Access Bodywork – discount sessions for Foxford airbnb guests

access-bodyworkAccess Body Processes® (Access Bodywork)

Maggie loves the Access Body Processes (Access Bodywork) as they are very nurturing and offer profound healing. Communicating with the body directly and asking what it needs, rather than what we think is required makes all the difference.

How many of us have spent a lifetime fighting with our bodies, rejecting our bodies, criticising our bodies or putting our body through one gruelling routine after the another? What would it take for you to stop fighting and see your body as the gift it is to you, and even to experience the body as a way of accessing more consciousness and awareness?

There are processes to help with releasing repeating patterns, addressing pain and suffering, bringing in more joy and enjoyment of the physical body, clearing viewpoints around aging and the wonderful, delicious Access Energetic Face Lift®.

In addition to offering sessions of Access Body Processes Maggie also facilitates one day classes offering two body processes which you can then go away and use on others.

Say YES to your body and it will thank you in so many ways!

Access Body Processes – what happens in a session?

You simply lie down on a couch while Maggie asks your body which of the fifty or so Access Body Processes® it requires. Neither of you are trying to figure out intellectually what is needed. We ask your body directly. We acknowledge the consciousness of the body and create a dialogue with your body rather than impose pre-conceived ideas. This in itself creates a wonderful space in which you begin to build a new kinder relationship with your body. Then working with the process(es) that your body is asking for she will put her hands on various positions of your body while she asks that process to run. Maggie may also do some verbal processing which simply involves asking questions to invite in clearing and greater awareness. Most of her clients drift off and allow their body to receive. Listen to whether your body is asking to experience this and if so please get in touch.

Sessions are held in Foxford, Co Mayo

Come to our Healing Centre and special accommodation  in Foxford Co Mayo for a relaxing holiday amid the utterly beautiful beaches, mountains and forests of Mayo in the West of Ireland and treat yourself to discount Healing Sessions and readings  – all at discount prices specially offered for our paying guests.

The towns around are homely, and the music and culture is special beyond imagining.

Your Hosts are Maggie Pashley who has worked for over twenty years as a gifted intuitive healer skilled in many healings methods, and also Michael Conneely who has worked for over twenty years too, as a worldwide astrologer, Druid path teacher and shamanic healer. You are guaranteed a kind and warm welcome.
There’s so much to do. Mayo is the adventure capital of Ireland.

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