April 2020 Planetary Energies Report – Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter April Part 5

Here is my report on the planetary energies of April 2020.

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By the way, while reading this blog post, you can see the charts and also the ephemeris for April 2020, in both western and also Vedic astrology, on my Starwheel Astrology website’s April 2020 page:

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April 2020 starts with exceptional and rare tense energies:

Begin by looking at the chart for 1st April 2020.
You can find this chart, together with the Ephemeris for April 2020 and all the other key April astrology charts, on the Starwheel monthly Info and Charts resource page for April.

The Vedic Chart of 1st April dramatically shows the exceptional powerful grouping of planets in Vedic Capricorn now: Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter Mars Conjunction – all in Vedic Capricorn:
Jupiter and Pluto at zero degrees Capricorn
Mars and Saturn at 6/7 degrees Capricorn.
Note: Saturn, Jupiter and Mars haven’t been conjunct there since 1284:

Please see my Part 1 Vision Quest Blog about what I feel this energy means, and about its call for us to consciously create our needed solution-strategy now, and how a wonderful product of the lockdown can actually be the vaster awareness as to who we are and how we need to live our life now if we in some way use the quieter time for a Vision Quest type of experience.
Above all at this time we must connect and re-connect with our own magical and Creator energies.
Make effort to stay heart-centred and creative.

Pluto and Saturn:
transits Vedic Capricorn – until 6th March 2039.
Pluto is essentially about our power. We are called to grow in our power now (though Pluto is also about secrets and darkness, gangsters and crime of course, if we do not embrace the purity of our rightful power).
Saturn is about structures, patience, responsibilities, karma.
Apart from a brief earlier entry into Aquarius, Saturn does not enter Vedic Aquarius until 19.1.2023 – two and a half years, and his reward is golden reaping.
Saturn is in his own sign in Vedic Capricorn, and his impact will be to destroy illusion. He will be inexorable.
As I’ve said in my Blog Post 1 this month on Vision Quest, Pluto and Saturn combine ideally to give a structure, strategy and direction to divine energy/inspiration, but negatively together, they are very oppressive and about fear. Pluto and Saturn are so much less expansionary than when in Sagittarius. Consolidation and duty and divine connection in that sort of way, are the order of the day, and the reward will be Golden Reaping if we adhere to that.
I have the Pluto-Saturn conjunction transiting now square to my Sun-Moon natal opposition (I was born on the day of the Full Moon) and I have felt steady rightful growth into my power from this, starting a year ago.
We all of us need the (ethical) power to become our potential, to become who we were born to be in this life, to fulfill our rightful goals and a loving way.
But we must not just be formulaic with ‘rule book interpretation’. At the magical transformation level, as Lia Cruse who teaches the Runes and the Ogham with me wonderfully points out: Magically SATURN PLUTO wants alchemy, magic and enchantment – it packs in all the pressure to put us through the greatest transmutation ever, and sure, we fear the pain of heavy labour, even death and all the grief that comes along with loss, but hey…our human form’s the cocoon that holds the magic butterfly within.

Pluto and Jupiter:
Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct three times.
The first time is at 0 deg Capricorn on April 4th.
The second time is on June 30th, also at 0 deg Capricorn, with both Jupiter and Pluto retrograde, this time.
The third and final time is on November 12th they are conjunct at 28 deg Sagittarius.

Turning to focus just on the April astrology of Jupiter-Pluto:
Pluto and Jupiter are both Vargottoma from 1st April all month, so there’s real deep soul message inspiration there for us to tap into.
Though note that Jupiter is horrifically weak in dignity. See this Shodasha Vargas planet strength table on the 2020 April starwheel website page for 1st April.
Capricorn is Jupiter’s sign of debilitation, and amazingly he’s actually transiting Capricorn until 21st November 2021.
(But it’s complicated and Jupiter does actually drop back into Vedic Sagittarius from 30th June to turn direct on 13th August at 23 Sagittarius, actually only re-entering Vedic Capricorn on 20th November.
So, the details are that Jupiter enters Vedic Capricorn on March 29th, conjuncting Mars and Saturn who are both in a far stronger state than he is, even though they are not treating each other well.
If you can follow it without being mind-blown, here’s the detail of Jupiter’s movements in 2020:

Jupiter’s movements in 2020:
Jupiter enters Vedic Capricorn on March 29th, but soon turns retrograde on 14th May 2020, re-entering Vedic Sagittarius on June 29th 2020.
But then, Jupiter turns Direct again on 12th September 2020.
And he re-enters Capricorn on 20th November, again conjuncting Saturn.
And Jupiter enters Vedic Aquarius on 6th April 2021.
But then Jupiter turns retrograde again on 21st June 2021, entering Vedic Capricorn yet again on 15th September 2021.
But Jupiter then turns Direct again on 17th October 2021, to finally leave Vedic Capricorn for Vedic Aquarius on 21st November 2021.

