April 2021 Starwheel Astrology Newsletter Introduction

Here’s some news from the beautiful West of Ireland on the major and very differing astrological energies of April 2021.

There are very mixed energies in April 2021, indeed!

There’s the violent continuation of the Mars Rahu conjunction in Vedic Taurus which was exact on 28th March.

But there’s also really good vision and inspiration energies, when we know where to look for them.

Regarding the violent side of this energy, there’s been a chilling nuclear threat from the UK Prime Minister of nuclear deterrent against China – a threat made the exact the day of the conjunction. But there’s wonderful utilisations of the Mars-Rahu conjunction described below as well!

See the Video:

Here’s a summary of the wonderful sections of our April 2021 Newsletter, most of them with both a video and an accompanying blog post:

Section 1
Mars-Rahu Conjunction
The very different manifestation of the angry violent Mars-Rahu conjunction now, some so healing and positive, others so very destructive.

Section 2
Neptune and Pisces
There’s, the inspiration and vision breakthrough to look for now from the Neptune transit through PurvaBhadra Nakshatra and into Pisces next year.

Section 3
Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto in Capricorn
The giants fight it out as we seek empowerment, proper structure and strategy plus connection to blessing.

Section 4
Jupiter enters Aquarius
Hidden opportunities for wisdom and insight.

Section 5
Uranus transits Aries the energy of Adolph Hitler’s Rise to Power
This energy is with us again now.

Section 6:
The Pluto Return of USA
Darkness is rising to be dealt with. Historical darkness in the roots of the US and its history will need to be dealt with, too.
The first exact hit of transiting Pluto on USA natal Pluto is: 4.4.2023.

Section 7
Full Moon of 28.3.21 and its powerful effect through the first half of April, plus:

Full Moon of 27th April, with Moon at 12 Libra in Swati Nakshatra opposition Sun at 12 Aries in Ashwini Nakshatra.

New Moon April 12th with Sun and Moon at 28 Pisces, in Revati Nakshatra. This is in the Gandanta.

Section 8
A Journey to Find Love
There’s details of my wonderful ‘Your Personal Love Profile’ Astrology Readings. These come complete with two truly healing vision journeys:
The first: to find love.
The second: to heal your blocks to love.

Section 9
A Journey to the Abyss
At this time of the Pluto Return of the US, there’s my deep and empowering vision journey:  Journey to the Abyss, there, to meet your Shadow, heal that and bring your hidden power to the light.

Section 10
Rune Wisdom by Lia Cruse
Read about the in-depth Rune Wisdom course taught by Lia Cruse. The Runes have such powerful divinatory power.

Section 11
Transcendance Dance
There’s news about Claire Louise Knifton’s on-going Transcendance Dance sessions worldwide on-line.

Section 12
There’s Tatty’s on-line shop.

Buy Magic Mystery and Mama Tats Wisdom – it’s all online at Depop shop!
Magic Mystery and Mama Tats Wisdom: Tat’s shop is filled with ethically sourced Crystal’s, Beautiful Oracle cards, and much more.
The wisdom and beauty of Nature from the lovely West of Ireland.

Section 13
Enchanted Way Tours
And such a wonderful up-coming offering, there’s Tatty’s planned ‘Enchanted Way Tours’ which will take you exploring in the beautiful North West of Ireland’s sacred landscape, where you will be introduced to the trees of the ogham, identify wild herbs and plants and learn about their medicinal and magical uses and properties. (And I just can’t wait until the time when my own Sacred West of Ireland Tours are allowed to open up again, after coronavirus lockdown ends).

Section 14
Psychic Healing Sessions with Elizabeth Hendricks
A Video and Blog from Elizabeth Hendricks, with her deep and powerful worldwide on-line psychic healing sessions, and a blog about: How did you change in the past year? Self-examination and a Reading to point you towards the most direct Route to Change.

Section 15
Worldwide on-line Kaballah Course with Elizabeth Hendricks
And there’s another inspiring Video and Blog from Elizabeth Hendricks about how her worldwide on-line kabbalah course can help you with the process of change brought about during the covid pandemic because as the Kabbalah can teach you how to assess and balance all aspects of yourself. The more you get in touch with yourself, the more your life will blossom.


On a personal note, I’d like to share our news about coping with Coronavirus Lockdown. Lockdown has had the benefits of focusing more on our family, our little community here and our land. We’ve completed the first of our AirBnB extensions, and the second is on the way. Every Sunday and Monday of our two days off each week Maggie and I go to the beautiful Aughris Head beach within the 5 Km coronavirus lockdown travel limit, and I feel so renewed by walking next to the ocean and the swell of the waves is so calming. Watching the surfers and the Kayakers is lovely. It’s in the land that time forgot, a beautiful hidden landscape of little farms.

Only just across the bay, you can see Ben Bulben Mountain where WB Yeats wrote The Hosting of the Sidhe and also Knocknarea surmounted by its huge megalithic cairn. We park in the car park of The Beach Bar (closed due to lockdown), and last week we were a bit disconcerted when the land lady’s rescue animals got out of their field and our car got surrounded by three donkeys, two goats, a pigmy goat and two giant pigs. The toilets at the back of the pub are still kept open, and I was a bit disconcerted when a donkey pushed its node into the toilet there to see if I was offering any food! A very Irish experience.


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