Ann Gildart Intuitive Spiritual Dowser Tarot Reader

Ann Gildart’s very special skill is that she answers your questions using pendulum dowsing. So valuable, Ann gives Yes, No, or % Answers to your question. These answers are such a boon.

Here’s what Ann writes:

I offer personal readings that are always dictated by the universal source.

I always feel profoundly blessed to be given opportunities to do personal, private readings for clients.

I never cease to be amazed at the information that can be gleaned from the universal energies.

Throughout my life I have been aware of subtle energies and thankfully taught how to tune into those via pendulum dowsing.

Today I am able to ask questions from the source on all issues from the mundane to the most complicated. There are no answers that cannot be obtained from dowsing and frequently people come to me just for yes or no answers.

I also offer energy healing session, which can be done in person or remotely. I have a worldwide clientele. Most using a combination reading of intuitive dowsing/healing and Tarot.

Look out for Anne’s monthly blog posts: Going forward each month I will share dowsing tips. The first one will be an “Introduction to Dowsing: What You Can Do and Achieve With Dowsing.”

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Quote of the Month: 

“The best knowledge is to know thyself.”