A new healing dimension to Astrology: EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

Maggie Pashly is a worldwide healer.

Maggie works with Michael Conneely who is an international astrologer using both western and Vedic astrology.

In her first video in this little series, Maggie Pashley explains about the basics of EFT Emotional Freedom Technique: what it
is and how to use it.

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Maggie Pashley

In her second video, Maggie explained about how EFT can add a huge dimension of healing and empowerment to working with the Runes, which are the alphabet of the ancient Norse and Germanic peoples, where each Rune is a Key to special understanding and transformation of an area of our life. Her use of EFT features in Michael Conneely’s worldwide Runes Course.

In this, the third video in the little series, Maggie Pashley explains how astrological guidance and perception can be almost revolutionized in your life: so that you are not just being given formula and simple description of what your birth chart might say or what your predictive astrology might say, you can use EFT to heal and transform those difficult fates and experiences, and find the gold buried within them. Her use of EFT features in Michael Conneely’s worldwide astrology readings and his worldwide courses – where both his readings and his courses feature a unique and powerful combination of western and vedic astrology.

See her website: http://maggiepashley.com/

So, here in this third video in the series, we talk about combining EFT with Astrology Readings. See Michael Conneely’s worldwide Astrology Readings website: http://www.starwheelastrology.com/ and see how Michael Conneely uses EFT and other healing and empowerment techniques in his worldwide Astrology Courses:  http://www.enlightenedastrologycourse.com/  http://www.mastervedicastrology.com/

EFT2What is EFT?

Basically, EFT is used as a powerful and easily accessible healing and empowerment technique. It can very gainfully be applied to your understanding of your life through astrology.
For example, if your astrology predicts that you will be in a difficult predictive period, well so what: what do you do?
Well, astrology when well done can offer you invaluable perception of what will be. To have that perception is very valuable. Perception is valuable to the point of being essential.
But the important question is: what do you then do about that perception???

EFT and difficult transits: 

sade sate image 4Here’s an example: a difficult transit in your predictive astrology when ’s Saturn transits for two and a half years through the 8th House from Moon in your Vedic Astrology birth chart. To the left is a picture of the higher manifestation of Saturn: Lord Shani, Lord of Karma.

Or, of course, there is Sade Sate: the difficult seven and a half year predictive period as Saturn transits across the natal Moon in your birth chart.

Or there’s the two and a half inward period where things die in your life that is when Saturn transits through your 12th House.

EFT and difficult configurations in the birth chart:

An example of very difficult configuration and destiny within the birth chart itself, is if you have planets (especially Sun, and most especially the Moon) in one of the three Gandanta Zones. The Gandanta Zones are the difficult zones where Water signs transition into Fire signs in your birth chart.

If the Moon is in the Gandanta Zone in your birth chart, this is a very difficult karmic knot which means that ‘Mother will not be there for you’. How do you handle that one?!?! The Karmic know can’t be untied. It only tightens. So a purpose of your life is to work with this permanent karmic issue and somehow make the difficult growth you incarnated to make.

My astrology readings and courses are a unique and powerful combination of western psychodynamic astrology and Vedic Astrology.

Vedic Astrology has a valuable system of mantras to stabilise and raise the consciousness of the Mind, the play of emotions, the way we have of perceiving experiences. But Mantra is not enough. Indeed there is the danger from Mantra that, unless you realise it, you can actually become controlling and formulaic and actually diminish your creativity. Powerful and wonderful though it is, there’s the risk that Vedic Astrology can be used in a way that is legalistic or clone like. That’s why I join it to healing and empowerment techniques.

And turning to western astrology, there’s the risk that psychodynamic western astrology can be cerebral and disempowering. That’s why I add in Vedic astrology. That’s why I add in healing and empowerment techniques. Still looking at western astrology, there’s the risk with western ‘Evolutionary Astrology’ that it can be used fatalistically or at the level of glib intellectualisation. That’s why I always add in the powerful declaration of Vedic Astrology. That’s why I always add in strategies for growth and strategies for the the creation of empowering vision, and of course being open to the use of healing and empowerment modalities.

As you see from this Video, EFT provides one way of authentically and really contacting the suffering and difficulty we may be going through – but EFT then offers a way of going beyond that: beyond that into healing and empowerment.

Maggie Pashley’s EFT and many other worldwide healing modalities can be seen on her website: http://maggiepashley.com/

My worldwide Astrology Readings website is: http://www.starwheelastrology.com/
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My worldwide Runes course website is: http://www.rune-path.com/