An Insightful Astrology Reading Can Help You Grow

Michael ConneelyAn Insightful Astrology Reading Can Help You Grow 
with the Sun from Spring Equinox 2017

I am writing this Newsletter following our celebration of the ancient Festival of the Spring Equinox, here in the West of Ireland.

Choose to grow

The great power of this ancient Irish Druid (and much older) ceremony is how we can each of us choose to grow: how we can each of us choose to grow with the Sun. The Sun gets bigger and bigger from now one, and more and more powerful, every day from now, to reach his height at Mid-Summer.

The Spring Equinox is the day when the nights grow shorter and shorter than the days. It is the moment when the Sun get bigger! And remember, in our astrology birth chart, the Sun is our Self. The Sun is our sense of self (whether weak or strong). The Sun in our birth chart is our personal Divine Charioteer who holds in his hands the reins that guide the horses that pull the chariot of your Self. The Sun drives and directs the horses that are the other planets and your Sun charts the forward direction for our Self. This is your task now as the Sun grows daily in his glory.

Have an astrological reading

An astrology reading is actually a most useful way of showing you how the energies now are affecting your life, and how you may actually create a better future, and how you can rise with the growing power of the Sun right now.

Even when times seem hopeless, those times are moments that can bring us to create rebirth.

An astrology reading can clarify the scripts, can clarify the strengths and weaknesses of our birth destiny, and can show us how to heal them. It can also clarify what opportunities can be perceived and nurtured right now, and how strategies can be created for us, like the Sun, so that we too can grow brighter now.
You can see from my worldwide astrology readings website: that I offer three lengths of reading. There are also fascinating and healing mini-readings available on that site. And all my Readings have the exceptional and unusual strength that they combine the best of both Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology.

Western astrology has the strength that it is psychodynamic, providing a skilled picture of the different parts of our personality so that we can understand ourselves better, decide what parts of us to seek to give less sway, and decide what other parts we aim to heal, emphasise or encourage in the strategies and priorities we need to create. I also include western evolutionary astrology which identifies past life scripts that it is good to understand and be aware of. A classic example of such past life scripts can be a background rejection in love, such that we always tend to melt down relationship and get in there first and be the first to reject, fearing otherwise it will be us rejected yet again. But there are many examples of such past life scripts that can run our lives. And Western Astrology includes Chiron, our existential wound, in the healing of which we can become the heater of others. And Western Astrology also includes the astrologies of Uranus, the planetary energy of our Revolution; Neptune, the opening of our intuition, and Pluto our death and rebirth watersheds.

Vedic Astrology, which I combine with Western Astrology is vast and Vedic Astrology has the most awesome declaration of the various facets of our destiny. It defines our particular soul tasks this lifetime. It states the predictive periods we move through from birth and how best to understand, heal and manage these. It defines the strengths of each of our planets in this lifetime, and what steps we need to take to support our weaker planets – the planets that will struggle to hold together their task in our life, or what steps we should take to curb planets that will harm us, or harm those we love.

Vedic Relationship astrology has a strong and systematic framework, and I add to this the more psychological perspectives of western astrology.

There’s the really deep techniques of Vedic Astrology which can powerfully and accurately say how a planet will actually manifest in your life generally, and especially during its predictive period. And I’ll also mention methods which show how the planets in your chart will treat each other, and how this can be modified. This is such useful information to have.
Healing News

I always include intuitive guidance from Tarot in all  my astrology readings, and I give extra strength to your astrological awareness through quite a visionary depiction of the planetary energies at your birth, and those that you are encountering in your year ahead.

I always gear my work to possibilities for healing and empowering the scripts that astrology can so expertly reveal, and indeed I can work with my partner Maggie Pashley who is skilled in an exceptional number of healing modalities available worldwide. The most recent addition to her skill base is Psy-TaP which offers an easy and surprisingly fast way of dealing with fears, phobias, trauma and much more. Click to find out more.

So, I invite you to get in touch with me for an astrology reading or study one of my powerful astrology courses. See:
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