Ketu Mars Conjunction 5.10.23 Sharp and Dangerous but Giant Spiritual Potential

The Ketu (South Node) and Mars transiting conjunction is gathering now and becomes exact at 1 deg Vedic Libra on 5th October 2023 (that’s 25 deg Western Libra).

This conjunction’s base energy is horrendous, super-powerful, sharp and very dangerous – unless we can see and embrace its vast potential Side for Light.

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And join me now in this very deep dive to understand the horrendous energies of this Ketu Mars transiting conjunction, but also its vast empowering transcendent light side that with this extra knowledge we can now embrace.

Let’s start by looking at the nature of Ketu and Mars:

What is Ketu the South Node of the Moon?

Ketu is the energy carrier of our past lives and ancestry.

Ketu holds locked a lot of energies from past lives and ancestry.

Mars CAN unlock these! But it is up to us to handle that – or it can bring disaster.

Ketu’s presence is often accompanied by Fear, Alarm and Dread.

Ketu’s energy is like Mars.

He causes doubt and disturbance, conflict, isolation.

He has the power to overcome the Sun and obstruct the Moon.

But at the higher level, Ketu is the sharp and cutting deliverer of spiritual insight.

When Ketu is transiting close to one of your natal planets, you can heal.

When Ketu is close to a planet you are able to draw from that planet whatever that planet holds

And Mars will trigger Ketu!

Ketu is a Well – a deep well: the deepest, that goes to the Unconscious and beyond.

Ketu is the mirror at the top of that Well.

What do we see in the mirror?

When a planet conjucnts Ketu, Ketu will show us everything about that planet in our life/consciousness: from this life, from past lives, from our ancestors.

If you make the effort, unconscious levels of that planet are dragged out by Ketu and shown at the top of the well by the Mirror.

If we make the effort, Ketu responds by showing us what’s under the Mirror – in his Depths!

And Ketu will show you everything about the planet.

And Ketu pushes us to psychic and spiritual dimensions.

Ketu can give us keen insight into the subconscious within our Self – and Others.

Ketu is piercing and penetrating intellect, psychic powers.

Connect to the well-springs of wisdom and the love forces of Creation.

He destroys our ignorance.

What will this Ketu Mars conjunction show you about your past lives and ancestry issues?
What will this Ketu Mars conjunction show you about your Mars issues?

What will this Ketu Mars conjunction show you about any of your natal planets that Ketu aspects, or the House in your birth chart that he now occupies where Houses – life-areas?

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What is Mars?

Mars is Action, energy and passions, power, strength, courage and aggression, argument and conflict, reckless and impulsive, vengeance and revenge, the selfish will.

He is felt as Discontent – until we discover the Real Source of Power within us. Logical insight and concentration, intensity and evolutionary betterment especially if in Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces.

His nature is Fire.

On the higher level, Mars facilitates strong spiritual and occult dimensions within us. Fighting the enemies within rather than hurting others.

On the higher level, this is the real test of masculinity and leadership, higher Mars leadership has developed to ‘walking with people’, not ‘Leading the Horde’: the Mars of the Iron Age!

So to contact the higher Mars we develop strength based on self-awareness – not blindness. Take it into yourself, reach out to others.

Understand yourself and your triggers – and you vulnerabilities.

Feel what the other is feeling – and sympathize.

Recognize your Self and your Weaknesses – and your failure to reach out to others.

But don’t make an identity of your vulnerabilities.

Asteroid Sedna is about an upbringing of violence and denial, but when purified, being able to gift Harvest: harvest to one’s self and others = Asteroid Ceres.

So what will you make of this Ketu-Mars conjunction now?

This conjunction’s base energy is horrendous, super-powerful, sharp and very dangerous – unless we can see and embrace its Light Potential Side.

The last time I encountered this combination was when Ketu transiting over my natal Mars in November 2022, and I weakly agreed to the local surgery’s insistence that I have the anti-flu injection and the anti-COVID injection on the same day – and I was very ill.

This time, Ketu and Mars are gathering towards each other. And they will be in exact conjunction on October 5th at 1 deg Vedic Libra.

