A New Planet called Tyche?

ImageJust to say that in all the talk at the moment, that the existence of a new planet called Tyche may shortly be proved, there is also comment that Pluto is not a planet.
Actually, it’s not that Pluto does not exist, it’s just that Pluto was rightly or wrongly ‘reclassified’ as a ‘dwarf planet’. 
However, regardless of that, the energy attributed to Pluto most definitely depicts deep and important life scripts in our birth charts. Pluto in the birth chart, and in our predictive astrology, is a most powerful and valid indicator. You can’t read a western astrology birth chart without Pluto.
Similarly for the other newer discovered planets. Any birth chart interpreted without regard to Chiron would be grossly lacking. 
We don’t yet know for certain that Tyche exists, and like in the early days after Chiron’s discovery, its energy and meaning would then need time to establish. 
Tyche was (fortunately) the GOOD sister of Nemesis, and the astronomical object may prove to be an ancient cooling gas giant captured gravitationally by the Sun in the inconceivably distant Oort cloud dimly surrounding the Solar System. 
This bit is important: Discovery of new planets generally indicates breakthrough points in developing human consciousness, especially for Uranus (1781 – Revolution), Neptune (1846 – Visionary dreamer: Romantic Revival), Pluto (1930 – depth psychotherapy, atomic power) and Chiron (1977 Wounded Healer) Food for thought! 

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