Amy Winehouse Film How Astrology Reveals Our Fates in Our Lives

This video and blog reveals how Astrology can be so useful when it reveals the fates we have to work with in our lives.

It was prompted when I saw the film Back to Black about the life and death of Amy Winehouse. Do watch this film. It reveals Amy as funny, seductive, intensely musical, even crazy. It also reveals her as cursed by a particular karmic Destiny which she could not/did not identify, understand or do any spiritual work with. She left £4,700,000 after her death – but was it worth it?

So what I will now do now is reveal to you how the combination of both Vedic Astrology with Western Astrology which I do reveals the Karmas Amy Winehouse was so clearly born with – and how she worked on them: or rather, very sadly, failed to do so.

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So, Amy Winehouse was born 14th September 1983.

Let’s look at her Vedic Astrology first (Sidereal Zodiac):

Amy’s Birth Dasha Predictive Period:

And if we look at Amy Winehouse’s Vedic chart first, we see that in terms of the Vedic Predictive periods, the Dashas, she was born into Ketu-Rahu period – always a very difficult period for a little one to have, to start with in this life. Very fated. I moved into Ketu period when I was four weeks old, and on that very day I was put into a Convent Orphanage.

Amy’s Nodal Axis: Ketu South Node to Rahu North Node:

Ketu is the South Node of the Moon. Rahu is the North Node of the Moon.

In each of our lives, we come into this life with karmas and fates from our past life and ancestry, some of them stretching back thousands of years.

And in each of our lives, we each one of us are thrown across our birth chart towards Rahu North Node.

Rahu North Node is always opposite Ketu South Node, where Rahu is a fate and destiny direction and the life-purpose direction for us for this life.

Rahu is always so driven and billowing and obsessional in its nature, so we humans always have to purify our Rahu’s nature if we are ever to reach our karmic life destination and fulfillment in this life.

So we see from her Vedic birth chart that Amy Winehouse had her Ketu South Node in the 7th House of marriage. She came into this life with issues and karmas from past life, and to do with sex because she has a Mars-Venus combination: her Ketu is in Scorpio which is ruled by Mars (her Ketu is powerful conjunct Uranus and Jupiter).

And Ketu in Scorpio can reveal a Past Life where the downward path was trodden and must be redeemed by overcoming resentment. Lust and Greed must become Love and Giving.

Amy’s Mars and Venus:

AND Amy has Mars conjunct Venus in her birth chart.

AND a very especial thing to note: Amy’s Venus is in the Gandanta Zone at the end of the Vedic Sign Cancer.

The three Gandanta zones are zones of immateriality and unsupportedness in this world where Water sign transitions to Fire Sign – and her Venus is deep in the Gandanta at 29 deg 24 Cancer. Planets in Gandanta zone make us feel very unsupported by this World, but handled properly this can be a gateway to us achieving Divine Realization, connection to the Divine Realm beyond and Spiritual Enlightenments.

I have my Moon in the Pisces Aries Gandanta and when I read the Vedic Astrology statement that to have Moon deep in the Gandanta means that Mother will not be there for you in this life, when I saw that this one Vedic Astrology sentence told the whole of my life-path and destiny, and that Western Astrology knew nothing of the Gandanta Zones, I added Vedic Astrology to my Western Astrology 28 years ago, and now always combine the two. Both are needed of course because Western Astrology holds many key concepts that Vedic Astrology knows nothing of.

Amy’s Venus is her Atmakaraka Planet:

AND we also see that Amy’s Venus is her Atmakaraka planet. Our Atmakaraka planet is the planet we are born to get right in this life. And this is because we got it so wrong in Past Life. Venus was her prime destiny issue for this life: getting right sex, love, art, music, beauty.

But we also see that she was given a destiny direction to move towards Rahu North Node which is in Taurus ruled by Venus, and in the first House of Self-Assertion.

Now, Rahu in the 1st house makes you want to experience every shade of life. It makes you ‘me-first’, selfish and ambitious and blind to the effects of your actions. You feel driven to impose your mark on your world.

