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Let me share with you in this post two interesting examples that can occasionally come up.


I have done many readings about finding a life partner and occasionally I am in awe when the reading seems to indicate a, “Not in this lifetime” reply.


I’ve done Readings on the question “Will I marry?” And sometimes I get a ‘no’!

So the answer is that these are the selfless souls who are holding space; selflessly holding the energies for the planet, the oceans, or humanity, and by that very act volunteered to stay single in this lifetime.

It will oft turn out they have lived many lives as wise people or in religious orders and that constant vow to walking alone carries into this lifetime.

I am reminded of the following quote from Thomas Edison:

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

~Thomas Edison~

So many of my clients are contacting me and telling me how they have failed to find a job, failed to find a new place to live, or failed in their marriage or relationships, and so on and so on.

This is why the above quote by Thomas Edison has turned into my ‘go to’ quote of the month.  And I know it has caused a number of my clients to put their lives back into perspective. 

No one said we were going to have a life without setbacks or perceived failures.

No one said we were going to have a life without doses of frustration and challenges.

Changing one’s mindset, one’s goals, one’s timelines, one’s perceived outcomes, one’s expectations, energies and effort – all these changes contribute to the outcome.

But sometimes we have to realize: “It’s just not meant to be the way we want it be.”

So the two examples I quote at the top of this blog post are actually two examples of, “No, you haven’t failed at anything.”

This life is going to be one of the lives that falls into: ‘that will not work for me in this lifetime’.

I drew a Card to represent this blog, and the Card I drew is called “Insightful”. The card’s guidance text is ~ “Your inner compass knows the key to your true happiness.” ~

The card, by the way, is ‘Ganesha’ from the beautiful “Whispers of Lord Ganesha” pack created by Angela Hartfield.

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