron Reading/Healing any time.

Healing methods will vary of course from person to person.

How do you book your Chiron Reading/Healing?

Just chose the time duration for your Reading: https://starwheelastrology.com/buy/

(60 minutes, 90 minutes or 2 hrs).

– And when you book, email me saying that it’s a Chiron Reading you want.

Or of course you can book one of my many other Readings that are listed on my StarWheelAstrology ‘Buy’ page).

In your Chiron Reading, I will examine the Western and Vedic Astrology centering on YOUR Chiron existential wound:

What are the wound energies dogging you?

What is the deep nature of the wound? How does it express itself?

How are certain other planets also part of your Chiron wound?

So let’s be upbeat as the energies of this eclipse unfold, and let’s not get dragged into the sensationalism or politics that such astrology can get dragged into.

Yes – let’s recognize the energies are there.

But, yes, let us rise victorious as we do our Healing!

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