Yes, it’s gathering now, but already in this gathering period, I’ve encountered two nasty incidents of a severe accident plus an evil law attack.

Yes, it’s nasty and dangerous, but in this post, I suggest super-important ways of handling the challenge, of developing your awareness and of growing in your power and your resilience

– and, wonderfully: letting the light shine through this ‘Powerful You’.

When another planet transits over Ketu in the heavens or in your chart, it’s an Existential Crisis centering on the life-focus of the planet that Ketu is transiting over.

So check out where you are at now at this stage in your life with your Mars issues.

Note that if we are unprepared to bear the pressure, this may bring further binding!!!!

Brave facing of our Mars and Ketu issues will free us to enter the heavenly gates.

You will become an inspiring figure who will help others to progress courageously.

Check out where you are at with any natal planet that Ketu/Mars is transiting over – or opposing, etc.

Chitra Nakshatra:

Note also that this conjunction is in Chitra Nakshatra, which is ruled by Mars, so it becomes even more sharp!

Though note also that the higher level of manifestation of Ketu in Chitra Nakshatra produces clarity and wonderment!

Ketu/Mars is a very destructive force, but it is also its opposite: the Fire of Light.

It’s like homeopathy where something destructive like Sulphur in the right handling can cure!


OK so what in your natal or current predictive astrology makes you MORE LIKELY to feel the cutting potential power of this Ketu-Mars conjunction (rather than less likely)?

First of all:

Your Natal planets:

Check out if you have natal planets conjunct this transit which is at 1 Vedic Libra – planets in your birth chart, or planets in opposition this, or planets aspected by this, you will likely undergo immense challenge – and it could quite possibly be through what appears to be catastrophe, or sharp event of some sort.

It will also sharply affect you also if you have natal planets opposite this conjunction: at the very end of Pisces or the start of Aries. Check this out.

And it will affect you if you have natal planets aspected by Mars or by Ketu from their position at 1 deg Libra. Check out your Western and Vedic aspects from this conjunction.

Your Natal Houses:

Note the House in your birth chart in which the Ketu Mars conjunction falls, and the Houses of any of your planets aspected by it. Houses are life areas – what life areas will be affected. Check this out.

For example, if Libra is your 4th House, issues of Mother and Home and Roots and Ancestry could erupt.

Your Natal Nodes:

Check out which House Ketu is in in your birth chart. This is because your natal Ketu will be activated by this Ketu-Mars conjunction.

For example, if your have Ketu in your 4th House issues of no roots, no mothering, terrible ancestral and past life scripts will be activated – for you to develop perception, for you to grow spiritually.

Ketu is supremely about our past life and ancestral issues.

As we are about to incarnate, once our Soul has reviewed the karmas we had collected at the end of our Past Life, our Soul chooses the key karmas to work with in this life. We all of us come in to this life where Ketu is in our birth chart. It’s called ‘the camp of the occupying army’. And we are all of us thrown across our chart to where Rahu is. Rahu is our karmic Destiny, the direction of our Fate and Life Purpose. But we have to purify our Rahu if we are ever to arrive at its Destination. Do you understand your Destiny? Get a Reading from me.

Your Varga/Divisional Charts:

The Sum Total of our past karmas (good and bad) is expressed by our D60 chart – one of the divisional chart or Varga Charts of your Vedic Astrology – each of which says something so special about a particular area of your life. Your D60 chart expresses your accumulated karma at the end of your last life. Your D1 Birth Chart is a selection from this D60 chart.

I always include in these wonderful Varga charts such key factors from Western Astrology as Lilith and Chiron for fullness and accuracy. One reason I do this is that a Vedic Astrologer once told me ‘Mars is your strongest planet’, but my Mars is conjunct Chiron, so this is but one example of why I always combine Vedic and Western astrology. It’s crucial to study where Lilith is in your Vedic natal and Varga charts. The D2 Hora chart declares amongst other things, our gender issues.