My personal view is that the world will receive less of Jupiter’s true Divine nature of Guru, Blessing, Enlargement and Purpose, generally-speaking, at this time.
And so I shall indeed place a prominent picture of Brihaspati and make sure to stand before it in a fully embodied way each day, so as to improve my connection with Divine Jupiter.
The Jupiter Pluto combination is ambition:
PRINCIPLE:              Desire for power. Plutocracy.
+          striving for power in the spiritual, material or mental spheres. The desire to lead the masses. An appreciation of the need for social or religious regeneration. A brilliant gift for organization. Spiritual or intellectual leadership
–            the pursuit of fanatical aims. The desire to exploit the masses. Wastefulness.
C:        the qualities of leadership
SOCIOLOGICAL:          organizers handling large projects. Professors and teachers of economics or law.
Squanderers. speculators.
+                 the attainment of leadership. Leading or participating in uprising
–                  loss of standing. loss of wealth. Conflicts with the Authorities and executors of governmental power. Arrest. Loss of everything

Mars in conjunction with Pluto Saturn and Jupiter:
The combination of Mars and Pluto and Mars and Saturn is obviously very easy for humans to get wrong.
If there are the terrible outbursts of Mars-Pluto, then maybe these can be used to halt our aggression, get us to take stock, and agree to adopt a loving and more collaborative way forward.
But note that Mars is Pushkara, by the way, until 5th April, which is in fact rather like a ‘wounded healer’ energy, so the truth is that from Mars excesses that might occur, there’s potential for us to heal therefrom.
And Saturn is Pushkara, too, from 3rd to the end of April.
Do  look at the strengths of Mars and Saturn by comparison. They are unlikely to support each other at all! Just look at their Rashi Avasthas scores: how they treat each other. This table is shown on the Starwheel 2020 April page.If you want to learn about these techniques and principles in your chart, in your life, by the way, enrol for a Reading with me or enrol on one of my Vedic Astrology Courses.
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Also, do note that there are no fewer than three new Planetary Reset Cycles start around now:
Additionally, as you can see from the Starwheel 2020 Year Info and Charts resource page, that no fewer than three new Planetary Rest Cycles start. This is vast:
Three very big energy new planetary cycles have started, starting new energy modes for this world, and for each of us as individuals:
Here’s the summary of these vast re-sets:
The Saturn-Pluto conjunction starts a new 34-year cycle
The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction starts a new 12.5 yr. cycle
The Saturn-Jupiter conjunction starts a new cycle too: the Saturn and Jupiter conjunction won’t be exact again until 1.11.2040.

Kal Sarpa Yoga and Kemadruma Moon:
So, obviously from the chart for April 1st 2020, you can see that we start the month with Kal Sarpa Yoga (a preposterous and divisive energy where all the Vedic planets are to one side of the Nodal axis, though of course with spiritual potential that can be worked for) except that at the moment, the Moon is actually alone and unsupported to the other side of the Nodal axis, a situation called Kemadruma Moon, and this is not good for the stability and fullness of the Mind.
As the Moon proceeds round the heavens, Kemadruma Moon ends on April 14th (when Moon is conjunct Ketu) but stars again on 27th April (when Moon is conjunct Rahu).

Before we look at the rest of the planets in April 2020, here’s a quick summary of the main positions:

Mercury conjunct Neptune (PurvaBhadra Nakshatra) April 3rd  
Jupiter conjunct Pluto (UttaraAshadha Nakshatra) April 4th
Mercury enters Pisces April 7th
Full Moon in Virgo (Chitra Nakshatra) April 8th
Sun enters Aries (Ashwini Nakshatra) April 14th
New Moon in Aries (Ashwini Nakshatra) April 23rd
Mercury enters Aries (Ashwini Nakshatra) April 24th
Sun conjunct Uranus (Ashwini Nakshatra) April 26th
Pluto stations Retrograde (UttaraAshadha Nakshatra) April 26th

The Nodes of the Moon:
In April, Rahu moves from 9 deg to 7 deg Vedic Gemini in Ardra Nakshatra (ruled by Rahu); Ketu, always opposite, moves from 9 deg Sagittarius to 7 deg Sagittarius (in Mula Nakshatra ruled by Ketu).

