Admiral Brown : A Museum in Ireland and A Hero of Argentina

Visit the Admiral Brown Museum Foxford County Mayo Ireland.

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There are five museums nearby. And amazingly Foxford has three great heroes in its history. Weirdly, Foxford boasts the national hero of Argentina among its former inhabitants.

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Admiral William Brown started off his life in Foxford and he lived to become the founder of the Argentine Navy and hero of Argentine’s struggle to throw off the colonial oppression of the Spanish Empire.

Aged nine, he set off from Foxford for the USA and a new life in 1786, with his grieving father after the deaths of the mother and all the children.

But sadly his father fell ill in the coffin ship and died a few days after landing in Philadelphia, leaving William an orphan.

But William was not daunted. He got a job as a Cabin Boy, and ten years later, by age 19, he was in command of his own ship.

He later escaped from a Napoleonic prison and in 1814 led the Argentine navy in a desperate but victorious battle. He defeated the fleet of the Spanish Empire. In a moment of glory, he freed the Colony from the Spanish Imperialists.

Visit the Admiral Brown Museum in Foxford. The presentation is so stirring, such a tribute to courage. The staff are wonderful.
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