Alchemist of Divine Timing by Janell Renshaw

The grand illusion is we have been taught to believe that nothing is ours until the right and perfect Divine Time.

‘Divine Time’ is presented as a perfect time, in some moment ahead, laying outside our sphere of knowing. In faith or not, we wait, and we wait on some unexplainable force outside of ourselves to complete what we desire.

Every moment is Divine, and every moment is manifesting, creating, and fueling the next in a grand sequence. The caveat of Divine Timing is that it does not work on ‘your’ time.

As a society, we have fallen out of alignment with time. The natural rhythms and cycles of nature have been replaced with systems of time, schedules, and to-do lists. When a moment turns out differently than we desired or we miss an opportunity, it gets deferred to as “bad timing or a waste of time.” This is one hundred percent correct yet avoidable. By examining the way we use time and the quality of time available, we can retain the mind to become an alchemist of time.

Alchemist: Someone Who Transforms Things for the Better

An alchemist infuses the mind and senses of ancient times’ past. Perhaps Long bearded men, locked behind closed doors for days and weeks, mixing and blending, pondering over journals and notes, hoping that their calculations successfully create the most treasured element. Gold!!!

In our case, “time” is the most treasured element. How do we blend moments of time to create a sequence of events for our desired outcome? Astrology: The Master of Time & Timing

The ancients devised the planetary rulers of every hour, every day, every month, and every year in specific detail. Only the seven visible planets were used in creating this system.

Understanding the planetary attributions and the qualities of days and hours is the first step in your journal of notes, and pondering which hours are the best to do which activities. Merging the correct energies can mean the difference between Divine Time & a waste of time.

Planetary Days

The first concept to understand is that each of the seven days of the week is assigned one of the classical planets. Planetary days begin at dawn and end at dawn the following day.

Sunday: Sun

Monday: Moon

Tuesday: Mars

Wednesday: Mercury

Thursday: Jupiter

Friday: Venus

Saturday: Saturn

Then we add the planetary qualities and how to best use the energy of the planet during their days and hours:

The Sun – Sunday:The Sun symbolizes our inner self, the core essence of who we are – our individuality, identity, and creativity. For career success, employment, promotion, making presentations, public speaking, improving social status, approaching authority figures, improving health. Energy focus during Sun Hour: focusing on your identity, growing your self-confidence, promoting yourself, giving public presentations, sharing your story with others, career advancement, fame, and prestige, talking to authority figures, etc.

The Moon – Monday:The Moon rules over our moods, emotions, innate reactions, and what makes us feel secure. Doing things that are likely to change, waxing and waning energy, increased intuition or imagination. The Moon represents our innermost needs and our family and mother figure. Energy focus during Moons Hour: focusing on sharpening your intuition, listening and taking care of your emotional needs, increasing your psychic abilities, meditating, cooking, and taking care of home-related chores. For woman: deepening your relationship with your womb and menstrual cycle,

Mars – Tuesday:Mars is the planet that represents our assertiveness, physicality, drive, desires, energy, and passion. Good for activities that require muscular exertion, boldness, courage and active enterprise. Energy focus during Mars Hour: outdoor activities, going to the gym and exercising, taking bold moves and actions, going on hikes or adventures, competing with self or others, running errands, completing daunting tasks that require stamina and energy, etc.

Mercury – Wednesday: Mercury determines how we communicate, think, learn and process information. For abstract thinking, mental alertness, speaking, signing papers, sending significant email, fixing computer problems, or in general, for any activity related to communication. Energy focus during Mercury Hour: all things related to communication, taking short trips, attending workshops, trading, fixing problems (especially those related to technology or transportation), receiving and transmitting information (mail, text, social media, etc), intellectual activities like studying, researching, reading, taking tests, writing, etc.

