2015 is a Difficult Year for Vedic Librans / Western astrology Scorpios

chart 23.1.15A major feature of 2015 is that the Vedic astrology sign ofLibra  is hemmed in by malefics all year.

This is western astrology 24 Libra to 24 Scorpio.

As you can see from this Vedic astrology chart for 23.1.15 these people have Saturn on one side in Vedic Scorpio and they have Rahu (the North Node) on the other side in Vedic Virgo – all year.

So this means that 2015 is a very tense year for those with Moon, Sun, Ascendant (Lagna) or  a planetary emphasis in Vedic Libra.

They will feel stuck, and crucially they will need to cultivate patience and contentment through 2015. Yes: contentment!

And with Rahu in Virgo in their 12th House they need to take real steps to avoid financial loss.

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