April 2022

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Understand the Sade Sate Period – April 2022 Hinge of Change
What’s prompting this post is that those with their natal Moon in Vedic Pisces start Sade Sate now.
Those with their natal Moon in Vedic Capricorn and Aquarius are already in Sade Sate, and for those with natal Moon in Vedic Sagittarius, Sade Sate is coming to its end now.
So, if we are in Sade Sate, now, we absolutely have to see that some things, some scripts, and some patterns in our life must die, now. And many of us will be searching now for what must be born anew now – and hopefully many of us will find the right new pathway forward for now.
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And here’s another wonderful post from international pendulum Dowser Ann Gildart:
Let’s continue to explore a past life – by skilled dowser Ann Gildart:

I am amazed at what I see upcoming from this New Moon. It needs to be understood properly, carefully and fully. New directions, in some cases new life balance needs to be brought in from this New Moon and from what energies follow it in the month of April. But how are we to bring this in?
There are actually chilling fraught and wounded even sharp energies for the 1st April 22 New Moon. Yet its core is to find peace and protection.
This New Moon calls for a vision, yes – but a vision that is free from escapism or illusion. And it also calls for strategy and disciple going forward.
The supreme call is for us to become centred and claim our sovereignty – and open to the Truth and the Light. So, this brings us to the central meaning of this New Moon: Claiming sovereignty and finding light by healing and rising from woundedness and fraught limitation.
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And here’s an excerpt from Janell Renshaw of Sacred Ground on the energy of this New Moon of 1st April:
Revati, “The Wealthy Star,” and is the last Nakshatra of the 27 Moon Mansions. An ending prior to a beginning, or is the actual act of beginning something the cause for something to end? It’s hard to tell as the line between one and the other usually becomes blurred.
This Moon Mansion is placed entirely in Pisces, a symbol of fishes that swim in opposite directions yet are bound by a single cord. Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac wheel, is where all the toxins of life reside and an opportunity. Here, you take the risk of jumping back into the toxic waters of material life, or you swim in the other direction towards spiritual liberation. Since a single cord binds the two fishes, they must learn to coexist with one another if they are to survive the dream.
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Here are the charts for the New Moon of 1st April, Full Moon of 16th April and Eclipse of 30th April – all three this month, with charts in both Vedic and Western Astrology:
Here is the Ephemeris of planet positions this month in Vedic Astrology:

And here is the Ephemeris of planet positions this month in Western Astrology:
(Vedic Astrology used the Sidereal Zodiac, Western Astrology uses the Tropical Zodiac)