April Astrology Time for Vision Quest, Inspiration and Healing

This is Part 1 of the April edition of our monthly Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter. The links for other newsletter parts are listed at the foot of this blog post, and also on our April 2000 web page on our Starwheel Astrology website. Their titles are: Maggie Pashley Special Offers for on-line Healing Sessions, Maggie Pashley using EFT to reduce anxiety, Comet Atlas as Harbinger of the Coronavirus Epidemic, the full April 2020 Planetary Energies Report, 2020 Astrology Energies Quick Guide to Personal and Societal Reset, Elizabeth Hendricks on: Standing on the Edge choose how much negativity you allow into your life, Elizabeth Hendricks on: Raising your Vibration, Finding Healing in the midst of 2020 fear and crisis energies, and news from the Spring Equinox of the West of Ireland Druid Group.

So, I’m starting this Part 1 of our April Starwheel Newsletter with my personal channeling of the key meaning of this exceptional time for each of us. And I’m finding that now is emerging as a Time for Vision Quest.

I share the strategies that I’m finding I personally need to adopt, and then what I believe is the deeper meaning: the new imperative that is emerging.

I am finding, first of all, that what came out of the tension Saturn Ketu transit that dominated 2019, and what is coming out of the imperative of the Saturn Pluto conjunction, now, that is dominating the start of 2020, is that there’s a need to identify key focus/strategy in our life.

But now, especially following all the Lockdown that’s happened worldwide, there’s also a deeper meaning emerging. The need for Vision Quest, now.

Here’s Part 1 of the video for this blog:

And you can see the Part 2 Video, here.

So, firstly, on the one hand, a practical need to focus has emerged. So, in my case I’ve been writing for some months, that we each need to choose a sacred priority to go forward now. It’s like the Knight carrying his Holy Grail. Saturn is the container (The Cup), Pluto is the energy vastness that the Cup contains – at its highest, it’s our connection to the Divine.

But, if it’s any help, I can tell you that I have found that I personally actually have to seek to carry forward two practical strategies: TWO strategies have to be prioritised, at these what feel like ‘End Times’.

So, I, personally, find that, inescapably, I have to ride two horses forward, now. and in so doing I’m also now finding that I have to contact the deeper meaning

So in my case as regards the needed strategy forward, firstly, I have to progress my passion and spiritual pathway forward for my Western and Vedic Astrology work and my spiritual work in connection with the ancient Irish and Norse spiritual paths, their Gods and sacred Alphabets.

And secondly, I also need to progress the building work. I am building the first of two Airbnb extensions to the back of our house in a remote hamlet in the beautiful West of Ireland. This is for family and friends to stay, and to support my Sacred West of Ireland Tours, and to provide a needed source of income for future years. And when I have finished building the first extension, I shall build the second one. The work is really good for my health, and can be enjoyable and rewarding.

But to combine the two strategies, and ride the two horses forward, is challenging and requires the sensitive maintenance of focus.

But now, now that the Lockdowns have happened in so many countries, a deeper meaning imperative is emerging. A DEEPER MEANING AND IMPERATIVE.

There’s lock-down now in Ireland. There’s a weird ‘End Time’ feeling. It’s so quiet. And in this new quiet, I feel a new deeper meaning is emerging, and I feel that sharing this may be useful and helpful.

What I have come to feel is that it’s actually a time for a sort of Vision Quest. VISION QUEST.

In this New Time of more quiet and focus, I feel that we should identify who we are at this time.

Self re-definition where needed.

Surrender. Emptiness. Patience. Sincere search for meaning. Openness. Openness to Inspiration. Openness to Healing where needed.

And actually, the message of this time may be very difficult for you to accept!

It can be so difficult for us to really let go of the scripts of the past.

Are you a Control Freak? Do you hang on? Does your situation actually protect you and confirm you in a dysfunctional pattern that actually denies you the beauty that your life might be capable of????

