Anger in Astrology

The Morrigan
The Morrigan

The Uranus-Ketu conjunction can manifest as anger (Ketu is the name for the South Node of the Moon in Vedic Astrology).

The Uranus-Ketu Conjunction has been growing closer and closer to exact over recent months, lunations and eclipses. The exact occurred at 13 deg western Aries at the end of January 2015 (that’s 19 degrees Vedic Pisces).

And I know it can manifest as anger and violence. I have witnessed this in clients’ lives and my own. Huge, huge effects!!!!

However, now that we have come to the beginning of February 2015, the Uranus-Ketu conjunction has now just passed exact; and it is now separating – the anger is ebbing.

What I want to say is that actually I feel it is very important to be guided by the anger, not to dismiss it.

Yes, bring enlightened awareness to it, but we need to also hear and respect its message – or you lose yourself!

There will be things that are not right in your life for the expression of the scripts and potentials you incarnated to do and achieve in this life. That is why we feel the anger.

So we should not ignore it, nor should we lobotomise ourselves with unreal/false ‘surrender’, nor waste its meaning with intelectualised constructs of pseudo spiritual nature.

In fact we should follow where our anger is pointing to: follow it like a sign post, or follow it like a finger pointing – and correct that is wrong for us!

Remember that the Nodes of the Moon are the indicators of our incarnational life purpose in our Vedic birth chart. Their transits represent it’s unfolding. I got very angry at a circumstance that was cutting me off from expressing and realising my essence.

The image is of The Morrigan: the dread Goddess of Battle of the ancient Irish, however her message is far more complex than that, and we can not escape relationship with her.

I’m writing this post . I hope this helps. It is really important.

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