2020 ASTROLOGY ENERGIES Quick Guide to Personal and Societal Reset

2020 ASTROLOGY ENERGIES The Quick Guide to Personal and Societal Reset Healing and consciousness-raising possibility

NOTE THAT there is in fact through 2020, a huge pile-up of vast confrontative destructive super-powerful energy (not seen here since 1284 AD)

AND ALSO THAT at the same time there are powerful healing and inspirational energies also reaching out to us. See the video: 


 The confrontative destructive energies will basically produce such irritation and problems that we individually, or people collectively, will be forced to face the fact that things can’t go on as they are.

At the personal level, we may have to redefine ourself. We may have to shape a more fulfilling strategy forward. We may be forced to embrace the healing and inspiration that’s around. We here have opportunity to raise our consciousness.

At the social level, things will have to change. The Coronavirus is the factor that will express the confrontative energies. It will force the change. People will have a choice whether to embrace more humanitarian and global ways of organising, or whether to retreat into right wing isolationism and social repression and scapegoating.

For the past few decades a great number of advanced souls have incarnated with the specific goal of helping the world  to move into the next level of consciousness, which is Unity Consciousness.

But the old consciousness is fighting back with all its might.  It doesn’t want to die.  And the way it resists is to spread fear and misinformation.  Make no mistake, fear is an energetic VIRUS.  It is as contagious as Ebola, and about as dangerous.

These astrological energies offer the chance of a new world, one in which  fear is left behind as we outgrow fearfulness.

See Elizabeth Hendricks’ beautiful Blog and video about this.

OK, now let’s look at the astrological energies that are prevailing in 2020, and that we each will have to respond to, and that societies will have no choice but to respond to:

FIRST OF ALL: here are the more confrontative destructive energies:

Planet entries into Vedic Capricorn:

Saturn enters Vedic Capricorn on 24th January
Pluto enters Vedic Capricorn on 25th February 2020
Jupiter enters Vedic Capricorn on 30th March 2020.
Mars enters Vedic Capricorn on 22nd March 2020.

Malefic Conjunctions:

Mars conjunct Pluto at 0 deg Capricorn, 24th March.
Ketu conjuncts previous eclipse degree (26th Dec Eclipse) 9 deg Sagittarius, March 22nd
Mars is conjunct Saturn at 6 deg Capricorn, March 31st

There are THREE New Planetary Cycles – Huge Personal/Societal Re-sets:

3a. The new Saturn Pluto conjunction is exact at 28 deg Vedic Sagittarius, on 10th January – starting a new 34-year cycle. And note that Pluto is conjunct Saturn to within 3 degrees from his entry to Capricorn on 25th February).
And note also that Saturn and Pluto are close to within three degrees of each other at the date when Saturn turns direct on 29th September: Saturn at 1 deg Vedic Capricorn, Pluto at 28 Vedic Sagittarius.
Sa/Pl briefly:
Ferocious combination of Restriction/Containment with Divine energy or its twisted lower manifestation. Hard labour, cruelty, tenacity and toughness. Record efforts. Cold-heartedness. Violence Fanatical adherence to one’s principles. A martyr. Participation with the masses in achievements. Growing spiritually or mentally. Silent activity, Loss of one’s fortune or possessions.

3b. The new Jupiter Pluto conjunction is exact at 0 deg 47 mins Vedic Capricorn on 5th April 2020 – starting a new 12.5 yrs. cycle.
Ju/Pl briefly:
Desire for power. Plutocracy. striving for power in the spiritual, material or mental spheres. The desire to lead the masses. An appreciation of the need for social or religious regeneration. Squanderers. Speculators. Leading or participating in uprising. Loss of standing. loss of wealth. Conflicts with the Authorities. Arrest. Loss of everything.

3c. The new Jupiter Saturn conjunction is exact at 6 deg Vedic Capricorn on 21st December. And note that Jupiter and Saturn are close within 5 degrees from 1st May.
Ju/Sa briefly:
Perseverance. Boom – Bust. tenacious pursuit of plans, Discontent, lack of self-confidence. Maturity of experience. The necessity to suppress pessimism or self-destructive thoughts. The attainment of far-reaching objectives through perseverance industry and patience. angry upset.

4. Rahu/North Node transits Ardra Nakshatra:
There’s also another key malefic energy to be aware of: The Transit of Rahu/North Node through Ardra Nakshatra in Vedic Gemini. Ardra Nakshatra is actually ruled by Rahu. So this is double whammy. Ardra is a very tunnel-visioned dogmatic dominating energy, and Rahu’s transit through Ardra has been a major signature for the spread of Coronavirus pandemic, with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, and Neptune in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra also playing a part. But Rahu ends his transit through Ardra Nakshatra on 20th May 2020, and after that the growth impetus to Coronavirus will fade, though the return of Saturn-Pluto conjunction around the end of September will be fueled by the coronavirus fall-out, and Mars turning Retrograde on 10th September at 3 Vedic Aries will have some ugly energies associated.

 AND SECONDLY, HERE ARE: the Big Inspiration and Healing Energies

At the same time do note that there are very different indeed, big Inspiration and Healing Energies that we should make the effort to connect to, and these peak around the new and Full Moons at the start of 2020.
See my Blog post and videos about these: Finding Healing in the midst of 2020 fear and crisis energies: Pt 1 Video: Pt. 2 Video.

This energy is available throughout early 2020, but here are the lunation dates, when we will particularly feel it:

(4a) Chiron square the Nodal Axis at the New Moon of February 23rd. Chiron is at 4 western Aries, 10 Vedic Pisces.

(4b) Sun of Full Moon 9th March was conjunct Neptune:
Sun conjunct Neptune

(4c) Neptune is at 26 Vedic Aquarius, in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra.
(4d) New Moon 24.3.2020:
Sun, Moon and Chiron all conjunct and square the Nodal Axis:

(4e) Full Moon 8.4.2020:
Chiron square the Nodal Axis

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