Agnes Morrogh Bernard Mother of Foxford

Agnes Morrogh Bernard Mother of Foxford and Foundress of the Foxford Woollen Mills

Visit the Foxford Woollen Mill founded in 1892 by Mother Agnes Morrogh Bernard to bring work and hope to one of Ireland’s poorest and most desperate ‘Congested Areas’.

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There are five museums nearby. And amazingly Foxford has three great heroes in its history. One of these is the saintly Agnes Morrogh Bernard, Mother of Foxford.

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When Agnes Morrogh Bernard was a small girl, the daughter of a rich Anglo-Irish family, she was shocked to the core when a starving Irish woman came to the door of the family mansion and pleaded for scraps to feed the pigs so she could eat. The young Agnes decoded then and there to devote her life to help the poor.

And so, Agnes became a Sister of Charity and in 1892, she arrived at Foxford where the condition of the people was truly desperate. The English Ascendancy Class Landlord was a branch of Lord Lucan’s family, and if any tenant showed any sign of bettering themselves, they simply put up the rent. Agnes Morrogh Bernard saw how there were no proper roads and the people lived in hovels called a ‘cabin’, each with a miden of human and animal manure piled outside the door. The families lived with the pig inside the cabin with the family, as the pig was ‘the gintleman as pays the rent’! She heard from a son how his father was crying out with the pains of hunger, as the Priest was giving him the Last Rites as his father lay dying on a pile of rags.

Agnes Morrogh Bernard was a determined woman, she had a great sense of the ‘Eye of Providence’ ever present and ever-guiding her.

Surprisingly she wrote to a Protestant, Freemason Mill Owner in Ulster, who came and visited her at his own expense and for the rest of his life guided her to found and run the woollen mills.

On her arrival in Foxford, Agnes decided that spinning and weaving could be the salvation of the poor people, and in 1892 she founded the Foxford Woollen Mills. Over the next few years she built a school and in 1893 she got a grant so training could be given in the domestic and farming areas of the community.

She also encouraged sports and music, and in 1897 she set up the Brass and Reed Band which today is still the pride of Foxford. Thanks mainly to her efforts a handball alley was built in 1901.

As the years passed and money became more plentiful she had houses built for employees of the Mill. The music school was built in 1923, and the Convent Chapel On her arrival in 1925, both of these can still be seen in Foxford today. Up until her death in 1932, Agnes continued to improve and update the Mill and the town itself.

Nowadays, there’s a tour round the Mill, and on the first floor there’s a wonderful café with fresh home-made food, from a cup of tea or coffee, a light snack to full meal. The Mill shop is wonderful stocks a wide range of Irish made giftware as well as the Foxford rugs, blankets and tweeds. There’s a jewelry workshop which includes handcrafting intricate pieces of jewellery, many of which are made to order.

Visit the Foxford Woollen Mills. The place is exceptional. It truly is. And take a look at the Admiral Brown Museum as well

Personally, I feel that Mother Agnes Morrogh Bernard left a healing Energy in the land here. Foxford is healing the families who live hear benefit.  You will feel what I mean if you come and stay at our Healing Centre with airbnb. We look forward to welcoming you,

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