A special extra feature in Relationships Astrology Readings by Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

I offer expert relationships astrology readings that have the very special feature that they combine western with Vedic relationship astrology.

Just one of the special features of Vedic Astrology is that it has a system of scoring how strong or weak each sign is in you Vedic birth chart. It’s called the Ashtakavarga system.

This Ashtakavarga system can be applied to your natal astrology: it shows how well each planet will manifest in your life, drawing on a very special extra dimension of astrological analysis in this way.

It can also be applied to predictive astrology because it shows how strong or weak a sign is in your Vedic birth chart through which a transit is going to occur (so if the sign is high scored in your chart then the transit will be easier, but if that sign is low scored in your chart when the transit will be tough, and you can prepare and hear how to work with this as outlined in my reading

loversAnd the Ashtakavarga system can also be applied to relationships astrology as well.

The ideal is that the man has a high Ashtakavarga score in the signs where the woman’s Moon and Ascendant (Lagna) fall, so that he can strongly support her.

love coupleAnd the ideal is also of course that the woman should have a high Ashtakavarga score where her man’s Moon and Ascendant (Lagna) fall, so she can support him as well!

Also it is a great bonus if there’s another factor as well:
This is that the man has a high score in any sign where the woman has a low score so he can support her.
And also that the woman has a high score in any sign where the man has a low score so she can support him.

So, this is the benefit of the Ashtakavarga system applied to relationships astrology; it reveals a lot of secret dimensions to your relationship. Get one of my readings.

Find out the situation that applies to your relationship. Hear from me how to deal with it.

So, how does the Ashtakavarga chart work?

vedic-astrology-chart-south-indianWell, if you want to go into the detail a bit, here’s what the Vedic birth chart looks like (South Indian style):

So, to orientate you, you can see that the sign names are shown in the following sequence along the top row is: Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini.

So to look more at your Ashtakavarga scores, vasically I give you a special variant of this basic chart: your Ashtakavarga chart. Your Ashtakavarag chart shows you the Ashtakavarga score for each sign: for each sign for the man and another chart which shows the Ashtakavaraga chart and within it the scores for each sign the woman.

Let’s look at an example couple:

Michael RashiHere’s an example of the Man’s Vedic birth chart.




And here’s an example of the man’s Ashtakavarga chart:




Maggie Rashi chartNext, here’s the woman’s Vedic birth chart.




Maggie Sarvashtakavarga chartAnd here’s the woman’s Ashtakavaraga chart.




Let’s compare the two of them. We see that this is a good relationship chart.
For example, the man has reasonable score (32 points) where the woman’s Moon is (Vedic Aries).
The woman has a reasonable score (33 points) where the man’s moon is (Vedic Pisces).

So, once I have given you these two charts, and this is just one very small part in one of my worldwide astrology readings, what we do next is note which of your signs have low scores and which of your signs have high scores.
Then we note which of your partner’s signs have low scores and which of your partner’s signs have high scores.
Then we cross-compare the two charts:
We note whether you are supporting his/her Moon and Ascendant.
And we also note whether your partner’s weak houses get support because those are your strong houses.
If the scores comparison show up problems, the great benefit is that then I can help you.
I teach an exceptionally wide range of ways to deal with this sort of issue. I relate to healing modalities, mantra techniques, art work, embodiment work, empowerment techniques, even shamanic healing techniques.

There is an important implication for the couple’s prediction. Notice from the example charts above that the man has a very low score in Vedic Aquarius (22 points), but the woman has 31 points in Vedic Aquarius. This low score for the man in Vedic Aquarius means that the man could be expected to experience transits through Vedic Aquarius in a tough way, but the good news for this relationship is that the woman will be able to support him through that time period.

N.B. You have to use the Vedic signs (which use the Sidereal zodiac), not the Western signs (which use the tropical zodiac).

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