Venus in Vedic Taurus:
What a blessing in these unutterably fraught times this transit of Venus in Taurus will be. Venus is Taurus is an energy of love and beauty, luxury and art, prosperity and elegance.
(does this mean we can’t indulge our urge to eat too many sweet things?)
To assess the particular area of your life this transit will especially influence, note what House Taurus is in your Vedic birth chart.
It’s also good if your Ascendant, Moon or Sun are in Venus ruled signs/Nakshatras.
Venus is in its own sign (swakshetra). This position, if located on an angle in your birth chart, creates a Malavya Yoga, indicating the highest manifestation of Venus’s qualities.
Venus actually transits Taurus for a lengthy four months, from 28th March to 31st July.
Turning retrograde at 27 deg Taurus on 12th May.
Then turning Direct at 11deg  Taurus on 25th June.

Mercury in Pisces and conjunct Neptune:

Mercury starts April 2020 at 22 Vedic Aquarius, and enters Pisces on 7th April, entering Aries on 25th April and ending April at 12 deg Aries (leaving Aries on May 8th).
Mercury is considered to be debilitated in Pisces, and he will be affected by Rahu’s current powerful transit in his sign of Gemini. How people experience the debilitation of Mercury will vary, but personally I do find this energy includes very visionary and magical and fae dimensions.
You also see for the chart from April 1st that Mercury is conjunct Neptune, and yes, I have found this transit wonderful for inspiration and intuition, though and beauty  – but so much has gone wrong with my IT equipment and work. And this Mercury-Neptune ‘gift’ certainly stays within orb until April 11th. See the Ephemeris on the Starwheel Astrology 2020 April page. Here’s Reinhold Ebertin’s Combination of Stella Influences (COSI) buzzwords on Mercury-Neptune:
PRINCIPLE:              the imaginative faculty, Phantasy.
+          the power of imagination. Abundant imagination. The power of sympathetic or compassionate thinking. Intuitive thought. The grasp of the most subtle and attenuated correlations and relationships. idealism.
–            wrong-thinking. Faulty judgment, confused ideas or perceptions. Nervous sensitiveness. Lying.
C:        wrong-thinking. Self-deception.
BIOLOGICAL:             loss of the ability to feel sensation. Weak nerves. Nervous paralysis.
SOCIOLOGICAL:        actors, deceptive people. liars.
+                 presentiments. Spiritual or mental cognition. The desire to map things out in advance. Longing for regions afar. Spiritual and mental relationships between people.
–                  disturbances originating in the subconscious, self-deception, lack of clarity. Failure through incorrect behaviour. Inner confusion. Unconsciousness. Nervous paralysis.

Most certainly: beware being misled about crucial details of the Coronavirus situation

Mercury Chiron Conjunction:
By 12th April, Mercury is square the Nodal axis and getting closer and closer to Chiron. The Mercury Chiron conjunction becomes exact on April 15th

Sun Conjunct Uranus
Sun Transits Aries April 13 – May 14
Sun is conjunct Uranus exact on 25th April. This is an energy of revolution and inspiration. Look at for some revolutionary change at this time.
This aspect screams to you ‘Freedom’
Bring any needed Revolution into your life!

Full Moon 8.4.2020:
(April 7th evening in USA)
See the charts for the Lunations on the 2020 April page of my Starwheel Astrology website.
The April Full Moon is in Chitra Nakshatra which is creative and very temperamental. Make space for this to be very inspirational, including with the fact that Mercury has just entered int Pisces.
Notice this Full Moon is very Kemadruma/unsupported, though.
Don’t forget that Chitra’s power animal is the female tiger, and that it’s best not to cross female tigers.

New Moon 23.4.2020:
See the charts for the Lunations on the 2020 April page of my Starwheel Astrology website.
This New Moon is conjunct Uranus at 8 deg Vedic Aries in Ashwini Nakshatra. Always make space for receptivity and making intentions at the time of New Moon. The positive potential of New Moon conjunct Uranus is an iconoclastic evolutionary energy for the month ahead.
Being in Ashwini Nakshatra, this New Moon should also be good for healing and guidance as to needed remedy.
But do be aware of the tricky (even repressive) and also positive features, of the square aspect from Saturn.

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