There are very controlling identity patterns that can actually be helpfully revealed by your astrology. I find that the combination of both Western and also Vedic Astrology gives supreme guidance and perception – but only if the perception is then used CREATIVELY.

Vedic astrology, for example, uses both the wonderful Nakshatras (the 27-sign Lunar Zodiac) and also 12 solar signs, planets and aspects. For a very few examples of this peerless perception: Sun conjunct Pluto. Ashlesha Nakshatra. Ardra Nakshatra can lose their lives by being Control Freaks. Cancers can really hang on mired in their repetitive sensitivity. Hastas can play the chameleon forever. PurvaAshadas maintain their imperiousness even when it devastates their life (and everyone else’s).

We can be too stuck to let go of our opinions and scripts. We can be too conditioned. We can be too cut off from our true self and our embodiment: cut off from our body, cut off from the Earth.

We may be addicted to the familiar because we believe it gives a false sense of safety. Our past is probably determining who we are.

We maybe are embracing some formula spiritual system which gives illusion of completeness, but is actually spiritual bypass; it’s formulaic patter. For example, Rosary Group members often should read what Jesus said about ‘Whited Sepulchres’. And there are many more examples from the spiritual paths.

Continued stability just isn’t a valid option – not when Saturn and Pluto are combining. But if you embrace the message of this time for you, the tension you have been feeling will go, and a new more creative life will emerge. If you don’t embrace the message of this time for you, you will just live on as a robot, OR Plan B might happen: meltdown will smash in of the life definition and situation you were too stuck or afraid or stubborn of the life definition that has completely lost any validity it might have had.

If we really and truly do need to embark on the quest for Vison as to the identity and nature of the more real ‘me’, it does have to be with total commitment and also needed creativity.

There has to be honest and deeper sharing in all our relationships. The spiritual practice we are embracing must be thrown in the bin if it’s really confirming us in robot or control freak – or if it’s justifying our treating others in an unloving way.

We have to acknowledge the fact that there will be panic at times in this process. It may feel like the familiar is being pulled from under our feet. The familiar may be being stripped from us. Nothing will be withheld. We have to be prepared to be reborn.

We have to be prepared to open to the Vastness. We have to be prepared to create and live by a new Outlook.

In some ways we may feel in limbo now. But we mustn’t re-hash the old mind scripts. We mustn’t continue the old useless patterns, now. We may have to face pain, now; in which case we have to go through it, abide through it – until we have left it behind.

A major shift is called for now, for each of us.

We cannot run from it.

You mustn’t postpone.

Don’t become the robot.

Check out the true reality of your life, now.

Check out the structures of your life now, and demolish the old ruins.

Put aside time to let awareness grow. Make space for the Vision. Let Vision Quest have its space in your life now.

This might not be the ideal time to start something new, but it is the ideal time to become someone new, to the extent that that is actually needed.

In terms of the guidance from Astrology, the life area involved will majorly feature whatever House in our Vedic birth chart the sign of Capricorn is (now that Saturn, Pluto, Mars and then Jupiter are gathering there).

Your Dasha or Vedic Predictive Period (and sub-periods) is very key and powerful.

Check out the messages/energies from Chiron, Uranus and Neptune too.

The nakshatras of Vedic Astrology give such breathtakingly good guidance. For example, if you have a Chitra emphasis, let your Creativity grow now. Act your Creativity.

The life area involved will majorly feature the truths of Saturn in our chart, and the insights of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction energy. Saturn is karma and duty, patience and hard work – and golden reaping if we do this. Pluto is vast transformation: evil if handles in a dark way. Glorious if handled by sincerely going through the pain – like Inanna’s Descent into the Underworld. You may need to do a Journey into the Abyss, now.

Pluto often involves a journey of descent into the underworld. We actually offer this as a personal on-line journey which cross-references to your astrology. Enrol for this if you feel that facing the Keeper of the Abyss now would empower you. You can leave with him your hurts, guilts and secrets so as to be lightened and then so as to be able to arise from the Abyss now, so as to meet the Pluto energy: not as the Keeper of the Abyss, but, now, as Kether, the Crown Chakra, energetically now more fully connected to the vastness of the Divine Outpouring, now.

