A Journey to Find Love

This is Section 8 of our April 2021 Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter

Do you want to understand your love issues?
Do you want to find love?
Do you want to heal your blocks to love?

When you buy a Love Astrology Reading from me, you can also buy a very special add-on: audio journeys to find love.

My Astrology Reading for an individual can focus on your Love Issues and tell you all about ‘Your Personal Love Profile’ Astrology: your scripts for love; your blocks to love.

But there are a couple of wonderful add-on bonuses as well:

There are two audios available:
A Journey to find Love
A Journey to perceive and heal your Blocks to Love

Watch the video:

To buy this two-audio journey package to find Love, you do need to order your accompanying Astrology Reading as well.

You can order the 60 minute Astrology reading (which is without accompanying reports) or you can order the 90 min or 120 minutes Astrology readings which come complete with vast and expert reports.

And note that you can order the individual astrology Reading or you can order the two-person Relationship Astrology Reading, both of which are shown on my Buy page:

When you specify to me that your Reading include a special Love focus, then you can also order these wonderful ‘Journey to find Love’ twin audios as well.

The Reading that I give you will then major on your love scripts, and on identification of your barriers to love.

I bring an extensive repertoire of different types of love analysis to this work.

These are offered to both individuals and couples and include the following:

I am highly trained in both Psychodynamic Western Astrology and also Vedic Astrology. I define the Love Profile for each individual. What are your love scripts?

I bring in key analysis from the Nakshatras placements for the planets of each person. I examine capacity for ‘nesting’ from Moon-to-Moon Ashta Kutas analysis, and also offer Ashta Kutas analysis for all planets for each partner.

I do the crucial analysis of the inter-relationships of the Rashi birth chart and the Navamsha chart.

I include past life influences and evolutionary astrology, and I major on Chiron and the effect of the outer planets’ placement.

I do detailed analysis of the chart aspect shapes within the psychodynamic western chart for each person.

I also analyse the Venus and Mars issues of the couple, plus analysis of both party’s Sun, Moon and Ascendant, then all other planet-interactions, plus reference to where each person is at predictively.

I bring in the issue of timing, including use of the magnificent and powerful Vedic Predictive periods: the Dashas.

I include reference to the Nodes of the Moon from your Vedic Astrology, a powerful dimension of past life and destiny.

This is relationship astrology at its most informed.

And of course, during the Reading your best dimensions of possible Healing and Empowerment are identified.

After the Reading, I then send you the audios:

Audio 1 is a Journey to Find Love
Audio 2 is a Journey to Encounter your Barriers to Love

It is suggested that you do both journeys alternately – ideally repeating this three times. So, do six journeys altogether.

You can order your Reading plus your add-on audio Journeys by going to my Starwheel Astrology Buy Page:

I very much look forward to our healing work together.