April 2015 : Vedic Astrology Forecast

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

The Vedic Astrology of April 2015: Now let us review the wisdom offered for the month of April 2015 from the ancient and sure discipline of Vedic Astrology:

The Eclipse: April begins with the Eclipse Full Moon on April 4th. Because this is an eclipse of brief duration, this will trigger even earthquake events that will have pretty-well immediate effects felt –  if your own birth chart has planets in areas affected by the Eclipse, and depending on the nature of the interaction between the Eclipse chart and your own birth chart.

Mars: April will be a strong month for those people in a Mars Dasha or Bhukti (the wonderful Vedic astrology predictive periods and sub-periods), or those with natal planets in the Vedic signs ruled by Mars (Vedic Aries and Scorpio) or planets in the Vedic sign of Libra in their birth charts opposite the transiting Mars .

This is because Mars is transiting in its own sign of Vedic Aries throughout the month of April 2015.  Remember that Mars is a strong energy, so whereas of these people some could be driven or aggressive and uncaring of their impact on others, whereas others could feel really vulnerable all month. This is a strong period for those in a Mars dasha or bhukti.  This transit by Mars is the ambitious and successful Ruchaka MahaPurusha Yoga, felt if you have planets in Mars’ own signs or his exaltation sign of Capricorn.

Venus enters the Vedic sign of Taurus on April 7 and remains in Taurus for the rest of the month.  This will promote an interest in craft or art or music. This transit by Venus is Malavya MahaPurusha Yoga, felt if you have planets in Venus’ own signs or his Exaltation sign of Pisces.

Jupiter: The big news is that Jupiter transits direct from April 9.  See the effects of Jupiter’s change of direction in the western summary above. Jupiter gathers speed in the heavens as the month progresses. Things move steadily faster slowly but steadily for those in a Jupiter predictive period as Jupiter increases velocity reaching 75% of its normal speed by month end. Remember, Jupiter is exalted in the Vedic sign of Cancer, so this will be expansionary and successful, with windfall for Sagittarius or blessing for Pisces for those with ascendant (Lagna) in Cancer or in the Jupiter-ruled signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. This transit by Jupiter is Hamsa MahaPurusha Yoga: when Jupiter is in his own sign or his Exalted sign of Cancer. The signs Jupiter occupies, rules or aspects will all benefit.

Sun enters the Vedic sign of Aries on April 14th, so that not only is the Sun exalted for the rest of the month, it is conjunct fiery Mars as well. So this will intensify the fiery Pitta energy prevailing in the heavens and people will do well to watch out for any driven or aggressive imbalance. Be careful not to overdo things.

Saturn continues to be retrograde in the Vedic sign of Scorpio all month.  Depending on what House Scorpio is in your Vedic birth chart, this is a good period for consolidation and establishment of your projects. It can be good for re-evaluating. Things that have been treated as secrets and struggles in your life can surface for healing. This is a very good energy for spiritual mystical traditions or philosophical learning.  During this period Saturn will call us to be patient and will make us arrange our life in a way that feels secure.

Mercury is the only planet that is not strong in April 2015. Mercury is debilitated in Pisces until he enters Aries on April 12th. With Mercury in Pisces, intuition can increase for some, and there can be confusions in communication and thinking similar to a Mercury Retrograde period. This means that Mercury will actually transit across Ketu on 5th April and Rahu is in the Mercury-ruled sign of Virgo at this time, so our minds could well be restlessly-affected by our shadow-self around this time. People with planets in the Vedic Signs of Pisces (where the Eclipse happens), and the Mercury-ruled signs of Gemini and Virgo will feel this energy most. Hidden knowledge and deep spiritual revelation can come to us through whatever means at this time.

Next, Mercury will get too close to the Sun and be Combust around 8th April, remaining Combust until 19th April. Mercury combust can lead to revolutionary breakthrough ideas, but they can be scrambled or misunderstood.

Planetary War breaks out between Mercury and Mars April 21 – 23.  This means we can be torn between Mercury’s wordiness and analysis on the one hand and Mars’ even brutal rush into action on the other hand.  This planetary war takes place in Bharani nakshatra in the Vedic sign of Aries.  Our bodies will feel this conflict through things like Mars’ raised blood pressure on the one hand and Mercury’s nervous tiredness or exhaustion on the other hand. This puts pressure on our life. Will be rational or impulsive?
What is Planetary War? Planets separated by less than 1º are ‘at war’. Who will be the winner? The winner planet with the smallest astronomical length, i.e. the planet that is behind the planet it is at war with. (However, note that the Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu are never at war with another planet).

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