A Box of Delights – Maggie Pashley’s New Year Offering of fast-acting cutting-edge new healing techniques, love and relationship workshops, astrology, poetry, sacred sound and …..

Happy New Year. I wish you all the very best of everything in 2011.

This time of year is often a time for reviewing what works for us and what doesn’t and making some decisions about the things we want to carry forward in our life and build on and which things get left behind as there no longer right for us.

So the changes in my life and plans are to focus more on Emotion Code, Metamorphic Technique and EFT as well as teaching Astrology and Healing Workshops with my partner, Michael Conneely. I also want to develop some small group work with Sacred Sound – mantra, toning, sound healing as well as drumming. I’m no longer teaching formal workshops in Quantum Touch.

Stop smoking group session in Ilkley on Sunday 23rd January 2011. If you are ready to become a non-smoker then come along to my Stop Smoking group session in Ilkley. It’s only £50 – less than two weeks of cigarettes for the majority of people. You’ll gain insights into why you currently smoke, and motivation to trade those ‘benefits’ in for something much better, learn a great technique to reduce stress, and have a group hypnosis session. You’ll even get a CD to take home. Limited places so book now and look forward to improving your health and finances. www.changeforlife.co.uk/stopsmoking.htm . Please note if you have friends and family we you know genuinely want to become non-smokers, please tell them but if you think it’s a good idea but they don’t, it’s definitely not the time for them to make that change.

Metamorphic Technique at the Happiness Centre in Ilkley on Sunday 20th Feb 2011, 10am – 5.30pm. Cost £95. Come and learn one of the simplest and most enjoyable ways of letting go of obstacles to your true essence. Involves a gentle, light touch on the feet, hands and head. You’ll learn how to give and receive MT as well as hearing about the profound underlying principles. More info and booking: www.changeforlife.co.uk

EFT Level 1 on Sunday 6th March 2011, 10am -5pm at the Happiness Centre in Ilkley. Cost £75. Emotional Freedom Technique is an amazing way of reducing stress, dealing simply and effectively with physical or emotional discomforts, overcoming cravings (e.g. for sweets, cigarettes, alcohol). This practical workshop will teach you how to use EFT on yourself and friends and family and form the basic for EFT Level 2 Practitioner level for those who want to take it further.

Astrology & Healing workshops: I’m excited to be teaching a whole series of workshops with my partner, astrologer Michael Conneely. These cover a wide range of topics from finding love, making a relationship work better, navigating through the transformational energies of Saturn Returns and other major astrological transits. The difference is that we will also be focussing on bringing healing and transformation to whatever is revealed by your astrology. So you’ll come away with a deeper understanding of what makes you tick, how to celebrate your strengths and empower yourself to deal with challenges. There will be demonstrations of energy healing techniques such as EFT, Emotion Code, psychosynthesis, Metamorphic Technique, visualisation and journeying. For the full list please go to www.starwheel.co.uk

Emotion Code: I’ve been using the Emotion Code now for about a year and have had some amazing results with it. I’m pleased to say that I’m now a certified Emotion Code practitioner having completed Bradley Nelson’s programme. I learnt so much from this, about how much past events colour our present responses and the amazing efficiency of dealing directly with the body-mind through muscle-testing rather than use assumptions from our ‘clever’ intellectual mind to try and figure it out. Most importantly I love the no-nonsense simple clearing process which takes only a few minutes using a magnet. I’ve had clients say to me how they felt like a ‘fog had lifted’ or how they felt they had ‘come home’ to themselves. It can be used for physical as well as emotional discomfort of course, self-sabotage, understanding how we are getting in the way of being the person we were born to be.

Heart Wall Clearing: One very powerful aspect of the Emotion Code is Heart Wall clearing. This is really wonderful as it clears blocks to giving and receiving love. Bradley Nelson reckons that around 80% of us have these blocks simply through having experienced rejection or disappointment at some time. Clearing a heart wall can take around 3 sessions but the feeling of release and lightness is wonderful.

Read my blog here: http://maggiepashley.wordpress.com/




Amega products: I came across the Amega wand a few months ago and have had some wonderful responses using it on people with pain and injury, including my own sprained ankle, another’s sciatica and drop foot, and various other speedy results on a painful shoulder, a painful ankle (she was able to cancel surgery) and a host of others. I did a talk and demonstration at the Happiness Centre in Ilkley a few weeks ago with my colleague Chris Miller and all were impressed. A colleague of mine who had been in pain for 18 months following major back surgery was able to have the first night’s good sleep after a ‘wanding’ and her back has remained good ever since. My cat TC loves it and is quick to come across the room when I take out my wand, which can also be used on food, plants, drinking water, wine…..well anything really.

The Amega products harness ‘zero-point field’ energy and create an environment where the body can tune into a state of wellness and health. For more info, check out my Amega website at www.starwands.com or better still ask me to give you a demo.

Chakra Meditation CD: I have produced a simple 30 minute Chakra meditation CD. I talk you through clearing and balancing your energy centres with gentle background music by Michael Hammer. Cost is £7 and can be bought from me of from the Happiness Centre in Ilkley.


Blogs: I’ve started doing a blog…well I’ve only posted a couple of posts but I definitely intend to do more! Michael, on the other hand, after initial resistance to the whole idea of blogging and social networking has become a prolific blogger on astrological subjects : with 25 posts published and counting. So check out here:

http://maggiepashley.wordpress.com/ – for my blog

http://liftspirithealsoul.wordpress.com/ – for the Happiness Centre’s blog.

Happiness Centre Open Day: There is an Open Day at the Happiness Centre in Ilkley (where I work) on Sunday 30th January. So if you are free do pop along and meet us and the other practitioners working there. There will be low cost tasters, talks and meditation. Contact the Happiness Centre on 01943 60 15 17 http://www.liftthespirithealthesoul.com/ for more details

Poetry: I am now one of the founding members of both the Ilkley Poetry group – meeting at the Happiness Centre on the second Monday of each month at 7.30pm upstairs in the Meditation Room (after the 6.30pm free meditation so come early if you like and do both) and the Haworth Poetry Group at Cobbles and Clay Art Cafe in Haworth on the first Wednesday of each month from 1pm -2.30pm. Cost for each is £3. www.cobblesandclay.co.uk

So on that note, I’ll leave you with a quick poem I wrote, inspired by Gregg Braden’s wonderful book ‘The Divine Matrix’

The Web

There is a web
That unites us all
Soul to soul
Heart to heart
Like tiny glittering candles
Lit from a central flame
And we continue
Passing on that light
Flame to flame
What do we pass on with that light?
How is it coloured?
How is it weighted?
Is it filtered through the eyes of love
Or through the eyes of fear and separation
In every moment we have a choice
And the key to it all
Om mane padme hum
Om shanti shanti shanti

Change for life News January 2011 http://www.changeforlife.co.uk/