This will be a reaction to where Ketu is for whatever went on in past life was very marriage-centred and relationship-focused, maybe co-dependent.

And with Rahu in a Venus-ruled sign like Taurus, this can make you absolutely driven for sex, music, beauty, art, wealth, etc.

And also note that Amy’s Venus is very harmed. Note that by Rashi Avasthas, the statement of how your planets treat each other, Amy’s Moon treats her Venus terribly, reducing her Venus from a raw strength of 453 strength points to -80, making Venus her most damaged planet in her birth chart.

The Moon in this configuration of Moon starving Venus causes Venus to demand that all needs be met through relationships. The relationship becomes all-focused on the person with the Moon Starved Venus. Moon Starving Venus makes the relationship all about “me and my needs”. The person is too self centered for relationship.

Nevertheless, Amy’s Venus brought her great fated success.

Amy was in Venus-Ketu predictive period from 2005 to 2007 and then in her Sun-Sun period from 2007 to 2013 (including her death 23rd July 2011) but her success was extensive:

Back to Black was released ion 30 October 2006. It went to number one and became the best-selling album in the UK of 2007. Rehab reached the Top Ten in the USA.

Amy died on 23 July 2011 from alcohol poisoning following a period of sobriety. Yes – in Sun – Mercury period (her planets square her Nodal Axis – see the next section).

Amy Has Kal Sarpa Yoga:

Kal Sarpa Yoga is when all the Vedic planets are to one side of the Nodal axis. It makes the person sense very fraught divided energies. It makes the person sensationist and driven themselves deep down trying to cope with the Divide they sense in their world.

In Amy’s case you might try to say that the Kal Sarpa Yoga is technically modified in that her Moon is just outside the Nodal Axis.

But her Moon is still within Ketu’s energy field which is not a good sign for mothering.

AND her Moon is conjunct Neptune which can be drink, drugs and delusions, and great lack of clarity as to mothering issues.

AND Neptune conjunct Ketu too can be quite destabilizing and surreal, although it can give great intuitiveness.

OK now let’s look at Amy’s Western Astrology:

A big thing from Western Astrology is that:

Amy has a Missed Step: her Sun-Mercury Conjunction square her Nodal Axis:

OK there’s another very clear issue in her destiny. Her Sun and Mercury square the Nodal Axis. Her Sun-Mercury conjunction is square Ketu South Node and Square Rahu North Node.

In Western Evolutionary Astrology, When a planet is square the Nodal Axis in Western Astrology it is defined as a Missed Step.

It is somethingh that we got very wrong in Past Life, so it becomes of crucial importance to learn to express the nature of the planets that are square the Nodal axis rightly in this life.

Sun conjunct Mercury is very communication orientated but can be self-orientated if Mercury is too close to the Sun, as in Amy’s case.

However, Sun in Leo radiates brilliance (if not bossiness!), sparkling, regal. And Mercury here conjunct the Sun makes the person very demonstrative and the conversationalist and fond of company.

Amy’s Sun (and her Saturn are Jagrat = most wide awake planets, using Vedic Astrology Rashi Avasthas technique of how our planets treat each other.  

And another important note from Amy’s Vedic Astrology, is that both her planets that are square the Nodal Axis and a missed step: Sun and Mercury, both are in UttaraPhalguni Nakshatra, 12th of the wonderfully key insightful Vedic Lunar Signs.

UttaraPhalguni is ruled by the Sun, so can be sharp or cruel. Their power animal is the Bull. Their Caste is Kshatriya = Warrior. Negatively they can be cruel and sharp, self-aggrandizing and even megalomaniac.

A crucial point provided by Western Astrology is that Amy has Black Moon Lilith opposition her natal Mars to the exact degree. Lilith is crucial to know about. It is the material stuffed down into our unconscious, into our shadow side. We humans don’t know that stuff is there, but it’s actually driving us and making us do things.

With Lilith opposition Mars, the person is driven by raw and intense ambition and passion and rebellion. They are determined to succeed at any cost. They bring their rebellion into relationship and are jealous and possessive at the same time as being very possessive and super-reactive when their insecurities are challenged.

