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I am an Intuitive and an internationally known Spiritual Dowser with a Welsh heritage and rich background as a healer and psychic.

My readings usually incorporate a number of impressions which I receive from spirit or your higher self. My “gypsy style” method of reading Tarot was taught in the Valleys of Wales by my mother and grandmother nearly sixty years ago.

A reading with me brings clarity, insight and peace of mind, and provides answers to both simple and complex questions.

My dowsing techniques, combined with my intuition, will provide quick, accurate answers to Yes/No questions ~ so bring those questions with you to your next reading!

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In this post I talk about using a pendulum to dowse for information about our past lives:

Quote… Our first for 2022.
“We all have some experience of a feeling, that comes over us occasionally, of what we are saying and doing having been said and done before, in a remote time of having been surrounded, dim ages ago, by the same faces, objects, and circumstances.”
~Charles Dickens~

I hope you had gifts of pendulum, bobbers, dowsing rods, wands and charts. I always look forwards to opening my Christmas stocking full of British candy and a new and unique pendulum that a friend spends months trying to find. It has one to be that I don’t sell or have in my personal possession (she must spend the entire year searching for my gift!).

I am saddened to read of or view on the media (especially the social media platforms) the dramatization and misinformation presented to the watchers and viewers of their stories of different cultures clashing, or cultures and religions criticizing each other.

Human trafficking has rightly upset us as we acknowledge that it happens.

We have all been each in another lifetime. Once we understand this (of course if you believe in reincarnation) we can have empathy and compassion and understanding. I have been trying to trace the first time that slavery is mentioned. Anyone who has an answer please tell me, because it seems every culture down through the ages has enslaved their fellow man, woman or child.

If you believe in reincarnation you will possibly experience a revelation as you dowse for your past.

You will also experience a delight at where your pendulum will indicate you once lived, know that that indicates a life full of good soul memories.
A dislike or eversion to a place usually dictates a life that holds bad or terrible soul memories.

To honor the new year we will learn where our first incarnation upon this earth was. The first time we experienced ‘in the flesh’ so to speak.

Lets get started!

Follow protocol to get into your dowsing zone to begin questions on your next lesson, an exercise with the world map.

It is extremely interesting and fun exercise, ask your dowsing system to indicate or show where your first incarnation on this planet took place.

Next, ask your pendulum to indicate to you where your present incarnation on earth began?

Lastly, ask where your next incarnation on earth will be?

For fun ask if you have ever lived on another planet?

Dowse for friends and family, the answers always provide food for thought and hear how many tell you that they don’t like that idea of being born there (an indication it was a difficult or brutal life) or love that place (an indication it was a life of good experiences).

Don’t be put off if it’s in the middle of an ocean or a sea. Landmasses have been chugging around the face of the earth or dipping under a continent to be reformed or broken up into chunks and attaching to another landmass since the world had a tectonic crust.
Water levels have risen since the end of the last ice age. Think, once the U.K was attached to the rest of Europe!

Avalonia is another perfect example, part of that long lost continent is attached to Wales, part is attached to North America. Geologists were able to identify this because of Mica deposits that had the same footprint.

Recently, a large submerged landmass was discovered under New Zealand.

The migration of peoples over the ages should have created a sharing of ideals that would be a beneficial cultural and informational exchange. On occasions this has proven to be true, but sadly we are a warlike people who respond to differences with violence and sometimes extermination, dictatorship or subjection.

My reason for mentioning this? After working with the location chart, we all find that we have been many different races from many different places.

Very bad experiences can make one resistant to that country or race.

If you have feelings of being uncomfortable with an answer after exploring past life questions, use your pendulum to remove and scramble the past influences and negative feelings from that incarnation with a left spin. Allow to stop on its own and then begin right spin to heal and hopefully to fully embrace or understand what impact that might be having on this present life.

February and March blogs will be all about accessing a past life. We will create a question chain to discover as much as we can about an impactful life that you want to research.

On a personal note, I personally believe we reincarnate with members of our soul group. Souls that we have journeyed with through and over many life times. Each incarnation they support us or prompt us to take this latest sojourn of rebirth as an opportunity for growth and balance.

I pinch myself when I think of those planning efforts with our guides and soul group, our decision on what race or gender we wish to experience in that life time, what experiences would benefit our growth and help us to not repeat past life experiences that were not beneficial to our growth.

If you think that you only get one lifetime, no one says you are wrong, it’s all about personal beliefs. I believe in reincarnation and karma.

Continue to enjoy these introductions to dowsing.

If you have a question feel free to contact me at my email.

May all your New Year resolutions be successful!

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