It is necessary to have respect and gratitude for the Vedic Tradition, yet also move it forward to encompass vaster dimensions such as the outer planets and such as Chiron and Lilith: Dimensions what have been further embraced by humanity and entered the consciousness, since the Vedic Age.

Sign: Libra = Relationship Factors:

Note that the major factor affecting everyone is that Ketu is completing his 18 month transit of Libra, the sign of relationship (Ketu enters the next sign Virgo on October 30th). Libra is the sign of relationship. So this is the key time for cutting your ant-relating scripts.

Your Mars scripts in Relationship:

And also this is a peak time for getting your Mars scripts right for relationship: neither too aggressive and habitually nasty, NOR too weak, passive, false, under assertive – thus causing frustration and blame.  

Star Spica:

This Ketu-Mars conjunction is conjunct star Spica. Spica is the anchor point of the Sidereal Zodiac. It’s in Chitra Nakshatra. The symbol for Chitra is the pearl. When you first see the shell fish you see a dull shell. But when you open the shell, you see the shining of the pearl within. A Chitra’s life task is to ever polish up more and more his or her Pearl – brighter and ever brighter.

It’s also super-important to be aware of other astrological energies that may be affecting your life that will really ramp the impact of this Ketu-Mars conjunction up.

Other transits and natal placements at the time of this Ketu-Mars Conjunction can be key deciders of how violent or huge it manifests in your Life:

Examples of key transits and natal placements that will really beef up the impact on your consciousness and your life from this Ketu Mars conjunctions are:


If you are having your Nodal Return now, i.e. the Nodes in the Heavens transiting over the Nodes in your birth chart, in other words if you have your natal Ketu in Libra or Virgo, or if your have your natal Rahu in Aries or Pisces, the impact of this Mars-Ketu conjunction will be IMMENSE.

Sade Sate: the ‘death and rebirth’ seven-and-a-half-years transit of Saturn Lord of Karma over your natal Moon (Have you got your natal Moon in: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces or Aries?)


Is Saturn transiting through your 22nd Drekkana (the first third of your 8th house) or 64th Navamsha?  There’s likelihood of health problems, injuries, grief, mental agony, discomfort or loss.


Cancer Ascendants and Cancer Moons should be especially careful at this time. Because Saturn transiting Aquarius now is in their 8th House. These experiences can of course alter our perception and our sense of self for the better if we develop the perception and do the spiritual work.


If you have natal Chiron conjunct Mars, this could be a time for real development of perception and healing of your natal Chiron-Mars wound.

Pluto Square the Nodal Axis, now:

We also have to be aware of a major twist to the tale at this period: Pluto is square the Nodal Axis.

The Nodes are: Ketu at 1 Vedic Libra, Rahu at 1 Vedic Aries.

And Pluto is at 3 Vedic Capricorn.

This gives Pluto a fated destiny energy, and if this transiting Pluto is aspecting one of your natal planets at this time of the Ketu-Mars conjunction, you will be offered the chance to come into your Empowerment.

To henceforth stand in your own proper power.

Ketu-Mars conjunction Overall Summary:

In more detail, the obvious energy of this Ketu Mars conjunction is anger, violence, war, accidents, medical incidents and disasters.

But the more difficult to see and achieve potential is also increased spiritual awareness, potentially Courage – especially now as you’ve been alerted to the situation.

This conjunction is a case of: Burn through your limitations and your weaknesses and wounds, and

Let the Light shine through you at this time.

A time of learning.

A time of growth.

From Ketu’s impact: Transform your Ketu-Mars conjunction impact on you into a good time for healing. Especially be aware of any Past Life experience that will arise for you. Get a Past Life Reading or Healing.

From Mars’ impact, develop the extent to which you stand in your power, develop strength and leadership potential.

Treat this time as a time for Crisis and Redemption

The Heliacal rising star for this time of this Ketu Mars conjunction is Alkes – to be the living vessel of a sacred body of knowledge or philosophy.

The Heliacal Setting star at this time is Markab: to stand firm in your beliefs and principles. The Helical setting star states how the energy of the Heliacal Rising Star will out-turn.

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