A caring and powerful worldwide Vedic Astrology Level 1 Foundation Course

Michael burnsall crop bestEnroll on my  caring and powerful Vedic Astrology Level 1 Foundation Course.

See my intro video (apologies for the winter fluey cold!!!)

The method of the course is very clear. You study the nine planets of Vedic Astrology one after the other, each with reference to two charts: yours and mine.

You get an extensive course handbook, full Vedic and western charts for each of us.

There’s a webinar for each topic free with the course, and with each webinar comes with its quite substantial handbook.

And for each piece of work you have opportunity for healing and empowerment: We can use art work, Embodiment work and healing and empowerment techniques.

And of course we also learn the full range of foundation keys to understanding and interpretation.

I always aim, to teach in a way that avoids being formulaic, legalistic, over-cerebral or disempowering. Always I try to be very caring and fully respond to student’s work.

So, this is Depth Perception, Healing and Empowerment Vast Learning.

Vedic Astrology offers you surely declared ways to understand your life and destiny, to end the negative scripts, as well as to heal and empower. This approach is crucial in order for us to become the spark of the divine and the special human being we actually are! The person who you were born to become!

The teaching is made relevant and grounded because it is related to the charts of the teacher and members.

So, enrol on my Level 1 Vedic Astrology Course. I look forward to working with you: www.mastervedicastrology.com