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Western astrology is really good at depicting our psychology and interpersonal dynamics and also very importantly brings insights into the effects of Chiron and Lilith, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto on our life.

Vedic astrology excels at describing our soul journey and has very well-developed love astrology.

I sincerely believe that combining both is very important to give the fullest picture of who we are.

Expert Astrology Readings by Michael Conneely

Do you feel stuck or at a crossroads? Looking for clarity on your life direction? Do you see repeating negative patterns you’d like to move beyond?

I can offer you a caring, in-depth presentation of your life purpose, personality, key life issues, soul purpose, relationship issues, the key challenges of your life or your best career option.

I can also look at what to expect in your year ahead. I will focus on helping you see what your true gifts are and understand unconscious limitations or unrecognised talents.

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These are Life and Soul Readings, always combining both Vedic and Western Astrology.
If relevant, there is also opportunity for linking to worldwide Healings and Empowerment.
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