Jupiter – Thursday:Jupiter rules the principles of growth, expansion, optimism, prosperity, and good fortune. The planet represents the promise of all good things in life, it is often called the “luck planet” or the “Great Benefic” for this reason. This planet represents the search for insight through knowledge. Jupiter also governs long-distance travel, broader purpose, philosophy, higher education, religion, and the law. Energy focus during Jupiters Hour: social gatherings, healing and looking after your health, signing legal documents, collaborating and forging partnerships, learning new things, sharing your knowledge with others, dealing with affluence and wealth, starting journeys and pilgrimages, having philosophical or spiritual retreats or rituals, promoting yourself, growing your business, etc.

Venus – Friday:Venus determines how and what we love. For social occasions, love, courtship, marriage, improving appearance. Venus also governs harmony, charm, pleasure, courtship, adoration, luxury, material values related to finances, our aesthetics, and our artistic inclinations. Energy focus during Venus Hour: social gatherings and entertainment as well as matters of the heart, hosting parties, going on dates, having weddings, reconciling with others, improving your appearance, doing glamour rituals, investing your money, mediating a dispute, buying fashionable items, getting inspired to draw, create and express yourself artistically, etc.

Saturn:Saturn rules over limits, responsibility, restrictions, boundaries, and self-discipline. Saturn rules structures, the foundations of reality. It’s the authority figure that wants you to roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, and get things done. For getting organized, plowing through tedious work, breaking unwanted habits, accepting and dealing with responsibilities. Energy focus during Saturn’s Hour: tackling challenging tasks, dealing with responsibilities and duties, breaking old habits or creating new ones, crafting, concentrating, and focusing, building your strength, stamina, and self-discipline, spending time with authority figures and elders, etc.

The planet that rules over the day and/or hour will “infuse” its energy into that moment. For example, if you wish to talk to your boss about a raise, it would be best to use Jupiter’s day (great benefic) in the Sun’s hour (approaching authority figures). You may say, ok, that’s easy, but when merging energies, it’s not as easy as one plus one, and one wrong step can blow up your lab. You must also know what “state (mood)” the Sun is in at that time. Every planet has a place in the heavens where they operate at its highest and lowest levels. Going to ask your boss for raise when the Sun is in a current state of debilitation will most likely have you leaving the office with no raise and low self-esteem.

Another part of the equation is the quality of the Sun in your natal chart. Is it exalted or debilitated? Is it in a friend’s house or an enemy’s house? Using a debilitated planets day or hour without first strengthening your personal planet could result in the exact opposite of your desire. Maybe you have a really strong Jupiter and Mercury, and it would be better to ask for the raise on Jupiter’s day in Mercury’s hour. All these factors have a bearing on how well you can become an Alchemist of Divine Time.

Let’s look at another example: Venus, the planet of love, luxury, partnerships, marriage, materialism, and artistic abilities. Let’s say you want to ask someone on a date. Fridays are all things Venusian. So Friday nights are best for dates. Would you ask them out on Friday? NOOOOOO!!!

Asking someone out on a date requires courage, and Venus will already have a date if you waited that long. Mars is about courage, so Tuesday is a great day in Venus’s hour. Or you could ask them out on Mercury’s (communication) day Wednesday in Venus hour. Maybe you really, really want this date, so you think I’ll ask them out on the great benefics day of Jupiter in Venus hour. NOOOOOOOO!!! Venus and Jupiter are not the best of friends, leaving you with no Friday night date.

In the beginning, it may take a while before you understand which combination of planetary influences is best for your specific intentions. Trust your intuition and experiment with days and hours, becoming aware of how you feel and what feels right to do in each moment of your time.

Alignment with Divine Time offers you grace to be in each moment, knowing that every day and hour offers you different energy with which to blend. Over time, your Alchemist skills will improve, your concoctions wilder, and your time preciously Divine.

For this New Year 2022, stop wasting time by becoming an “Alchemists of Divine Time”?

Many Blessings for a happy, healthy, prosperous, and joyous New Year 2022!!!!

Love & Wisdom


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