In terms of relevant Healing, energy work is very valuable at all levels.

Journeying can be so valuable.

Connection to the Earth is a wonderful must, now.

Astrology can be a good guide to what Healing you need now.

Let’s take the Sun in your birth chart as an example:  If you have Sun conjunct Neptune, for example, yes: embrace the vision possibilities of Neptune. But also, you need to study the Divine Nature of the Sun. the Sun represents the duty of the King to strike down that which violates Dharma. The Sun is the Divine Charioteer who must take responsibility for controlling the Horses that pull the Chariot of Self (the other planets) and who must chart the direction and strategy forwards.

Let’s take Mars as an example. Mars advances holding terrible weapons, but he must only use them if we are violating our Dharma.

And let’s take Jupiter as an example: Jupiter is blessing, Guru energy and purpose if we are embodying him correctly.

Vedic Astrology offers such wonderful perception, defining our incarnational life purpose, our travel from past life scripts to purpose in this life.

A key question is: How do your planets treat each other? For example, Rashi Avasthas reveal how your planets treat each other. For just one example, does your Venus give and give and give to Saturn, yet in your case does Saturn give nothing in return and starve and starve and starve your Venus?

Another key question is: Are we balanced in our embodiment in the elements: The Tattvas, which are Prithvi (Earth), Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire) and Water (Jala) and if so, embodied connection to Akasha (Space).

The secrets of Navtara or Tarabala in your chart are actually supreme: it’s such vast key perception is see and perceive how the sequence in the Nakshatras your planets occupy in your Vedic birth chart determines how each planet will manifest in your life and relationships and predictive unfolding.

Psychodynamic Western Astrology reveals so clearly where we have sub-personalities that actually might not be at all integrated (or recognised by us even) to the rest of our chart.

Evolutionary Western Astrology reveals how our psychological self is affected by our past life scripts and destiny pattern.

Have an Astrology Reading from me. Enrol on one of my Astrology Courses. At this time of Vision Quest, enrolling on my Shamanic Healer Course could be good.

Work with the Sacred Alphabets is actually the key to such great perception of the big issues and energies of your life, and how you are doing in relation to them, and what healing you need to do: The Runes of the Ancient Norse, The Ogham of the Ancient Irish. Work with Lia Cruse on the courses on the Druid Forest School and the Rune Path websites.

My wife Maggie Pashley offers such a wonderful range of worldwide healings: hypnotherapy, soul realignment, heart wall clearing, past life/future life journeys, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Body Code, Emotion Code, soul realignment, energy healing and more. She is offering special price reductions on worldwide on-line healings.

Dr Liz, the wonderful Elizabeth Hendricks is a truly wonderful worldwide Healer, a Truly Exceptional Worldwide Healer offering Life Path Healing, Past life healing, Soul readings, Chakra healing, Psychic Realignment. And, also, Elizabeth Hendricks is now assembling a Kabala Course.

So, now is the time to do your reality check.

Also, good idea to get what astrological perception will help you, have the Healing that you need, be willing to Let Go, be willing to Grow.

Key guidance is:

Go into your Inner Sanctuary Now.

Receive the Vision you need and quest for now.

Open to the deeper meaning of your life and to the Real You.

Be Creative.

Be empowered.

The opportunity of these strange and sometimes tragic times could be to gain the Vision of the Real you, your real life-path, and to achieve success.

You can book an Astrology Reading with me at: https://www.starwheelastrology.com/buyanastrologyreading.html

Or you can enrol on one of my courses at: www.mastervedicastrology.com

My wife, Maggie Pashley, offers a range of Healing modalities worldwide. Find out more at: https://maggiepashley.com/ or email Maggie at maggiepashley@gmail.com or call her on +353 899799642 (0899799642 from within Ireland).

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