Amy’s Lilith is also opposition her natal Venus (though with a slightly wider orb of 3 deg). When Lilith is opposition natal Venus your love life is driven by conflicting sexual scripts and raw emotions that are all buried out of your awareness into your unconscious and your shadow side. The unconscious material is intense and passionate and dark, edgy, wild, even tumultuous – though the person is unaware of what is driving them. And from there Lilith drives the person with them being ignorant and unaware unless they do the spiritual work. They have to learn to reclaim their personal power and manage the rage that their unconscious material drives them to.

Amy’s Chiron Existential Wound, in the Healing of which she had the potential to heal others is in Gemini in her Western Chart (Tropical Zodiac). With Chiron in Gemini, healing process are associated with the need to be heard and understood, and how to express and share your innermost thoughts and ideas coming from your wounds – and this she did, with great musical success.

Chiron in Gemini can be associated with lack of schooling, educational upheavals, learning

disabilities, speech defects, or feelings of intellectual inferiority could lead you to feel wounded

or inadequate in these areas of life – and indeed Amy had difficulties at her schooling.

Amy’s natal Chiron is in her 12th House. Chiron in the twelfth house indicates that the wounding/healing experience (as described by Chiron’s sign placement) plays itself out by accessing and seeking to expunge secret, subliminal, or unconscious issues that constitute festering wounds. Very importantly, there may be a sense of “karmic fatedness” running your life.

Amy has Chiron opposition Uranus: The wounded healer clashes with the forward thinking rebel.

Amy Has Ceres in her 10th House. Ceres is the asteroid of the Harvest our life can bring. Ceres is conjunct her Lilith and conjunct her Midheaven. Nurturing is so important a principle to Amy that it needs to be part of her career, the Harvest she offers to the world.

And of course, with Saturn conjunct Pluto Amy has the power to become directed and obsessive when pursuing one of her ambitions. In relationships  the Saturn-Pluto conjunction finds unacceptance of the partner’s limits or suggestions and thus it is very difficult for relationship.

Amy Winehouse’ Death was 23 July 2011, due to alcohol poisoning. Age 27.


So the big point about the fatedness in our charts, about the karmas shown in our charts, is that we need to know what they are and we need to work with them for our spiritual growth in this life. And Amy didn’t! Sadly!

By the way I have found that it certainly can be said that we incarnate to get some things wrong – but with the divine purpose that in seeing the wrongness, we cease doing those things and we thus heal a karma that could have been running in our ancestry and our past karmas, indeed stretching back for thousands of years maybe.

Vedic Astrology has a magnificent series of Divisional Charts, called Varga Charts, each of which says something offering quite magnificent guidance about a particular area of our life. One of these Divisional Charts is the D60, the Shashtiamsha chart. The D60 states the karmas we had run up – good karmas and bad karmas – by the time we died at the end of our last lifetime – some of them stretching back thousands of years.

What is said to happen at the time of our death at the end of our last lifetime, is that our Higher Self reviews to sum total of good and bad karmas that we have accumulated, and selects from all those the specific collection of karmas we are born to work with in this lifetime. And that set of selected karmas is of course our Birth Chart.

Amy’s D60 Shashtiamsha chart contains some very difficult karmas  built up over her last and previous lifetimes.

Each of the planets in the D60 Shashtiamsha chart has a ruling Deity. And because Hinduism, like Tibetan Buddhism, is Tantric, some faces of the Divine are absolutely awful. It is through terrible experience that we can reach Enlightenment as well as nice experiences.

The Deity ruling Amy’s Venus is Ghora – the most terrible face of the Divine.

The Deity ruling Amy’s Nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu, is Bhrashta, also a terrible face of the Divine.

So I do hope this video and blog post are of interest to you in studying how both Vedic and Western Astrology can be used for discovering our Life Purpose, our Karmas, our Destiny Direction in this life – and offering to us potential therefore for Healing and for Spiritual Growth. My Astrology can also be used this way for understanding better and healing our Ancestral and past life issues. I offer healing shamanic journeys and Tarot Readings and many courses. All my Readings and Courses encompass both your Western and also your Vedic Astrology.

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