About Suffering and how to transform it

Here is a video and Blog Post from Dr. Liz, worldwide Healer at Starwheel Astrology, about Suffering – and how to transform it.

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Just about Everyone in the world is suffering these days.  Disease, fear and restrictions are all around us.  One common reaction to these conditions is to feel victimized, which leads to either depression or to anger.  Both emotions take us down a dark path to even more suffering.

So …  So, let’s talk about suffering…what is it and how to deal with it.    We all suffer, for it is an inevitable result of being in a three dimensional body.  We suffer hunger pangs, we suffer when our feelings are hurt,  and we suffer when our bodies are in pain. So it is.

But it is possible to transform suffering into something that is miraculous.  If you go through the experience without resisting it, the act of suffering opens your heart.

Like a beacon, your heart energy softens and expands in an explosion of divine energy.  When this occurs, your experience of suffering transforms…no longer are you in emotional pain; rather you discover you are resting in a space that is peaceful and very conscious.

You are going through suffering, but you no longer suffer.

The key is to be willing, to open to the situation without judging that it should be different and only then you can be happy.

I call this having ‘perfect pictures’ of how things ought to be rather than how they are at this moment.

One thing which can help bring you to this psychological state is to focus more on the present moment in time.

Instead of thinking “This is so awful”, you notice what is right with the moment:
Are you fed?
Do you have a winter coat to wear?
Do you have housing?

Take it down to the basics, notice what IS right in your world, and let the perfect pictures fade into the background.

Going through suffering in this way brings you into contact with higher realms and helps you as well everyone  else on our beloved planet.

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